Did Someone Predict COVID-19 – The Coronavirus Outbreak?

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

Psychics have to deal with a lot of skepticism in their jobs, and to a point, it seems earned. Few psychics ever seemed to predict major calamities like 9/11. Many people assume that psychics are frauds, simply because they never hear of them warning others of major calamities.

Though you might not hear about predictions that come true very often, that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally happen. In the past, psychics and mystics have made startling predictions that seemed totally outrageous only to later have them come true.

Now, with COVID-19 ripping through the world’s population, people are turning back to look at what psychics had to say. Did any of them accurately predict it? Well, you might be surprised…

Sylvia Browne’s Prediction about COVID-19

Perhaps the most famous prediction related to the coronavirus plague came to light from a tweet by Kim Kardashian. The celebrity personality noted that psychic Sylvia Browne predicted: “a pneumonia-like illness would spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes and resisting all treatments.”

The book revealing Browne’s prediction was published in 2008, a full 12 years prior to the Wuhan virus. Her prediction then follows up by saying the illness will disappear just as quickly as it came. The prediction seems fairly spot on, but it’s worth noting that Browne hasn’t always been on point.

Many of her predictions, including one regarding the death of a person who was later found to be alive, have left a bad taste in many peoples’ mouths. Even so, the book’s prediction was uncanny, considering how strangely accurate it is.

The Dean Koontz Prediction of the Coronavirus

Dean Koontz isn’t a paid psychic. Rather, he’s a famous thriller novelist. Despite the job title, it seems like he may have channeled some predictive powers during his writing sessions back in the 1980s.

In his New York Times bestseller, In The Eyes of Darkness, Koontz writes about a biological weapon created by the Chinese military called the Wuhan-400 virus. The coronavirus that people are currently fighting off originated in Wuhan.

Many people believe COVID-19 to be a bioweapon, though that hasn’t been proven. The virus is described as “the perfect weapon,” and while the fictional virus has almost no qualities similar to COVID-19, it’s spooky to know that the book’s plot involves a biological weapons leak in 2020.

Nicolas Aujula’s Prediction

Though Sylvia Browne and Dean Koontz have gained the most notoriety for their predictions, there are others who had similar visions. The Mirror reported that London-based psychic Nicolas Aujula claimed to see a vision of a massive flu outbreak in 2018.

In 2019, he had a disturbing dream of seeing farm animals with the word “flu” over them. The moment he heard the news of the Wuhan outbreak, Aujula claimed he “knew” that the virus wouldn’t be contained to China alone.

According to Aujula, the coronavirus, paired with climate change, mark the beginning of the end of days for humanity. He claims that he’s seen visions of the end of the world as well, though it won’t be in his own lifetime.

Layla Abdel Latif’s Prediction

Not to be outdone by guys, Lebanese psychic Layla Abdel Latif made several predictions relating to the outbreak of a virus that would reach its way across the globe. Her predictions, which were made in January 2019, came back into light throughout the Arab social media scene when COVID-19 came into play this year.

According to Latif, Arab doctors would be the ones to find the cure. Much like Browne’s prediction, Latif believes that the virus would vanish just as quickly as it came—within a couple of months. However, she warned that Europe would suffer badly from the virus and also mentioned that we would be fighting a “biological war.”

The Simpsons Prediction

If there’s one television show that gained a reputation for predicting the future, it’s The Simpsons. The series most famously predicted the rise of President Donald Trump in episodes that happened years before he even joined the presidential primaries.

In one episode, the town of Springfield gets wrecked by a virus known as the “Osaka Flu.” The show’s disease came from the Far East. While it’s a loose prediction (to say the least), it’s still thought-provoking. Kind of.

The Saturn And Pluto Conjunct Prediction

Among hardcore astrologers, it seems like disaster was just waiting to happen. Multiple sites noted that 2020 was a year where we would see Saturn and Pluto in conjunction. The last times this formation occurred, we witnessed World War II, the Spanish Flu, and a downturn in the stock market.

Multiple astrologers noted that this planet formation brings chaos and calamity with it. There is a silver lining to their reads, though. According to astrologers, this star sign formation tends to herald a big change for the better.

The Reddit Vibes

Reddit’s r/Paranormal users also seemed to feel that something was awry earlier this year. In a massive thread, users discussed how they felt an unshakeable feeling of something about to go horribly wrong. So many people felt it, they all began to discuss what it could be.

Though no one was able to guess a global pandemic, it makes one wonder. Perhaps our collective consciousness can pick things up that we otherwise couldn’t possibly predict. Or, perhaps it’s a matter of general anxiety. The truth behind the feelings might never be revealed.

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