What It Means When Your Feet Itch – Spiritual & Superstitions

We’ve all had an itch on our feet that never seemed to go away, but did you know that this could have a superstitious meaning? Instead of passing off your itchy feet, look at them from a new perspective. You might learn something new about yourself!

Remember that with everything, there are multiple meanings. If you have chronically itchy feet combined with some pain, you should visit a doctor. They could symbolize something, but there could also be an underlying issue that is not being addressed.

Keep reading to learn about what itching means on both your left and right foot. Afterward, you will be an expert!

Itchy Left Foot Meaning & Superstition

Before we talk about itching on the left foot, let’s talk about what they left foot symbolizes in general. Your foot is connected to the chakras in your body. Chakras are energy points on your body that are associated with different feelings and body parts. There is no official name for the chakra in your feet, but oftentimes it is referred to as the Super Root Chakra or Earth Star Chakra.

The foot chakra literally grounds to the earth. It connects you to the ground and nature around you. You use your feet to walk and travel, which is important when looking at the symbolism of your left foot.

In cultures around the world, the left foot is associated with negative feelings and actions. In general, a person’s dominant body parts are their right hand and right foot. You write and point with your right hand and begin walking with your right foot.

Obviously, we know this is not the same for everyone. There are tons of left-handed people! Unfortunately, left-handed people were once thought to have the ‘hand of the devil’. This can go the same for the left foot too. You may hear the phrase, “to have two left feet’. This means the person is awkward and clumsy, which is not a good thing.

If you have an itchy left foot, you are about to start a journey or adventure, but it may not go as planned. There may be unexpected roadblocks that you run into, causing you to deviate from original plans. The journey doesn’t have to be big though. For example, you may be about to visit a store, and your left foot itches. While at the store, there may be some unpleasant situations that you encounter.

For both feet, remember that the ‘journey’ mentioned can also be metaphoric. The journey could be within yourself, such as healing after a traumatic event. You aren’t physically taking a journey, but mentally, you are moving forward.

Itchy Right Foot Meaning & Superstition

While the left foot symbolizes a road bump in your journey, the right foot is a little more positive. The right foot is essentially the opposite of your left foot. Instead of a journey with bumps, you will have a smooth and positive journey. It may not be easy, but the experience will be good for you; you will grow mentally and physically.

Although the right foot itching is good luck, you should still put effort into creating that luck. The itch and symbolism can be treated like a ‘guideline’. By this, I mean that you have to put in the effort. If your foot begins to itch and you just think to yourself, “this is supposed to be good luck, so I’ll just continue what I am doing”, then nothing will actually happen. Take charge of your luck!

Above, I mentioned that your right hand is your dominant hand. Similarly, you tend to start moving with your right foot. When sitting down, you may favor leaning onto your right leg to stand up. Your right hand and foot are seen as ‘normal’, which can be a positive thing.

If your right foot itches, then this could also mean that you are ‘itching’ to travel. Many people believe that if your feet itch, especially the right foot, then you are craving an adventure. If you love to travel but feel cooped up from this endless COVID-19 lockdown, then your right foot may itch throughout the day.

Other Meanings and Superstitions

There are itchy foot superstitions that do not directly involve the different feet though. Here are a few to be aware of:

  1. Itchy feet mean you are walking over the ground that will eventually be your resting place. This is common in Indigenous folklore. If you are walking over a stretch of open land and your feet itch, you may want to remember it for the future.
  2. Some people also believe that the itch in your feet is associated with your shoes. If your feet itch, then your shoes may be breaking. Basically, your feet sense that the shoe they are in is fragile and will break soon.
  3. Itchy feet can also symbolize sorrow in your life. If your feet begin to itch, then you may be feeling sad or unsatisfied.
  4. If you are looking for a more scientific meaning for your itchy feet, then you could be experiencing an allergic reaction, eczema, or athlete’s foot. There is also a chance that the socks and shoes you wear irritate your feet. Try switching socks and detergents, along with washing your feet more often.

These are a few of the different meanings for itchy feet, but not all of them have to apply to you. Decide for yourself what feels right.

Final Thoughts

Having itchy feet is something that happens to everyone and can occur multiple times a day. This superstition is minor compared to sensations on other body parts. For this reason, you don’t have to keep with each foot itch.

It is still helpful to remember the meanings though! If you are having a relaxing day at home and your left foot begins to itch, it may mean nothing. There is no journey that this itch would symbolize. If you plan on going out and have an itchy left foot though, then you should be a little interested in what the meaning is. Be aware of what is going on through your journey and try to tackle everything that comes your way in a calm manner.

Now, you should know all about the symbolism of itchy feet! Overall, remember to take this information with a grain of salt. Find what works best for you.

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