How to use a Manifestation Journal? Step by Step Guide

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

When you plan to manifest something you desire, there are multiple methods you can utilize. Each person has a unique way of maximizing their manifestation abilities, and you may spend a good portion of time exploring the options you have. While some people may produce more energy through visualization, others may find the most success through journaling.

When you want to start a manifestation journal, what do you need to know? Are there any rules you need to follow? How do you properly use one to manifest what you want?

What is a Manifestation Journal?  

To successfully manifest using a journal, you must first know what a manifestation journal is. While notebooks are utilized daily for any number of reasons, sometimes containing more than one subject, manifestation journals can’t just be another old notebook, right?

Right! And wrong.

When you want to align yourself with your ultimate goal and greater purpose, beginning a manifestation journal may be the extra energy you’re looking for.

A manifestation journal doesn’t have to be expensive or showy; it can be as cheap and plain as you want it to be. Your energy will make whatever you use be the special manifestation tool you need. And its simplest definition, a manifestation journal is a dedicated notebook. With this dedicated notebook, you will focus your positivity and power to attract what you dream of.

Do Manifestation Journals Work?

Every being benefits differently from their actions, with some benefiting more than others even if they do the same thing. Manifestation journals work in the same way, with some people having more success than their counterparts who give just as much energy to the task. Think about how unique the people you know are. Each person has their own talents and natural abilities.

If you want to successfully use a manifestation journal, you will have to establish belief. Not only should you believe in yourself and believe you will reach your goal, but you also need to believe in your journal. If you’re writing in your manifestation journal while thinking about how it’s never going to work, you’re writing your own failure.

Instead of filling your journal with positive and well-aligned energy, those negative thoughts will cause your journal harm. Even if you are writing positive words, your energy flows onto the paper with your writing. If you think it’s cheesy to believe in yourself or you haven’t believed in yourself up until this point, you should give it a try. The worst thing that will happen is you believe in yourself for a little while.

How Do You Start a Manifestation Journal?

To start a manifestation journal, gather your choice of notebook and writing utensil. The notebook could be the beautiful leather journal you saw in the bookstore or just a wide-ruled spiral notebook commonly used in schools. Nothing about the appearance of your notebook has to be special because you will be the one adding the uniquity to it.

The same goes for your choice of writing utensils. No matter what you want to use, everything is fair game. This is your manifestation journal, and you need to apply as much as you love to it as possible. If you want to write in a pink pen, write in a pink pen. If you want to write in pencil, write in pencil. Your possibilities are limitless.

When you’ve gathered both of these things, take a moment of silence to think about what you want. Manifesting your dream will take a lot of focus as you converse with the universe to align yourself correctly. It’s simple to say, “I want to be rich,” but you aren’t providing enough detail for the higher powers to work with. You have no plan of action to lead the masses. Saying “I want to be famous” won’t do the trick either. To maximize success possibilities and patch any loopholes, try to be as specific as you can.

When you know what you are trying to manifest, it is time to start writing. Keep your thoughts and words positive as you detail what you desire. If you’re running dry on inspiration ideas, there are examples further down for what to put in your journal.

What Should A Manifestation Journal Include?

When planning your manifestation journal and what to include within its pages, there is one key element to remember. This is a dedicated notebook, which means only writing intended to manifest your dreams and encourage you should be scrawled onto the pages. It should not be used as a diary or for taking notes, as these extra activities may ruin the energy the journal possesses.

To keep the dramas of your current reality away from your manifestation journal, you may want to keep your special notebook at home in a nice but low trafficked area. Or, if your home is where the negative activity tends to fester, put your journal into a bag you regularly take so it travels with you. Whenever you are feeling confident or inspired, take your journal out. You don’t have to write in it; you just want to maximize the positivity it receives. Exposing your journal to these high positivity moments will help counteract the negativity in may otherwise encounter.

There are different prompt ideas for the entries into your journals, or you can write your own positive thoughts on how you will achieve your goals.

How Often Should You Write In Your Manifestation Journal?

There are no exact requirements for time or schedule you need to abide by, but having a set schedule may help build a habit of using your tool. If you want to write in your manifestation journal daily, setting an alarm will help you remember. Overall, your manifestation journal is connected to you and whatever you feel is best is the correct answer.

If you write every day for 5 minutes, that is a valid way to utilize your manifestation tool. The same goes for writing once a week or just whenever you feel you need a spiritual pickup. While you want to do things “properly,” sometimes following your heart and spirit will help you more than any traditional guidelines.

Manifestation Journal Examples


One of the most common written manifestation forms utilized is affirmations. When you work on writing affirmations, be sure to write it all as if it were already true. By using present tense language, you align yourself with the universe you desire. This brings you closer to your ultimate reality, bringing a truth to the phrase “fake until you make it.”

This isn’t faking, though. You are capable of more than you know and these affirmations cleanse you in your environment of negative emotions. To rid yourself of these energies and emotions will help you believe in yourself. Some negative energies are potent and will take more than a week or two to feel an impact.

  • I am strong and healthy.
  • I am who I dream of being.
  • I am intelligent and accomplished.
  • I am capable and deserving.
  • I am determined and unstoppable.
  • I am creative and inspirational.

Manifestation Scripting

If you find “giving yourself compliments” to be cheesy, you can also detail your dream life as if you were writing a first-person novel. Present tense language is important again in this exercise as it was with affirmations. You want your desired life to align with your current one. Future tense will only prolong your journey, manifesting the chase more than the dream itself.

A great example of scripting your manifestation could be someone writing to straighten out their finances. Perhaps they fell on hard times and just want to keep their head above the waves. If you relate to these feelings, do your best to remove yourself from life’s tight grip and place your mind into your manifestation world.

“I sit with my eyes closed, taking deep and even breaths. I’ve learned to keep my thoughts together when I meditate, which I never thought would happen. Life is getting better by the day and I feel at peace. I have no debt and can afford to live comfortably, both in my own skin and home. While this isn’t the ultimate goal, it is closer to paradise than I once was. Life is good.”

Things You Are Grateful For

If you struggle with visualizing your goal or you’re entirely unconvinced this will work, there’s one more method we recommend. For some, they find it hard to keep hope in what they may perceive in life. Mental illness can steal a lot from a person, especially if they’ve been going through tough times.

When the future is hard to think of and even harder to remain optimistic about, focus on the elements of your life you are grateful for. No matter how small that thing may seem, write it down if it lifts your mood.

  • I am grateful for my health.
  • I am grateful for my family.
  • I am grateful for my creativity.
  • I am grateful for my pets.
  • I am grateful for the sun.
  • I am grateful for every opportunity I am given.
  • I am grateful for what I’m capable of.
  • I am grateful for being able to afford my coffee.


However, you choose to interact with your journal, remember to stay as positive as you can. In order to accomplish your wildest dreams, you must believe you are capable of anything. Let no negativity hold you down because if you don’t try, you will never succeed. Take what you’ve learned and progress forward with your new tool. You are more capable than you

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