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Pocket Dream Meanings

You are examining a part of yourself that has previously been hidden from your. You may be considering secrets, memories and inner resources. You may want to hide something.  If you dream that you are putting an item in your pocket, you wish to own, use, protect or hide something that the item represents.  If your pockets are sewn shut, it is a sign that you cannot hoard something of value – you must either use it or give it away. Pockets that are turned inside out represent sincerity.  If your hands are in your pockets, you want others to know that you won’t interfere, you are feeling helpless, or you are waiting for the right time to act. If you find something in your pocket, you may be gaining new knowledge or developing a new ability.  A hole in your pocket can mean that you are being drained of your resources.  Pockets can symbolize the female reproductive organs.

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