How to Manifest Money

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

What Is Manifesting?

When you hear the phrase “manifesting,” you might not know what that means. When you manifest something, you are bringing your dreams to life and changing things in your life all through simply believing it. Manifesting can apply to many different things, both tangible and not, in your life. 

A very popular thing to manifest is money. By manifesting money, you are bringing more money into your life, not through working overtime or getting another job, but through your conscious and subconscious mind.

Can You Really Manifest Money?

Doing a quick internet search you can find numerous different success stories of people who have manifested money using one or more of the methods mentioned down below. It is all about finding the correct steps for yourself!

If these individuals are having this awesome success in manifesting money, so can you. It is all about your intent and belief that it is possible. Continue reading down below to learn more about manifesting money.

How To Manifest Money

The basics behind manifesting money are setting intentions, beliefs, and visualizations. Beyond these basics, there are different steps you can take to manifest money for yourself. The key is to believe that you can make this real. If you do not truly believe in the process of manifesting money or the law of attraction, your negative energy will grow and your subconscious is going to reject your attempts to manifest money.

To manifest money you need to set a goal. It need not be a specific amount of money, but can also be a certain financial outcome, such as paying off your car, buying a house, etc. To ensure success in manifesting money, specificity will be your best friend. 

One popular way to manifest money is through creating a vision board. This is similar to setting your goals as outlined above, but it will give you a visualization of your goals. Find pictures of money, items you want to buy, places you want to go. This can be photos from the internet, magazines, ads, and any other place you can find images that lend to your vision!

Once you set goals visually and verbally, you can start setting up your plan. Set your own steps of what you will do daily, weekly, monthly, etc. to manifest money. Once you set up this plan, be sure to follow it.

Often people may say manifesting money does not work, but those individuals will fall off from their plans and give off negative energy to the universe. Then both their subconscious and the universe will resist the flow of money.

The following methods are items that you can add to your plan. In your plan, set how frequently you will be doing this. The most frequent you complete these, the better for you and your energy.

First, you need to appreciate the money you have in the first place. Gratitude and appreciation are going to feed into positive energy and lead to a flow of money in your direction. When the universe feels that gratitude, it will continue sending positive energy and in turn money back to you.

In addition, do not feel anxious about spending money either. Even though you are trying to increase your money, once you harbor feelings of anxiety, dread, or resentment, that will have an adverse effect on your manifestation of money.

To help you with this emphasis of appreciation, consider even writing down or in some way reflecting on pleasure or feelings of happiness on purchases you have recently made. 

Some people will write themselves a secret check as a way to manifest money. Write yourself an attainable amount of money that would be possible to manifest. It needs to be a believable or reasonable amount of money, otherwise, it will not happen and you will start to feel disbelief toward your ability to manifest money. 

Another method is to create a shopping list. This is similar to your vision board.

You will create a very detailed shopping list as if you had an unlimited amount of money. With this, you are in a way playing make-believe and pretending that you are about to spend money on different luxuries or experiences that you would like.

By adding details it makes it even more real and more likely to be realized. 

What Do You Say When Manifesting Money?

A large part of manifesting money is saying daily affirmations. These are ways that you are stating your desire. It is very important that you believe in them, that they are possible, and that they are actually happening. 

Affirmations can vary from person to person, but also based on your goals for the day, week, month, etc. Examples of affirmations that you can say are:

  • I am a money magnet
  • I have a lot of money flowing to me
  • I am financially stable
  • I am literally made of gold
  • Money is my friend, and I am its
  • Money flows to me abundantly
  • Ching ching ching goes the money tree and every time it flows it comes to me

How Can I Use My Subconscious Mind To Attract Money?

Your subconscious is an important aspect of your ability to manifest and attract money. Much of what has already been discussed is your ability to exert positive energy and direct the flow of money to yourself.

If your subconscious is working against you due to your suppressed disbelief in your capability to manifest money, you will not be successful. You will get out what you put into your manifestation. 

Often times you will be held back due to limiting attitudes towards money. This might be due to anxiety towards money as mentioned above. Learn to also forgive any mistakes you have made in the past financially.

Do not allow this to cause you to have a negative relationship or concept with money. You need to identify any beliefs regarding money that you have that are limiting you. Break this habit you have created and gain a mindset more suited for the acquisition of wealth.

Know also that your current financial situation does not need to be your future. If you are stuck in your thoughts that you will always be at your current status of money, you will not allow yourself to grow in your financial circumstances. 

You can improve this unconscious resistance through meditation and changing your energy. Through this medication, can soothe any negative emotions in an effort to be in harmony with the universe. Clear any blocks, mental or psychic, that is restricting you in your life. Without an inner resistance to money, you will be able to make friends with money and the energy of money. 

In addition to meditation and changing your energy, you can focus on experiences instead of money. By not focusing yourself on visualizing and taking actions towards manifesting money, you can free yourself and your subconscious up for the flow of money. This will help you become a magnet for money. 

How To Manifest Money Fast.

While manifesting money can take time, there are some things you can change in yourself and your mindset that will allow you to manifest money fast. 

You need to change your mindset about money and believe in yourself. The way you think about money and treat your money needs to be more positive and remove any anxiety you may have associated with it in the past. Do not be afraid to spend money. That hesitancy leads to more negative energy.

Another way to speed up the process of manifesting money is to clarify your goals. As mentioned above, you will want to visualize your goals and make them and fleshed out as possible. By knowing and visualizing exactly what you want, money will be flowing towards you faster.

You need to take action. Manifesting money is not about passively awaiting money to come towards you. Do not wait around, but make moves and actions towards manifesting money. 

Another way is to make sure you aren’t visualizing too hard. This can cause your subconscious to resist the manifestations because you are causing stress to your psyche. This can be considered “embracing the void,” which is an attempt to embrace nothingness and not focusing too much on manifestation and visualization to the point of repulsing it.

Affirmations and similar simple steps should be done very frequently, at least once a day. Your affirmations can be regarding specifics or general desires in your manifestation of money. Regardless it is the frequency that is important in manifesting money fast.

Final Thoughts

Manifesting money is a lifestyle; you need to truly live and experience this manifestation. You cannot limit yourself to only visualizing it. You must take action daily to be successful in manifesting money and bringing harmony to the universe.

Break yourself from any habits or negative energy that remove you from the flow of money. Abide by the law of attraction to allow yourself to manifest money. 


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