About Paranormal Authority

Paranormal Authority is the number one resource for all things related to events or phenomena that are sometimes beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.

We believe that there are some things that exist in the real world, conscience, and sub-conscience either concurrently or independently that can sometimes be hard to explain. Our goal is to help people seeing knowledge of this kind and guide them in a positive way.

From Dream Meanings to Numerology, the Law of Attraction to Manifesting, Ghost Hunting to the Unexplained, we are on a mission to help serve our readers with a daily dose of knowledge and positivity.

About Me


Brandon founded Paranormal Authority in 2019 to share what he has learned in his journey into unexplained phenomena.

He is a big advocate for personal growth, mental health, and spiritual healing and he truly believes that everyone has the power to change their lives no matter what their current circumstances are.

He is an enthusiastic writer, content creator, designer, and always hungry for knowledge.