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Accidents Dream Meanings

Dreaming that you are involved in an accident can actually be a very real warning of some impending danger, especially if the nature of the accident is set in a very real life situation. Say perhaps that you dream of slates falling from your roof and landing on your head, it could well be that your subconscious has noticed a few unstable-looking tiles on your roof, while you were preoccupied with other thoughts, and is trying to warn you that they might fall off. If you ever have a dream where you’re in an everyday accident; tripping over a bit of carpet on the stairs, a section of shelving falling on your head, or a fault with your car etc, you’d be well-advised to check it out when you wake up.

If you’ve suffered real life trauma from an accident, you may have accident dreams that reflect your fears of getting back on a plane or train, or getting back behind the wheel of a car.

On the other hand if you dream that you’re in a car accident that doesn’t focus on some fault with the car, it could easily be a metaphor for driving yourself too hard in your daily life, that if you keep going the way you are you will physically and/or mentally crash and burn.

Also if you’re cheating, being unfaithful or lying to someone in waking life, your dream of an accident that involves the people concerned could reflect your guilt, feelings that you deserve to come to harm. Or you could be anxious about being found out, and your accident represents your dread of this.


Dreaming about someone else having an accident could represent your bad feelings towards them, perhaps you have unvented issues concerning them? On the other hand the dream could signify your genuine concern for their well-being?

People often think that dreaming about an accident is a sign that the accident will happen in real life. That is not necessarily the case.  A dream about an accident could mean that you somehow sense that a mistake is about to happen, or that a situation is about to go out of control. It is a sign to slow down and think things through. The dream could signify that you are lacking an important bit of knowledge, or are straying from your purpose.  Think about whether you have forgotten anything, and what your overall goals are.

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