White Moths & The Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Have you seen a white moth recently? Most moths you see throughout the day tend to be tiny and brown, so seeing a pure white moth can new and exciting. These little white insects can also hold their own spiritual meaning as well.

If you are curious about what the white moths around you mean, you have come to the right place! White moths have been around for a long time and exist all around the world. Because of this, we will take time to discuss their meaning in different cultures as well. Afterward, you will know all about white moth symbolism. Keep reading to find out more!

White Moth Meaning

This is a white silkworm moth, which tends to look very different from common white moths.

Like butterflies, moths can symbolize change. Both insects start as caterpillars before entering their cocoon and emerging with wings. While they are similar in appearance, the meaning of a white moth is a little different from a white butterfly. Almost every butterfly color symbolizes something hopeful and positive.

Before we talk about white moths, we need to know the significance of the color white. White is a color of innocence and purity. Angels and saints are depicted wearing white, and wedding dresses are often white to symbolize the bride’s innocence and perfection. It can also symbolize emptiness though. Some people believe that white isn’t a color itself, but rather the absence of all color. This can make white feel empty and sterile.

Since white is a ‘clean’ color, it can often symbolize good health and healing. In the western world, we reserve black for funerals, however, this is not the case in other countries. Eastern Asian cultures see white as a color of mourning. The meaning hasn’t fully changed though; the white symbolizes rebirth through death. Instead of wearing sad and gloomy colors, white is worn in celebration of life and hopes of rebirth.

Let’s talk about this in relation to moths now. Moths are gentle creatures that are not harmful or dangerous. Because of this, seeing a white moth can sometimes be a good thing. The white moth can symbolize simple and beautiful pleasures. The moth itself is a simple insect but is gentle and beautiful. When you see a white moth, try to relax, and take around the beauty of what is around you. If you are in the middle of something, relax and remember to smile.

In addition to normal white moths, there are also white silkworm moths. Silkworms are important to the production of silk. The insects don’t live in the wild, so if you see one, it will probably be in a controlled environment. Although the moths are native to China, they have evolved to completely rely on humans.

Silkworms and their moth counterparts are extremely positive. They provide to humans, making them a sign of good fortune. Since they are incredibly rare, seeing one should be taken quite seriously. If you aren’t sure what they look like, take a look at the picture above. They are unique so you can tell the difference between them and a regular white moth.

White moths can appear in dreams as well; however, they aren’t as positive. The white moth can represent sickness coming your way, either to you or someone around you. If the moth dies in your dream, you should take that seriously. This could possibly be a sign of a death that will soon happen. The change a white moth represents is the transformation one takes to death.

Are White Moths Good Luck?

Unfortunately, moths are not always a sign of good luck. For example, in Mexican culture, a moth in the house is bad luck. Similarly, in many Latin cultures, the white moth can announce the death of someone in the house

Sometimes, moths are back luck in a literal sense. If you have a garden, you may want to protect your plants from moths and their caterpillars. They tend to eat garden plants and can possibly destroy them. You definitely don’t want a moth to lay its eggs in your garden.

As mentioned above, white can be a color of mourning. It is important to remember context while interpreting white moth symbolism. If you are going through a hard time, then a white moth could be bad luck. On the other hand, if you are feeling great and see a white moth, this could be good luck.

Overall, luck is based on your culture and personal feelings. In general, moths symbolize purity and health. While seeing a moth, take these into consideration alongside any events that are going on in your life.

Meaning of a White Moth Landing on You

A white moth has symbolic meaning, but if it lands on you, then the meaning is directly tied to you. For example, if you see a white moth the meaning could be for anyone around or in your life. If the moth lands on you though, you can take it personally.

Many cultures around the world believe that a white moth in the soul of a deceased loved one. If a white moth lands on you, then this could be the loved one reaching out. Think about anyone in your life who has passed. They could be trying to communicate with you. Some people believe that the soul has not yet passed into the afterlife. Because of this, they take the form of a white moth to say their final goodbyes.

No matter what, you should never shoo or kill the moth. This will immediately create bad luck for you. Even if you do not believe in the symbolism of a moth, you still should not kill an innocent little creature just because it landed on you. Moths are harmless and will eventually fly away, so killing them is pointless.

Moth Spiritual Symbolism

Moths have been around for a long time, so they hold an important place in many cultures around the world as well. Here, we will go over the meaning of a moth from a few different cultures.

Remember, the symbolism above is more general, but if you belong to any of these groups or relate to the meanings, that’s okay! Overall, you should find the meaning of a white moth that aligns with you. There is no textbook definition, and you can use this article as a jumping point for your own, personal meaning. Find what resonates with you and tweak it.

Moths in the Bible: Moths are mentioned several times in the Bible; however, most (if not, all) of their appearances are not positive. They can carry a plague and destroy man-made materials. This can be seen as symbolism for the needlessness of material objects. Overall, having a large number of valuable objects means nothing; you don’t need a fancy house or nice clothes to keep on living. Moths destroy these objects, leaving you only with what you truly need.

Moths in Greek Mythology: Surprisingly, many moths are named after figures in Greek and Roman mythology. For example, the Polyphemus moth is named after the cyclops of the same name, who appears in The Odyssey. The Promethea moth is named after Prometheus, who famously stole fire from Zeus to give to humans. There are dozens of other moths named after Greek figures as well.

