Manifesting Multiple Things at the Same Time – How to.

Can you manifest multiple things at once?

If you have a few goals you’re chasing, you can achieve them by manifesting multiple things at the same time.

The Law of Attraction does not limit you to a single wish or challenge and if you put your mind to it, you can manifest more than one goal at once.

Manifesting multiple things at once might seem like an impossible task, but you’re probably already doing it.

You might want a higher salary, so you’re working towards a big promotion.

At the same time, you’re thinking about a new relationship, so you’re spending time manifesting love.

Achieving all these goals with manifestation is possible.

What is manifestation?

Understanding the basics of manifestation is essential for success when manifesting multiple things at once.

Manifestation is about harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction to bring change and improvements into your life.

Manifestation isn’t magic: having a growth mindset is proven to help achieve the desired outcomes.

That means if you believe you will achieve a goal, you’re more likely to succeed.

A popular concept in manifestation is “where you focus, the energy will flow”.

Spend your time focusing on what you want to achieve and your happiness, and your energy and the energy in the universe will flow towards a positive outcome.

This also works in reverse: if you spend your time focusing on what might go wrong and negative feelings, the energy will flow towards the negative outcome.

“A positive mindset and clear intentions are all you need to start manifesting multiple things at once.”

How many things can you manifest at the same time?

While there is no hard and fast limit to how many things you can manifest at once, you should try to keep your goals to fewer than three or four.

Manifestation requires focus; giving a small amount of energy to many dreams will diminish the power of your manifestations.

For the best results, choose a few goals that will work in tandem with each other. If you find your goals are incongruent with each other, you will have to decide which is more important.

It’s common to want more than one thing at once, but if you find yourself trying to manifest four or more goals at once, you should reconsider what you are trying to achieve.

A clear mind is best for manifestation, so try to narrow down your list to a few outcomes that you feel strongly about.

Try this exercise to decide what you want to manifest:

Choose one goal for each of these categories: Work, Home, Family, Self.

This list could look something like this:

“I want a promotion at work, a more comfortable living environment, to spend more time with my family, and a healthier lifestyle for myself.”

If you find your goals are piling into one category, they may not be harmonious for manifestation. When you have one goal in each category, you have a strong start to manifesting more than one thing at once.

How to choose what goals to manifest

Narrowing down a list of goals can be tough – you don’t want to leave any desire out!

When you’re having a hard time choosing a small list of things to manifest at once, look for any resistance from the goals.

Think about which of your goals you feel the most passionate about, and manifest those goals first. Goals that create a sense of anxiety or fear will need more work before you can easily manifest them.

When you have a small list of goals, the final thing to ensure is that you have not created a chain effect in your manifestation.

For example, if your goals include a tropical vacation and a big raise at work, you should not need to manifest the raise before you can consider the vacation.

The universe will help you achieve your dreams, but it can work in mysterious ways.

Try not to tell the universe what order your goals need to appear in your life.

This will create anxiety and resistance around the goals and can stop them from coming true.

Can you manifest something every day?

If you want to manifest your goals every day, the good news is you probably are already doing that! Manifestation is how you consciously and subconsciously channel your energy, so it’s likely you are working towards some kind of goal every day.

The goal of all manifestations is to consciously channel energy towards a positive outcome.

Larger goals require more energy and focus. This means manifesting multiple things at the same time will not be a ‘one and done’ manifestation session.

In fact, if you are trying to achieve many goals, you should spend time every single day manifesting them.

Whether you are visualizing the goals, giving yourself affirmations to increase positive energy, or taking actionable steps to reach your dreams, make sure a part of your day is set aside for manifestation.

Many find their manifestations are more successful when they create a daily routine around them. This routine could look like this:

  • Journaling each morning about your goals after you wake up.
  • Creating a vision board and putting it where you will see it every day.
  • Writing down a list each night about how you worked towards your goal that day.

Spending time manifesting every day is a great way to channel your energy towards your goal.

Can I manifest and achieve a new goal every day?

If you want to manifest a new goal every day, choose smaller goals that you can work towards.

For example, one day you might want to manifest health.

Think about how you will channel your energy that particular day towards a healthier lifestyle.

Realistically, you probably will not be able to achieve a brand new goal every day, but that’s perfectly fine for successful manifestation.

Larger goals require time to focus energy and action towards them. 

How to manifest multiple things at one time.

The first step to manifesting anything is deciding your goals.

Think about each one and why you want to achieve this, how it will benefit you or change your life, and how it might benefit and change the lives of others.

Once you have clear goals in mind, you’re ready to begin manifesting.

You can manifest multiple things at one time with these steps:

  1. Deal with your inner emotions and anxieties.
  2. Visualize your goal.
  3. Take action towards your dreams.

One of the biggest challenges for anyone trying to manifest their dream life is controlling their conscious manifestations vs. unconscious manifestation.

The subconscious has great power over our inner and outer emotions and thoughts, so start by examining your deepest fears, regrets, or traumas.

A neglected subconscious can block your manifestations from coming true.

If you are dealing with inner anxieties, try journaling your thoughts to understand them better. Once you feel that you have addressed your subconscious, you can begin active manifestation.

Manifest your dreams by visualizing your dream life

A powerful manifestation technique is visualization.

Think about your goals in the present tense and in harmony with each other.

For example, if you want to manifest money for yourself and happiness for your family, you can visualize yourself getting a promotion at work that gives you more vacation time.

Think about how your goals can work together and what that will look like in your life.

Get specific with your visualization and make sure you bring positive energy to each goal.

Try to never visualize ‘What if’ scenarios in which goals are not met.

Visualization is about allowing positive emotions to flow into your life and influence your energy.

Even if you feel discouraged at times, continue to associate your goals with feelings of joy, abundance, and fulfillment.

The universe will help you grow what you focus on, so it’s best to focus on good things!

One of the most important factors of visualization is emotion.

Spend a majority of your time thinking about how you will feel if you achieve a certain goal.

It is much more difficult to manifest an object versus a feeling.

Try beginning your visualization with the phrase “I feel so [positive emotion] that I have achieved [goals]”.

Work for the life you want while manifesting it

Once you have spent some time visualizing your goals, it’s time to take action towards your dreams.

Try making a list of steps you can take that will bring you closer to your goal.

Start small and work your way up to bigger challenges.

Think about what needs to happen for the universe to help you.

If you’re manifesting a new career, you probably will need to start by updating your resume and researching new roles.

Give yourself manageable tasks that channel your energy towards the wish.

At this point in your manifestation journey, you can spend time using visualization and action items as you climb toward the goal.

Visualize yourself writing a killer cover letter, then take the action to start writing.

Visualize yourself having a great first date, then take the time to ask someone out!

Don’t get discouraged if your big goals don’t come true in the first few days of manifesting.

Finally, when you have reached your dreams, thank the universe for supporting you!

Take some time to focus on the gratitude you feel for achieving your goals.

A gratitude journal is a great way to remind yourself of how thankful you are for good things in your life.

Manifesting multiple things at one time is possible

Manifesting multiple things at one time is possible with determination and focus.

Choose your goals carefully and visualize how amazing you will feel when you have achieved them.

Spend time every day thinking about your dreams and what you can do to channel your energy towards them.

The Law of Attraction is a powerful force that we can harness to bring happiness and success to our lives.

If you focus your energy and work towards your goals, you will be able to manifest anything your heart desires.

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