What are Solfeggio Frequencies?

When discussing the power of your body, mind, and soul, there is a great amount of talk about frequencies. Everything in life has frequencies, from your thoughts to the sound of the music you listen to. When you properly tune your frequency to match your desires, you can manifest anything you can dream of.

Solfeggio frequencies are music and sounds tuned to different frequencies, with each respective frequency offering some kind of benefit. Studies in the past have shown benefits of sound therapy on both water and some DNA vials, noting strong healing properties on the subjects used in the experiment.

Solfeggio frequencies can be found throughout history, particularly tied to spirituality and religious beliefs. Whether from Eastern or Western ideologies, the similarities in these traditions are astonishing. Today, it is easy to access and listen to these frequencies thanks to technology and sites such as YouTube.

How Many Solfeggio Frequencies Are There?

Nine different frequencies are mentioned when speaking about Solfeggio frequencies, but only seven are mentioned commonly enough for you to truly worry about if you’re new to the subject. These seven Solfeggio Frequencies all have their own unique benefits.

Here is a list of all 9 Solfeggio Frequencies

396 Hz

When you find yourself struggling with overwhelming loads of grief or guilt, the river you must conquer can feel nearly unbearable. Sadly, there are many people who were never taught how to deal with the emotions life will present them along the way, meaning the struggle of getting through their guilt or grief is excruciating.

While it won’t be an instantaneous fix, those dealing with these strong negative feelings may find help through the 396 Hz Solfeggio frequency.

The flow of each sound this frequency provides feels like you are going through an aquarium tunnel. Suddenly, that overwhelming river of negativity is a little lighter and easier to swim through, if only for a moment. Listening to this frequency for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day may help your healing process.

417 Hz

As you allow the 417 Hz Solfeggio frequencies to drift into your senses, you may feel your negativity begin melting away. The world around us carries a lot of baggage we unknowingly pick up along the way. The people we know and talk to, the places we explore, the relationships we are a part of, and even more affect our lives and personal frequencies.

Sitting and letting yourself listen to this frequency sets the scene of a still and quiet morning. The sky is light pink as the sun slowly rises from a night of slumber, and peace joins you naturally. If you connect with this peace, you can free yourself of some of the negativity that grasps so tightly to you.

528 Hz

Commonly referred to as the “love frequency,” 528 Hz Solfeggio frequencies are praised for the strong effects they have on people. Listening to this frequency allows the energy to glove into your core. This energy works to connect you to your true self, your Highest Form. To fully connect with who you are meant to be will open the gates to limitless creativity and possibilities.

When you listen to 528 Hz frequencies, the sound waves place you under the stars of a secluded area. The night sky is a blanket in its own way and you feel at home in its vastness. Nothing has the power to hold you down when the sky is calling your name.

639 Hz

If you have problems within your personal relationships or communication with the ones who matter most, consider listening to 639 Hz Solfeggio frequencies. This frequency is said to bring peace to damaged relationships and may even help align your spirit to attract your soulmate.

When you listen to sounds at this frequency, the world becomes more open. Instead of walking through a forest, you walk into an open field. This is a place for you to pause, tune into your desired frequency, listen to what your soul says, and make a clear decision. With this clearing in front of you, every direction is a possibility.

741 Hz

We come into contact with many toxins daily. These toxins affect every aspect of your being: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. When the toxins become too much for you to bear, take a moment to listen to 741 Hz Solfeggio frequencies. These frequencies and sound waves are said to detox your body fully, helping you find relief from the hold negativity and toxicity have on you.

The frequency is calming, bring a sense of serenity to both your conscious and subconscious minds. The peaceful bliss of a natural spring hideaway soaked in the sun, a day in a natural spa for your soul, you should find a soul-deep quit after utilizing these frequencies regularly.

852 Hz

It is one of the easiest things to do to lose faith in yourself. As you grow older, the strength of that line dulls, weakening the connection you have with your intuition. If you feel you need to reconnect to yourself and reconcile with your intuition, 852 Hz Solfeggio frequencies are recommended by many. These frequencies are known for removing self-doubt and fear from the listener if they allow themselves to be affected.

Many people say that sound therapy does not work for them, but it may be due to their own mental block of telling themselves it will not work.

The soft melodies 852 Hz frequencies provide promise to give the answers you desperately seek, so long as you are willing to seek them out. While the sounds will help place you into a golden kingdom of inner knowledge, it is ultimately up to you to find the answers.

963 Hz

We all desire to be connected with our Higher Selves, or whatever you may call what you deem divine. 963 Hz Solfeggio frequencies work to align you with whatever your Higher Power may be, going deeper than your intuition to instead open your third eye from your soul. Often called “The Frequency of the Gods,” you may also find solace in using this soundwave as a daily “reset.”

The subtle power behind 963 Hz frequencies can send energy straight to your soul, working immediately to align your soul with the divine you worship. It can feel as if the sky is opening up in front of you, offering the universe to you. Grasp that offer and harness the power.

Solfeggio Frequencies Chart

174 HzEarthy ColorsReduces pain
285 HzEarthy ColorsInfluence energy fields
DO396 HzRedFrom grief into joy, liberation from guilt and fear
RE417 HzOrangeAbove situations, facilitate change
MI528 HzYellowTransformation and miracles, restore DNA
FA639 HzGreenRelationships, connection to spiritual family
SOL741 HzCyan, BlueExpression and solution, cleaning, truth
LA852 HzIndigoReturn to spiritual order, intuition
963 HzPurple (Pink)Awaken original, perfect state

Conclusion to Solfeggio Frequencies

Whether you are looking for the right frequency to set you on the path to success or curious about what Solfeggio frequencies are, hopefully, the answers resonate with you. There is a deeper magic to things like this many people will overlook. Whether they do it on purpose or are blinded by their own negativity, you should always try motivation methods even if they didn’t work for someone else.

As you progress forward, remember to relieve yourself of the stresses you carry daily. Whether you know or have remained blissfully unaware up until now, you are on a long journey. This journey is long and filled with many stops along the way, but it doesn’t end. Rushing yourself through trying to get to the end will not get you any rewards. Instead, all you may get is exhaustion before you reach your destination. With these frequencies, find peace, love, and solidarity.

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