Like butterflies, moths in Greek mythology symbolize change and metamorphosis, as seen in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The idea that moths and butterflies symbolize a type of change most likely stemmed from this. Most people around the world don’t follow ancient Greek beliefs, but it is still interesting to learn how Greek mythology influences countless things in our lives, including moth names and meanings.

Moths in Celtic Mythology: In Celtic mythology, moths symbolize ‘death and decay’. They are definitely not a good thing and should be avoided. The white moth brings death, and there are really no positive interpretations for the moth in Celtic mythology.

There is even a moth called the Death’s-head hawkmoth. This moth seems to have a pattern resembling a human skull on it’s back, making it the perfect symbolic harbinger of death and disease. The moth is used as a symbol in the movie Silence of the Lambs and appears on the movie poster.

Moths in Hinduism: Moths are interpreted a little differently in Hinduism. When talking about moths though, it is important to remember the importance of fire in Hindu culture. Fire is the most important element. The powerful God Agni is associated with fire and symbolizes both life and death.

In general, moths gravitate towards flames and light. This was interpreted as their ‘faith’ since the fire is essentially an extension of Agni. Some people believe that because of this, moths are a connection between the spiritual and physical world. This is supported by moths being seen as souls of the dead.

Final Thoughts

Overall, white moths symbolize health and life. Every culture views white moths through these lenses, however, they can be positive or negative.

Next time you see a white moth, try viewing it symbolically. Instead of a bug flying near you, what could the moth be interpreted as? Use this article to help you with the interpretation and go along with whatever feels natural.

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16 thoughts on “White Moths & The Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism”

  1. My friend does these flow art paintings when she goes to bed at night everything is closed up and nothing is out of sorts. But when she gets up in the morning there are white moths all over her paintings stuck in them and dead all over the floor. She asked if I had them and since I live next door and she rents from me. I tell her know. Do you have any ideas?

    • I also do that type of painting. I think moths are attracted to paint or something in it used to make it fllw. It happens to mine heaps.

      • I seen a white moth by my front door 🚪

  2. I’ve been seeing many white moths flying around me when I’m sitting out side. I want to think and hope they are by me for comfort and calmness. How can I tell if they are good or bad?

    • Ask yourself how you feel. Is it feeling ok? are you interested? now just Be there… Don’t ask someone else.

  3. My thought is that they must be good because I sense that they are calming and they do comfort you already, so why even wonder? 😊
    Enjoy your peaceful friends

  4. The white moth at the door is a sign from God… be aware that you are now on the radar.. if you have been praying for something or been upset with God!!! your about to be amazed, everything will be better than fine, your one of the lucky ones enjoy your life and your death you have been chosen for a higher purpose the power of God the real God is something to behold.
    Do not doubt when God arrives he really makes an entrance these days. If you have the seven or see the seven your blessed.

    • Wh@ is the seven th@ u speak of?..

  5. I just had a white moth come directly on my porch- I left it get on my hand & walked it out to edge of woods & put it down. For me I believe my dear sister who recently passed, I believe she is trying to communicate with me, when the soul has not passed yet, into afterlife, they take the form of a white moth to say their final goodbyes.

  6. My boyfriend and I felt an inebriated intense negative energy in a room in our house, so we decided to sage the house. Almost immediately after saging a small white moth appeared, flew in between us and around our heads and then it disappeared.

  7. I’ve seen one for two days in my house. It went all up my arm & hands. My Mom passed away Aug 21, 21. Sister passed 2019, brother & nephew in 2916. If anyone was trying to reach me it definitely would be my Mom. I out it on my counter too so the dogs wouldn’t step or lay on it. I don’t want to walk away from it.

  8. Today I had the most stark white moth land on my hand and ride along, investigating my hand for perhaps a minute. For me, it was a positive sign. I smiled like a young girl, happy and fascinated 🙂

  9. I had a pure white moth fly on my windshield and look right at me. I was parked sitting in my car at work this morning!! Something which I have never experienced before. Something made look this up all the sudden which I have never done this before!!

  10. A white moth was in my kitchen this morning. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a white one. It gave me a sense of peace. I thought it was rare and beautiful. My first thought, was my mother always told us moth’s were bad and would eat holes in your clothes. Well, sorry mom, it’s still in my house. I guess I’ll just have holy clothes.

  11. My beloved white bunnny who was born with major paralysis on his left side and he had seizures he came into my life unexpectedly and I bonded with him and cared for him unexpectedly they became extremely close to him in a way that even I’m surprised he had such a zest for life such a personality so intelligent so sweet he really enjoyed life he was brave despite his illness I thought I’d have a lot longer with him he died suddenly after a four hour seizure it was excruciatingly painful for me to deal with this happened June 9 at 11 AM of 2022 not even a week ago since then I’ve seen three white moths out of nowhere one came out of a bakery rack of donuts one flying around me edit entirely another spot and then yet another got one I was wondering if this is a sign that my baby bunny is free and he’s just letting me know I also heard his name Romeo that night on the radio

  12. I had a dream of a beautiful white moth flying slowly out from the darkness towards me while it was singing.


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