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Abandon Dream Meanings

Dreaming of being abandoned is very common, especially for children. You may dream about being abandoned by your mother or father or carer at school, perhaps like you were in waking life when you went to school for the first time. Or maybe you are out shopping with your folks in your dream and they forget all about you and leave you behind? You may have the same dream scene in a park or out on the street, perhaps you are chasing after your folks and trying to get their attention?

When you are abandoned by a parent or carer in a dream it often symbolizes your feelings of not being wanted when you are/were young, but it doesn’t always mean it was the case in waking life. These dreams can also suggest that it’s time for you to fly the nest, to move on from your folks and start a new life on your own – it could be that your life is taking a turn in this direction at the moment and you’re feeling a bit anxious because of it.

The dream could also reflect a need for guidance, that you hope someone around you would help you out with a situation in your life where you feel you’re all alone. It is also common to feel this way, and suffer traumatic abandonment dreams, if someone close to you has recently died.

Sometimes if you feel you’ve been abandoned in your dream and, like earlier, you’re chasing after people and unsuccessfully trying to get their attention, it can reflect a feeling of low self-esteem, or feeling that your point of view isn’t been listened to and you wish that it was.

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