Pink Aura Meaning & Personality Traits

You may have heard people talking about your aura before, but were unsure what they meant. The idea of auras can feel kind of “out there,” which can lead to a lot of confusion and misinterpretation of what they really are. Learning more about the concept of auras, and what the various color meanings are, can really help people to better understand not only themselves but others as well. While we are focusing on what a pink aura means in this article, you should also look into the meanings and energy associations of some of the other common colors – blue, orange, green, yellow, etc. Each color aura has its own unique meaning, much like we all have different personality traits. It’s important to learn about all colors of auras, not only a pink aura so that you can understand all of the options you may run into.

However, without further ado, let’s look at the meaning of a pink aura and any associated personality traits!

What Is An Aura?

Before we get into what the color of an aura means, let’s first define what an aura is. Aura is another name for a person’s energy field. The word comes from Ancient Greek and literally means breeze (or “gentle breeze” in Middle English). This is where the basic idea of where an aura is located comes from – it emanates off of the body and each chakra like a gentle breeze.

Auras are generally “seen” (by people who are lucky enough to be able to pick them up) as an oval that surrounds every individual person. The size of the aura may vary but are usually around 3 feet in radius. People who have experienced trauma may have a larger aura. Some people believe this is because our auras also work as a sort of psychic energy protection, keeping us safe from negatively and people who mean us harm.

What Do Aura Colors Mean?

In addition to having our own aura, each of us has our own specific aura color. Our color represents a variety of different factors – mood, temperament, emotions, physical health, spiritual well-being, etc. Mostly, the various aura colors are representative of our personality, for better or for worse, and can really tell us plenty of intimate details about people (ourselves included).

For instance, blue indicates a calm, serene personality, while orange is for people full of energy. A blue aura can also correspond to the throat chakra, while an orange aura relates to the sacral chakra. Starting to make a little bit more sense?

There are six different general colors that an aura can be – red, blue, orange, yellow, green, and violet. From there, the colors take on different hues and intensities and can combine to create other aura colors like pink, brown, turquoise, etc. Each color says something different about that person’s personality, energy, and nature. The meaning of aura colors can also change, depending on the person’s mood and what they may be going through. Someone with a pink aura one day might have a red one the next day, etc.

How To Read An Aura

Aura reading takes time and practice. Most people don’t just wake up one day knowing how to read auras… they have to practice repeatedly to get better at it. Aura reading is a skill, one that you develop over time, but is an essential practice before you move on to learning each color auras meaning.

However, there are a few tips for beginners who want to help make themselves be better at reading aura colors.

To start, take some time to think about how the people who encounter make you feel. Do they put off happy energy? Do they make you feel anxious? Scared? Associate a color with those feelings and take note. When you’re able to start seeing their aura, you’ll be better able to see how the color meanings relate to their aura color. This is useful for all colors, not just pink.

Most people also find it easier to see an aura from their peripheral vision. Looking straight ahead, try to see the person out of the corner of your eye. This will take practice but, as there are more photosensitive cells on the outside of our eyes, the aura color will likely be easier to see. Keep working on it, and you’ll be able to read auras in no time! Just be patient, it may take a while to be able to distinguish a pink aura from a light red aura. Those little nuances take time to perfect, especially with the color pink as it can be very nuanced.

So, What Does a Pink Aura Indicate?

Now that you have a better grasp of what an aura is and what they mean about the personality of the one you are reading, let’s talk specifically about what a pink aura indicates.

To begin with, while blue and orange are great colors for an aura, a pink aura is uniquely special. In fact, pink auras are actually one of the rarest aura colors out there. If you have a pink aura, you should feel incredibly lucky!

With a pink aura, you likely have a sweet, sensitive personality and nature. A pink aura also signifies someone that believes in unconditional love, and who gives their love to people without expecting anything else back in return. The color pink indicates an open, giving nature… someone who loves love and can make the best of any situation. While some people may interpret pink as being soft, it is actually a color that indicates a sense of strength through vulnerability.

If you have a pink color aura, you’re likely in the middle of love of some kind. That may be new love, a long-term relationship, a crush… but your life is full of love. This love may even be mutual admiration, a friendly type of love and respect for someone else. Love can mean all kinds of things to people, but the general energy of love is the same.

A pink aura can also indicate a happy and joyful nature. People who have pink auras tend to be full of optimistic energy toward life, with a personality that tends to attract other people to them. Pink is the color of sentimentality, compassion, and sweetness, toward both people and animals.

In addition, although pink is often interpreted as a traditionally “female” color, a pink aura can be found on both males and females. Colors don’t have a specific gender, but they do indicate a certain type of energy that anyone can radiate.

Finally, a pink aura is associated with the heart chakra. The heart chakra, also known as Anahata, is the medium between the body and the spirit. It represents wisdom through unconditional love, not only for yourself but for others. It is the fourth chakra and is located in the center of your chest over your heart.

Are There Different Types of Pink Auras?

A pink aura isn’t a one size fits all situation. The color pink can be very nuanced, depending on if it is closer to red or blue. For instance, bright pink, baby pink, murky pink or dark pink all indicate different personality traits. Finding the exact color pink is important to accurately decipher what that specific pink aura may represent.

A baby pink aura can indicate that person has recently fallen in love or maybe starting to fall in love with someone. The color of pink is sweet and innocent, just like how the beginning of love feels. A baby pink aura can also represent someone who has started to worry less about the physical and focus more on the spiritual. Some people with a light pink aura may also be clairaudient, or able to hear things from other planes of existence. This color aura is one of calm, soft-spoken people.

A brighter pink aura is representative of someone who is very loving and affectionate with their families and loved ones. Generally, these people also like to show their love by giving gifts or making thoughtful gestures. A bright pink aura is seen on those who are grounded, at peace, and level-headed. It is an aura of someone who eats healthy food, meditates, and has found a sense of inner calm and serenity.

On the flip side, darker and murky pink auras indicate someone that may not be trustworthy. If this type of pink color is present in someone’s aura, it’s a warning that you need to be on guard around them, especially when it comes to love. A dark pink aura shows on someone who has found peace in their life, but may have let that energy become tainted. They may have become overwhelmed by negative emotions and are focusing on the bad parts of their life instead of the good. The good news is that a dark pink aura isn’t a permanent situation. Auras can change if you put the time and energy in. View this color aura as a warning to make some changes in your life.

One final variation of the pink aura is magenta. A magenta aura is a combination of both red and blue, and the personality of someone with this color aura combines the energy of the two as well. For people with this type of pink aura, their energy often can vary wildly. They may sometimes be outgoing, happy, and considerate, but can also be withdrawn, shy, and even isolated. Magenta pink auras are generally representative of artists and other creatives.

So what does a pink aura mean? Depending on the specific nuances of the color pink, the aura meaning can differ. But learning how to better read auras, as well as learning how to define what they mean for that person’s life, can make your relationships with not only other people but also yourself much easier. Auras tell us a lot about people and can help us develop deeper and lead a more full, happy life. Approach a pink aura with love and compassion, and watch your life blossom.

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