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We each have our own aura, even if we can’t see it. Others around you can perceive your aura, letting them know more about you. There are many aura colors to perceive, including green. A green aura is generally positive, and something to strive for. Although there is no ‘best’ aura color, green is a good thing!

Before we learn about green auras, it is important to learn what an aura is. It is hard to accurately interpret the meaning of an aura if you don’t know why they are important in the first place. Keep reading below to find out about green auras and what they mean to you!

What is an Aura?

An aura is an energy you give off. Another term that is used often is ‘vibes’. If you feel bad vibes or energy from someone, they might have a negative aura color. Essentially, your aura color shows your feelings and personality. This means that it will change frequently. As humans, we are different every day. Throughout life, we experience a wide range of emotions, and our aura color will reflect this.

You may have never actively looked for an aura, but maybe you have felt it. If you stand next to someone gloomy and sad, you might feel that energy radiating off of them. Similarly, if you are near an upbeat person, you might feel their energy and become a bit more positive.

An aura was first mentioned in the mid-1900s, but societies through history have had their own version. For example, many old religious paintings have an aura or ‘halo’ of light around them. Aura comes from the Greek word for a breeze. Later, in Middle English, it was translated as ‘gentle breeze’. A breeze is something that surrounds you, but you can’t see; this is very similar to our current understanding of auras. Interestingly, the word aura is related to the word soar, which is to ‘fly above’, much like an aura does.

There are many colors, each with their own unique meaning. Here are a few aura colors along with their possible meaning:

Red: strength, anger

Black: ill, death

Pink: love, friendship

Grey: Depression, low-energy

Blue: loyal, moody

Yellow: optimistic, friendly

It is possible to display more than one aura color at a time. Don’t be surprised if you see green along with any other color. Everyone you see has more depth than just ‘happy’ or ‘loyal’. It’s typical to have a few different feelings; you can even have feelings that go against each other. If at first, you don’t notice a green aura, keep looking!

What does a Green Aura Mean?

A green aura surrounding a person

There are different versions of a green aura, each meaning something a little different. Overall, green energy is positive. People with a green aura are strong and attract people around them. The color green in nature symbolizes growth, healing, creativity, and harmony. In movies and books, green can symbolize nature and peacefulness. Green is a soothing color that tends not to cause a lot of stress.

Below are four shades of green that you can use to interpret aura colors meaning:

Emerald: An emerald aura is a great thing! This color symbolizes a healing energy. A healing energy could be towards others around you, or for yourself. For example, if you have an emerald aura, others may trust you and express their feelings more openly. People with this aura color have a calming presence as well. Sometimes when I visit family, I can feel a strong emerald aura from those who take care of others.

Blue-Green: While emerald symbolizes a healing energy, blue-green symbolizes compassion. People with a blue-green aura tend to be more compassionate to others around them. Healing is still important to this aura, however, it is more practical. Instead of healing with their calming presence, someone with a blue-green aura may physically heal. A nice, caring therapist can have a blue-green aura.

Yellow Green: Yellow-green is more energetic than the other two colors. People with a yellow-green aura tend to be more creative and energetic; wanting to spread their creations to others. An artist or musician with a yellow-green aura may create to inspire others.

Dark Green: Every aura color has a negative side. A dark green aura means that an individual is feeling envy, or jealously. Dark green is a common color for jealously in books and movies as well. People with this aura tend to be insecure about their selves and in relationships. Sometimes, their romantic relationships are unhealthy because of the jealousy they feel. If you are near someone with a dark green aura, you may even feel the negative energy surrounding them.

The characteristic that draws all the auras together is passion. This passion can be positively or negatively shown, depending on how you handle it. Try to embody a positive green aura, showing passion to yourself and those around you. Passion is an excellent trait to have, and may even help you live a fuller life doing things that you love.

How do you see it?

When you are actively looking for an aura color, you probably won’t be able to see it. If you could, then crowded places would be full of color! Spotting an aura is not something that we practice regularly. Take your time in discovering an aura’s meaning. We can see auras in a few different ways, including;

Through a Camera: Sometimes, a camera can pick up aura colors. A great example of this is the Radiant Human Project. Christina Lonsdale created this project to photograph different individuals and their aura. If you are interested in aura photography, try to get a real camera. While smartphones have good cameras, you may get the best results with a photography camera. Often, you will capture and aura on camera without meaning to. Check back through any pictures to see if you accidentally captured an aura.

Sensed Through ‘Feeling’: As I mentioned in a previous section, we can sometimes sense energy. When you are near someone, try focusing on what ‘vibes’ they give off. Sensing a color may seem bizarre, but we already do it every day! Phrases like ‘feeling blue’ or ‘seeing red’ aren’t literal. Feelings are associated with color, and those colors can be interpreted as auras. If someone around you has a green aura, you may feel at ease or well cared for.

Through Peripheral Vision: Although actively looking for an aura yields no results, they can sometimes be spotted through peripheral vision. When passing by someone, you may catch a glimpse of the aura. Auras can appear when you least expect it, so don’t actively search your peripheral every time you walk by someone.

If you want to know your aura color quickly, there are plenty of online sources and quizzes to take. Be cautious though, they may not be as accurate as any of the methods above. Aura quizzes will give you a general idea of the color, but be sure to use several sources to validate the color that is chosen for you.

Can you change your Aura?

If you have an aura color you don’t like, it’s okay! An aura is not static; you can change the color through work and time. Auras can change throughout your life as you grow older (and maybe even wiser!).

Don’t feel locked into any aura. You have the power to change your life! If you want to give off a green aura, strive to embody the characteristics. Similarly, if you see someone with an aura that they aren’t satisfied with, help them. Try to practice being mindful and caring. When someone comes to you with a problem, help them, and show that you are compassionate.

Remember, there is a difference between auras and chakras. Both relate to the spiritual self and your energy, but chakras are more rooted in your life. By this, I mean that chakras form and develop based on your life events; it is harder to change them. Be careful not to get these two confused. Chakras are also associated with specific parts of the body, rather than an aura that surrounds someone. The heart chakra is green as well, which can be sensed from around the heart space.

Final Thoughts

Exuding a green aura is a great goal to have. Rather than causing distress to those around you, try being a healing energy that people want to be around. Be conscious of the decisions you make. With a green aura, you might notice that friendship comes easier and people will love being around you.

Don’t worry if you can’t see or sense an aura. Most people go through their life ignoring auras around them, which is totally fine. It takes time and practice! Try to get in tune with your spiritual self through meditation and mindfulness.

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