Dreaming About Dead Relatives – Spiritual Significance, Interpretation & Meaning

Throughout life, we may lose those closest to us. It is painful, but still something we all must come to terms with. Sometimes, visions of the deceased can appear in dreams though.

These dreams can bring up sad emotions, especially if the person was very close to you. Interpreting these dreams may also seem difficult because your own emotions can get in the way of a clear interpretation.

If you have been having dreams about dead relatives, don’t worry. There are several interpretations of these dreams, and you can rest easy knowing what they mean.

Instead of sitting on these dreams and wondering about them every day, you need answers, and I have them.

Keep reading to get an in-depth interpretation of several types of dreams involving dead relatives. Afterward, you will be able to interpret any dream about the deceased!

Dreaming of Dead People Meaning

Before we talk about relatives appearing in dreams, we should learn about what dead people in general mean.

Different cultures through time and around the world have their own interpretations of seeing a dead person in a dream. Some of them include;

Wiccans: Wiccans believe that if a dead person appears to you in a dream, it is their spirit trying to communicate with you. These spirits appear in a dream not as a ‘symbol’ of the person, but as their actual spirit. Treat them no differently than how you treated them in real life. They may ask questions, so answer as honestly as possible and pay attention to everything they say.

Christians: Generally, Christians may see the dead person in their dream as a ghost. The ghosts could be ‘unsettled spirits’ that have a few things to do before passing on to the afterlife. Many Christians also believe that if you see a dead person in your dream, it is a demon in disguise. The demon-ghost should be ignored so their evil does not spread. Technically, you are seeing a reanimated dead person, which is a form of necromancy. Necromancy is looked down upon, so dead people appearing in dreams is a bad omen.

Chinese: The Chinese culture views dead people in dreams as a good omen. If you see the dead, your family might be blessed and protected by the spirit. Chinese culture places importance on ancestors, so it makes sense that their appearance in your dreams is a good thing.

Hindu: In Hindu culture, seeing a dead person can be a reflection of your own memories if the dream is pleasant. Many also believe that it is a sign that something unexpected is coming in your life. Hindu culture doesn’t go in-depth on dream meaning, so keep in mind that the dream could also just mean nothing. The memories you are seeing in a dream are nothing more than memories.

Overall, the meaning of the dead person in your dream depends on your culture and religion. In general, most cultures do not see the appearance of the dead as negative. There is always a purpose to their visit, and you should listen to what they have to say. If someone in your life didn’t mean to harm you, then they don’t mean to harm you while dead and appearing in your dreams.

Is it normal to dream about dead loved ones?

Yes, dreaming of relatives that have passed is totally normal. We form connections with everyone that we come into contact with during our lifetimes. Some connections are stronger than others. When a person that you had a connection with dies, you may dream about them as a way of remembering them or possibly because subconsciously you want to communicate something to them or they may be wanting to communicate something to you.

Dreams of Deceased Relatives Visiting and Talking

If a deceased loved one visits you in a dream, this could mean that they are reaching out spiritually. Their spirit may be trying to communicate with you, and you should communicate back.

Sometimes, a spirit could be communicating about any unfinished business they left in their life.

For example, if you encounter a dead parent who was a bit cold in life, they may tell you how much they love you in the dream.

The parent died without fully appreciating their family and in death, they want to make it right. You may not be satisfied that they waited until after death to make things right, but they are still going out of their way to contact you. Take them seriously and be forgiving.

It is also common to believe that the spirit you see is a means of communication for God.

God can appear in dreams, but people are wary of new figures. God doesn’t really have a true form, so it’s difficult to see Him as a person in your dream because your subconscious can’t create a form for Him. To combat this weariness, God appears as someone near and dear to you.

You are more likely to listen to a relative you love than a stranger or voice that isn’t attached to a body.

Dreams of a Dead Relative Smiling

Dreams of a dead person smiling are positive. There are no bad omens associated, and you don’t have to worry about anything that is going on in your life.

One interpretation is that you are not fully over their death. You may not fully understand that they are gone forever and begin to dream of them smiling at you. This is incredibly sad, but you can help process the death by talking to others around you.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk. You can even see a therapist to help you sift through all the emotions you are feeling.

Sometimes, you can’t fully process the death of a relative because you have bottled up your emotions. It’s okay to talk about what’s going on, and even have a cry session. You don’t have to hold it together to look strong!

Dreams of Hugging a Dead Relative

If you are hugging a dead relative in your dream, then this means that you have not fully come to terms with their death.

You can’t move on, and this is manifesting in your dream. This goes hand in hand with dreaming of the relative smiling at you too.

Hugging is an action that brings people closer together. When you hug a dead relative in a dream, you may not be able to let go of them.

This is different from not getting over their death though. For example, if you can’t come to terms with a partner dying, you may dream of them smiling. On the other hand, if you dream of them hugging you, then you can’t move on from them.

Hugging dreams can take place for several years after a death. If your spouse died, it is completely normal to take time for yourself.

But remember, eventually life goes on. Instead of feeling this sadness for them, live your best life, and make them proud. They wouldn’t want to see you spending your life wallowing in sadness!

