What is Magick? Types Explained

Magick or sorcery are words with Latin and Old French origins that refer to “the art of influencing events, persons, or entities by supernatural means”! Generally, it is the act of causing something to occur or controlling nature. The word magick can be traced back through history to medieval and Renaissance Europe.
Magick can also refer to a form of theater—whose tricks stimulate the audience’s imagination and create a suspension of disbelief—or a genre of literature in which earthy beings (such as fairies) interact with humans.

What Types of Magick are there?

There are several different types of magick including the ones listed below:

Shamanism Magick

Shamanism is often accompanied by the use of entheogens, which are plant-based substances to “attain a trance state that permits contact with the spirit world.” Most shamanic rituals involve mental states of an induced trance, which is attained through drumming, dancing, chanting, and ritualized ingestion of drugs.

Magick is the process of using creative visualization along with various techniques such as spellcasting and invocation to create one’s desired outcome. It can refer both to the methods used for manipulating reality according to one’s will as well as an alternative and natural system or philosophy that promotes harmony alongside self-empowerment.

Witchcraft Magick

Witchcraft is a system of beliefs and practices that revolves around the use of witchcraft, which can include natural objects like herbs, stones, and beads. These items are used to cast spells and create other magical experiences.

Magick is the art of altering consciousness outside the realm of what physical science considers rational.

Ceremonial Magick

The use of ceremonial magick is to form an intention to create change.

It is aimed at specific goals or events and uses the power of natural forces, physical objects, and physical actions. The magicians have a wide range of options for action – often it is necessary to do an extensive study before deciding on the most appropriate course.

Blood Magick

Blood magick is a sub-set of dark arts that centers around using blood as the primary focus of the ritual. The allure of Blood Magick in part stems from its folkloric associations with vampires and an interest in role-playing games such as Vampire: The Masquerade.

It can be used to cause harm to enemies, for healing, or just out of curiosity/entertainment. It is not a form of witchcraft that should be taken lightly because it can be extremely dangerous.

Black Magick

Black magick is a form of witchcraft in which the practitioner is believed to invoke negative or primal forces to achieve their own desires.

Used for spiteful or evil purposes. Some practitioners believe that black magick has nothing to restore balance to the universe, but that it creates negativity. Some sources consider black magick to be any or every harmful spell, including those meant as jests (or “practical jokes”). Note: for lack of a better term, we will use the word “black” here.

White Magick

Helps to “balance” the energy in your life. If you have too much of a certain kind of energy, such as anger or depression, white magick will discharge it.

However, some practitioners of white magick disapprove of this as it is considered a type of prayer.

The white magick practitioner will try to remove or alter the energies before they are discharged, but sometimes the discharge takes place anyway.

Kitchen Magick

Magick is the use of rituals involving words, actions, and objects to either bring about real changes in the physical world or invoke spiritual entities who will then produce a real physical change in the world.

Kitchen magick is a subset of that category and it involves using a person’s kitchen or other parts of their home for spells and rituals. It mostly consists of cooking, baking, or preparing food with ingredients like herbs, honey recipes, or spices.

Contagious Magick

Contagious Magick, a term coined in 1990 by James Twyman to express the astounding power of ritual to flow from person to person via their belongings.

The principle is simple: items such as pictures, physical tokens and clothing can be sources of magickal energy when these things belong to someone else.

Sympathetic magick

The Sympathetic magick is a type of magick that works on the principle of “like attracts like.”

It does not require any external tools and the practitioner only needs to visualize what they want to be attracted to them.

The magick has been around for centuries and is the basis for many types of spells that are used today, such as the Law of Attraction.

In Conclusion

Magick itself is meant to be a tool for self-transformation and spiritual awareness on one hand while producing an altered state of consciousness on the other, which many people associate with magic spells and rituals that can seem like illusions when done correctly.

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