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Airplane Dream Meanings

An airplane represents the way you are focusing your attentions, while an airport stands for a transition in your life. Flying a plane can mean that you are focusing on your ability to rise above challenges and see things from a higher perspective.  A small plane means you are focusing on something small and local.  Taking off signifies that a new venture is ready to move forward, but if the plane can’t get off the ground, the venture may be held back.  Landing signifies reincorporating ideas and energy into your life. Missing a plane could stand for a missed opportunity.  A hang glider signifies joy and inspiration. A jet signifies concepts that you share with many others. A rocket represents a move toward spiritual knowledge. A UFO stands for a collective consciousness. The way you feel while riding in or piloting an aircraft represents the way you deal with the unknown. Having to fly a plane when you don’t know how signifies anxiety over aiming for new heights. A plan crash represents a loss of belief.  

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