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Road Dream Meanings

A road can represent your direction in life, your path toward your goals, and the journey through life itself.  The type of road is an indication of how you are moving forward. If the road is flat, straight with clear signs, you are traveling directly toward your goals with no sign of obstruction.  If the road is difficult to traverse – bumpy, muddy, twisted, steep, unpaved or blocked – then you are finding it difficult to achieve your aims or you are unsure if you have made the right choices. If you dream that you are on a superhighway, you are moving rapidly, perhaps too quickly.  If you reach a roadblock, you feel that you are being held back. If you are stranded, you are feel that you are isolated and not receiving any support.  If you run off the road, you need to take more responsibility for your future and pay more attention to the things that are happening in your life.

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