Angel Card Readings 101

When it comes to doing divination, most people are best acquainted with tarot cards. However, tarot are not the be-all, end-all of card reading methods. Some card decks have nothing to do with tarot at all, but rather are designed to help people connect to their spirit guides.

Lately, more people than ever before are reaching out to their angels. The methods they use vary from prayer, to lighting candles, to using specially-made decks that are designed to channel your angel guides. These decks are a great way to connect with your angels and also get the advice you need.

What Are Angel Cards?

Angel card decks are very similar to tarot decks, but with a very different spin. They don’t always have suits, major arcana, nor do they always contain minor arcana. Depending on the deck you have, you will either have 44 or 78 cards to your deck.

It’s important to recognize that angel cards are not tarot cards in most cases. Rather, they’re a type of card known as “oracle” cards. These are meant to offer advice and possibly a little foresight rather than the full spectrum of reads tarot cards have.

Do You Have To Be Christian To Use Angel Cards?

Among some groups, there’s this belief that angel cards are a “Christian only” version of tarot. Though many decks have a strong Christian undertone to them, you do not have to be a Christian to use them nor are angel cards inherently Christian in nature.

Angels are not a Christian-only concept by any stretch of the word. Almost every major form of spirituality has the concept of angels in one form or another. It’s commonly believed that everyone has angels, too. So if you were worried that these cards are not for you, think again. Angels are for everyone.

Why Do Angel Card Decks Vary In Number?

Angel cards are still a fairly new concept, even among hardcore spiritualism groups. Since they are a relatively new concept, the rules as to what each deck should include are still rather nebulous and are far more open to personal interpretation than what one would expect with tarot cards.

Because angel cards vary so greatly, it can be hard to know what to expect. Each card deck will have its own artwork, reading methods, and symbolism. Some decks are also tarot cards, but have an angelic theme to them that can influence their cards meaning.

Choosing The Right Angel Deck For You

In order to get a good reading, it’s important to choose an angel deck that works with your energy and reading style. The best way to do this is to get a “vibe” reading while you’re shopping around. Here’s how to do it:

  • Look at each deck’s artwork first. When you are choosing an angel card deck, you need to pick a deck that feels right for you–and much of that feeling tends to be based in the artwork. Does the artwork appeal to you? Strike a chord? If not, put it back.
  • Feel the deck in your hands. A lot of people get their best vibrational reads through touch, which is why many psychics warn against getting a deck before you touch it. Grab the deck and see how it feels in your hands. If it feels good, then roll with it.
  • If you can, get a reading done with the deck. Though this isn’t always possible, getting a reading from the deck can give you important insight into whether or not a deck is right for you.
  • Know your reading style. If you are a huge fan of tarot, then getting an angel deck that also doubles as a tarot deck makes sense. If you want a different type of reading, going for a unique oracle deck will work better.

Should You Just Get An Angel Tarot Deck?

Hardcore fans of tarot readings often have a certain rhythm and reading style they enjoy using. If you find yourself really invested in tarot, choosing an angel tarot deck might be a good option. That being said, using oracle cards can offer a new perspective on life that tarot might not be able to.

Doing An Angel Card Reading

Since angel card decks can vary so greatly, the ways that you can use your cards will vary as well. Here’s what you need to know when you’re trying to do a reading.

Before You Begin

Angel card readings are a little bit different than most other divination practices, since they are used as a tool for communication with angels. Before you start pulking cards, it’s wise to do these things to ensure a great reading:

  • Clear the space of bad energy. Using sage to smudge the area will clear out negative vibrations and welcome angels in.
  • Set the mood by lighting candles or incense. Lighting candles that have a pleasant smell can help you relax into a reading. Keeping a peaceful mood will help you focus your energy and get a better reading.
  • Ask angels for help. Whether it’s through a silent prayer or a quick verbal phrase, asking your angels for their presence will make a huge difference in your readings.

How To Start Your Angel Reading: Spreads and Interpretations

Now that you have your room ready to go, it’s time to actually start laying your cards. Angel card readings have a wide range of different spreads and methods one can use. Much of what you can do will be based on what kind of card deck you use.

Much like with other divination methods, using your instincts is what will make you a great reader. That said, there’s a learning curve that happens with these cards. If you are feeling lost, you can always refer to the booklet that came with your angel cards to help you out.

Angel Tarot Will Be Tarot-y

If you have a tarot deck featuring angel artwork, then you’re in luck. You can use your angel cards in the exact same way as tarot cards, including your favorite spreads. That being said, it’s important to take the artwork on the card into account when doing your readings.

Using Oracle Cards

Most people who have oracle cards tend to feel a little lost when they first pull them out of the pack. This is totally normal and even expected, especially when it comes to angel readings. There are several ways to tackle this issue:

  • Follow your instruction booklet’s guidance. Most oracle cards will come with an educational booklet that has instructions and reading advice. If you are very new to reading cards and want to stick to the intended use, this is a great choice.
  • Do clarification spreads with your tarot readings. Did you ever notice how tarot cards tend to tell only half the story at times? Do you ever wish you could get a clearer reading? Pulling angel cards can help you get a better answer during your reading.
  • Single draw spreads for advice or quick answer questions always work too. This is a classic way to use oracle cards of all kinds, including angel cards. Use your booklet or instinct to determine what the cards are trying to tell you.

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