Dreams About Deceased Grandmother and Grandfather

To many people, grandparents are very important figures in their life. Many early childhood memories could involve them. Remember, everyone has a different relationship with their grandparents. If you aren’t close to them or don’t know them at all, these may not apply to you.

Alternatively, you could be dreaming of your grandparents that you aren’t close to because they regret not reaching out to you while alive.

Grandmother: Typically, grandmas are warm and comforting. They are always there for you, and this extends past their death. If you are seeing your grandma in a dream, you can rest easy because this is positive. This dream can be interpreted as a comforting presence that is always with you.

Grandfather: While grandmothers are warm and comforting, grandfathers tend to be wise. In your dream, they could be giving you incredibly helpful advice.

It’s hard for people to take advice sometimes but be sure to listen to your grandfather! Not only has he lived a longer life, but he has also been in the afterlife.

It’s totally fine if you don’t believe in the afterlife, but this could also be your subconscious communicating with you through a figure that is familiar to you.

Seeing your grandparents in a dream can also be a sign of generational issues within your family. The grandparent could ‘warn’ you of the problem, prompting you to take action and get to the root of the problem in your family.

Final Thoughts

Overall, dreams of dead relatives aren’t bad. In some cases, the dream could be a bad omen, but most interpretations of the dreams are positive. Remember to take these dreams seriously, whether it is your subconscious talking to you, or a spirit reaching out.

We can all learn something from dreams like this that will help us in our daily lives.

The death of anyone close to you is painful, but hopefully being able to interpret dreams like this helps lessen that pain.

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  1. I found your article very helpful. But I need more information about why I’m having dreams about my mom who died of cancer. And dreams of my sister who died from an accidental gunshot.

  2. I had a dream that my grandmother called me on the phone. I was so happy to hear her voice. In my dreams I was crying over the phone and in complete disbelief that she was calling me. She didn’t sound like herself but she was kind and she stopped me in my words and said that she wants to see me in two days. I immediately woke up with tears all over my face and shaking with fear. I don’t understand what she meant. Am I misunderstanding, I’m scared now and I am in fear of what will happen after the next two days. Any thought? I’m sick to my stomach…

  3. Hi i dreamt of loud stomping in my childhood home i stood in the hallway and saw my deceased father just looking at me

  4. I’m normally not an emotional person, however after last night’s dream I woke up feeling overwhelmed. 2 years ago my partners younger sister passed away in a freak ATV accident a few states away. We couldn’t be there for her funeral, and I just felt so bad over the whole ordeal. Last night she interrupted my dream and appeared as a little girl. She never mentioned her name but it’s like I instantly knew who she was. She reached over and touched my head, when she did that I instantly felt everything she was feeling. Instant sadness at first, followed by hearing her voice telling me that she’s okay, and to tell my spouse not to be sad over her. When she let go of my head I felt a bit disoriented in my dream for several seconds before my regular dream continued…

  5. My grandpa died 27 years ago. He has visited me 3 times so far in the last 3 nights. The first one he was happy and joking. He told me a time and place to meet him. The next night he has been blurry. He tried talking but I couldn’t understand him. Last night he was clear but seemed distressed or concerned.

  6. I have dreams of dead relatives or pets almost on a nightly basis. My parents, grandparents & 2 beloved dogs. Almost all died of cancer. And usually the dreams are at one grandparents house or the other, even if they aren’t in the dream. I’ve had conversations about God in my dreams, all kinds of very deep emotions when I wake up. I don’t understand what it all means and why do often.

  7. This article was very helpful, I practice Wicca and I recently lost my dad to his alcoholism and before his passing we weren’t in great terms due to his drinking. I just had a dream about him and he said “family member was worried we would never make up” and he hugged me and I woke up crying. He’s only been gone for about 2 months and I believe he came in my dream to make things right between us and know that he wasn’t angry at me. He also looked healthy in the dream.

  8. Thank you this was helpful. But I dream of all my deceased relatives almost daily. Each day I dream of a different person who has died and this has been going in for almost a month now. It ranges from my mom, dad,grandma,grandfather,brother and my uncles. This has got me so worried now. Why doI keep dreaming about them.

  9. I dreamed that my paternal grandparents were alive. They were divorced years before they died. In the dream my grandma gave me a wedding announcement with a picture on the front of her adult daughter who is also dead. The announcement was telling that my grandparents were getting remarried! I was confused that a picture of my aunt was on the announcement. I was also concerned that my grandparents were getting remarried because in life my grandpa was abusive and drank a lot. In the dream, I took the wedding announcement to my mother and she too was surprised. Mom took the picture of my aunt off the card and said, at least now when I want to talk to her I can just look at the picture.

  10. I had a dream of my dad, mom and daughter. In the dream my mom and daughter and I was talking and having a good time. At one point she and I worked together. My father however was trying to get me to pay a bill for him. Told I couldn’t and he was upset and took my car. I had my car payment in my car and was afraid he would find it. When he came back with the car is when I was woke up. Any insight on this


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