Hearing the Sound of Coins Dropping – What Does it Mean?

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

We’ve all had those moments where we hear something that seems out of place, but it is just subtle enough that we’re not sure that we really heard it in the first place. If it happens often enough, it is something worth looking into more to see if there is a message there for you. One of the most frequent unexplained noises that people hear is the sound of coins dropping. But what exactly does that mean, and what else should you know? We hope to answer all of that and more for you today.

So, Why Coins Exactly?

There are a few different commonly accepted theories for why it is specifically coins that are an indication of paranormal activity around the home.

According to some people, the sound of coins is used because coins make a fairly recognizable noise when they hit the ground that is similar across all cultures. Others believe that coins are used because of what they represent to society and people; that they are something people automatically pay more attention to because of their assumed importance.

Other people think that the use of coins has a more direct correlation. For a long time, coins were placed on the eyes of the dead during viewing so that they stay closed for loved ones to say their final goodbyes.

There is also a darker theory, according to some paranormal researchers. Coins are often seen as an indicator of poltergeist activity, specifically. However, why this is the case is a matter of some discussion.

This also depends on whether it is just the sound of coins dropping that people are hearing, or whether actual coins seem to be dropping out of nowhere.

Sound of Coins Dropping Only

If you hear the sound of coins dropping without actual coins, many people believe that this could mean there are recently deceased loved ones that are trying to send a message to the living. As opposed to many of the other, darker theories about coins, this theory is seen as a good sign. It’s a sign from them that they are saying their final goodbyes and that they are ready to move on.

Actual Coins Dropping Out of Nowhere

When actual coins drop out of nowhere, it is referred to as materializing. If those coins are being transported from other places, it may be called apportation (or the transfer of an object from one location to another).

The materializing of coins doesn’t necessarily happen at any specific time or in any specific place. In fact, it often happens when least expected so that it has the most dramatic effect possible. It is commonly related to either poltergeist activity or shadow people. But why?

How Is The Sound of Coins Dropping Related to Poltergeist Activity?

Some paranormal researchers believe the sound of coins dropping, and the materializing of actual coins relates directly to poltergeist activity. The literal translation of poltergeist is “noisy ghost,” and what is noisier than a bunch of coins dropping on the counter? Ultimately, a poltergeist is a category of ghost that is capable of moving objects around the home and making noises.

Despite all of the references in popular culture, poltergeist activity is actually very rare. However, when it does happen, it can be extremely terrifying. Poltergeists can throw and break things, and even potentially set fires.

Poltergeists generally like females more than males, and hauntings usually last between 2 days and 2 years. There are also “fake” poltergeists caused by emotional stress, known as Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis (RSPK). This can often be the case if the activity seems to happen around one specific member of the household, especially if that person has recently been under more stress than usual.

Poltergeists will always need to be addressed and handled by a paranormal professional, as they can be dangerous.

What About Shadow People?

Shadow people are different from poltergeists, and normally not quite as dangerous.

These hauntings commonly start with the people being haunted seeing blurred objects just outside of their field of vision. Often, these blurs look to be shaped like humans and are accompanied by a feeling that someone may be watching you.

Shadow people often aren’t either good or bad and are said to be just people who are stuck between worlds without being able to move on. They can’t assume a physical form or influence much, but they can sometimes find the physical energy required to move coins.

Other Signs of a Haunting

In addition to the sound of coins dropping, if you’re noticing any of the other signs you may be dealing with a haunting and should seek help.

  • Unusual scents: This doesn’t always have to be bad smells, just anything out of the ordinary. Often, these scents are something that was important to who the ghost was while they were alive – perfume, cologne, cigar smoke, flowers, etc. If you smell something bad, like rotten meat or sulfur, contact a professional immediately. This can be a sign of a demon haunting.
  • Unexplained temperature changes: In most cases, these are cold spots around the home. This is due to the need that ghosts have for energy to materialize, which they take from the surrounding environment.
  • Missing or moving belongings: These are usually smaller but important items like keys or jewelry, which will go missing entirely or show up again later in a different place.
  • Other unidentified noises: Banging, knocking, slamming doors, etc. can be another way that spirits try to get your attention. Since the vast majority are unable to communicate directly with you, they have to do it with noises (like the sound of coins dropping around the house).

While the sound of coins dropping can mean different things depending on what you believe and how you experience it, it is almost always an indication of paranormal activity. If you start hearing it more frequently, start to pay more attention to see if you can figure out the cause. If it’s not obvious, contact a professional.

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