Why Are Cats Considered To Be Magical?

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

While we usually think of them as cuddly house pets that like to curl up on laps, cats also have another reputation in the paranormal world. In almost every single culture, cats are viewed as creatures with ties to the paranormal.

The reputed tie between felines and magic is one that reaches back thousands of years. Their magical reputation has been around since the days of ancient Egypt, when cats were worshipped as holy creatures. But really, what gives? Why are cats, of all creatures, considered to be magical?

Cultural Beliefs

A lot of the reputation that cats have is due to their holy reputation in the times of ancient Egypt. Bast, a feline-headed goddess, was considered to be one of the most powerful magical deities in the Egyptian pantheon. As a result, cats were worshipped heavily and given their own free reign.

When Greeks and Romans noticed Egyptians’ reverence for the creatures, they began to write about it. Cats started to gain a reputation for transmitting energies and having paranormal talents. Prior to Christianity, this was considered to be a great thing!

Once Christianity took hold, spellcraft quickly fell out of favor–as did cats. Their once prized reputation ended up being warped as Christians began to change their views on spellcasting. By the time witch trials started, owning a cat was seen as evidence of devil worship.

Black cats, in particular, gained a reputation for being tied to black magic. The belief still remains strong today. This is why many people assume that black cats act as witches’ familiars.

Cats As Witch Familiars

Speaking of witches’ familiars, let’s talk about that for a second, shall we? A familiar is an animal who helps a witch cast spells or acts as a companion or guide to a spellcaster. Most religions involving spellwork have something like a familiar as part of their core beliefs.

Any animal can be a familiar, but cats just seem to be the most common familiar choice out there. If you’ve ever seen a cat during a moment of spellcasting, then you already know why. It’s their energy.

Cats have a unique way of carrying themselves that seems to lend itself to better magic. They always seem to have an aura of understanding when it comes to the paranormal, and sometimes even seem to want to participate in rituals!

Do Cats Improve Spell Outcomes?

A common belief among witches and pagans is that including a cat while you cast a spell increases its power. However, it’s never easy to quantify how effective having a cat while you cast is. If you believe it’ll help, give it a try.

Anecdotal evidence definitely suggests it can bolster otherwise shaky spells. So, there’s that.

Are Cats Attracted To Magical Energy?

This is one of the most widespread beliefs when it comes to cats and magic—and honestly, there’s a lot of reason to believe it’s true. Most cat owners who practice spellwork will tell you that their pets immediately rush in when they begin to do their work.

The fact that so many witches report having their cats arrive on the scene once spellcasting commences is pretty striking. What’s more striking is that many magic practitioners claim it only happens when the magic involved is positive.

The only time you’ll ever see cats run from magical energy is when the magic being cast is negative. If you notice that your cats are avoiding a certain area, you better do the same. Cats avoid negative vibrations and magic like the plague!

Are Cats Psychic?

Part of the reason why cats managed to keep a magical rep also deals with peoples’ paranormal experiences involving them. It doesn’t take much to find stories involving cats that have a paranormal twist. Even if they don’t practice witchcraft, many cat owners believe their cats are psychic.

Cats are well-known for their ability to sense paranormal activity. In many cases, they can be seen following invisible entities throughout a home or freaking out at something people can’t see. This is why many pet owners report seeing cats reacting to unseen creatures when they are brought to haunted homes.

Can Cats Sense A Building’s Past?

Many cat owners who experienced a death inside their homes will tell you that cats are able to pick up on past tragedies. It’s not uncommon to hear of a cat refusing to enter a room that witnessed a death, even after several years.

Can Cats Predict The Future?

Another major reason for cats’ psychic reputations deals with stories of cats being able to predict death as well as weather changes. There have been several documented cases where cats left in nursing homes repeatedly predicted patients’ deaths, often with unsettling accuracy.

In the past, sailors used to own cats as a way to predict inclement weather. Cats (as well as most other animals) will begin to take shelter if they sense a serious storm coming their way. Since cats pick up on weather changes faster than people do, they can offer somewhat reliable weather predictions.

Is There A Scientific Reason For This?

Though science can’t explain all the psychic incidents involving cats, certain phenomena could be explained with science. When it comes to predictions of death or sensing past tragedies, it’s likely that cats’ sensitive senses of smell can detect something human noses can’t.

In terms of weather predictions, this is a phenomenon that has long been documented. It’s generally accepted that animal instincts are the cause behind their predictive behaviors.

How Sensitive Are Cats To Negative Energy?

Considering how commonplace it is to hear of cats watching invisible entities and interact with them, it should come as no surprise that cats also happen to be incredibly sensitive to negative energy.

Cat owners who dealt with negative vibes in a home regularly mention seeing their cats’ behavior change. If the energy becomes too overwhelming, it can actually cause cats to get sick or even die.

Many paranormal believers own cats because they can act as psychic watchdogs. If you notice your cat “warning” you about a bad vibe, cleanse your house immediately. It could save you from serious trouble.

Why Are Cats So Sensitive To Energy?

No one knows why cats have such a high propensity towards psychic behavior, nor do we fully understand why cats are so sensitive to energies around them. However, there are a couple of theories as to why.

The most popular theory is that cats act as living, breathing psychic energy transmitters. This theory suggests they basically exist in two worlds at the same time. What happens in one world affects them in the other, and vice versa.

The Phenomenon Of Ghost Cats

If you’re a believer, you already have heard of tales where ghostly pets come back to visit their former owners. Sometimes, owners see their pets. Other times, they may hear them, dream of them, or even feel them curl up next to them.

Though there are many stories of experiencing ghostly dog visitations, there are slightly more anecdotes of having a ghostly cat come by a grieving pet owner’s way. This, combined with the other bits of lore, definitely help give cats their paranormal reputations.

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