What Is a Spiritual Awakening?

You will find in through your life journey, you will have some extraordinarily high highs and some deep, deep lows. Each individual on Earth lives their own reality, experiencing a whole life just like you are doing at this moment. Each person you see has their own thoughts, motivations, passions, and more.

The spirits we are, the energy that powers our flesh temples, contain our purpose, passions, and dreams. These may all be the same or may all vary, as sometimes our purpose is a little different than our passion. As we live, we may lose connection with our spirits, our souls, our passions…

A spiritual awakening is a moment amidst one of your lows where everything that seemed so murky beforehand is suddenly beginning to clear. For the first time in what may feel like forever, you recognize you are not living as you should be.

This is a sensation described in many cultures and other terms you may hear when talking about spiritual awakenings includes epiphanies, finding nirvana, or enlightenment.

What Causes A Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakenings are different for everyone, with some people experience swift blows of reality and others experiencing long journeys with slow streams of clarity. Below are some common occurrences known to trigger or symbolize a spiritual awakening.

A Life-Changing Event

For many people, their moments of clarity come after a significant moment in their life, though it may not be immediately after. Big moments that may have you questioning everything include the end of a relationship or losing a job. In these dark and troubling times that may follow, a lot of self-reflection is forced.

These occurrences that force you to reconsider your life and your beliefs don’t happen very often, so it is crucial to take the time to evaluate what you are unsure of. Other scenarios may include dropping out of college, failing a self-placed objective, losing a loved one, or having an accident.

Someone You Met

While it’s not always obvious, the people you interact with may hold the key to your next chapter in life. In fact, some people can fast forward your spiritual journey if you connect with them quickly.

These people can be mentors, friends, coworkers, employers, or anyone else you come in contact with. Their existence in your life may be good or bad. Bad additions to your life will bring the dark times you will need clarity from, especially if their toxic energies skew your spiritual path enough.

Those additions who help provide your spiritual awakening may be soulmates or twin flames in rare and special cases. The arrival of a soulmate or twin flame can give you a boost towards your ultimate reality, providing you with similar energies to your own to propel you forward.

Near-Death Experiences

As one can imagine, having a near-death experience can change how you view not only yourself, but your way of life and beliefs too. To contemplate these things may turn your world as you know it on its axis.

Near-Death Experiences can happen in any scenario, but the most common stories we hear include reports of car accidents, natural disasters, and heart attacks. However, any other petrifying scenarios fit into this category as well, including things such as animal attacks and domestic violence cases.

When you come so close to “game over,” it is impossible to escape entirely sure of yourself, and this introspection is normal.

Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

While symptoms will differ depending on the person and their own experiences, there are things to watch out for regularly mentioned by those who have had a spiritual awakening before.

Increased “Coincidences”

A common saying is, “the universe doesn’t do coincidences,” and it is believed by many. While there will always be those small coincidences here and there, you can’t ignore repeating signs of connection. Whether you see a person the day after you think of them every time or moments of déjà vu, you should take a moment to assess what the universe may be trying to tell you.

Psychological Issues

Prior to or near the beginning of the spiritual awakening process, you may find yourself in a slump. You are in a valley resting between two of the mountains on your spiritual journey and it could feel as though you will never see the top of a mountain again. Despite this feeling of detachment from the physical world around you and perhaps even yourself, you will need to press on. Your future awaits.

Behavioral Changes

As you approach or work through the dense coverings of your spiritual awakening, you will note a change in your behavior and habits. Where it may have been hard for you to get out of bed early once upon a time or perhaps hit the gym after a long day of work, new energy may surprise you.

As you journey closer to who you truly are meant to be and travel the path that is best for you, things will begin to fall into place. Trust the process and allow yourself to view your life from a different perspective.

Empathy and Compassion

With spiritual awakenings, it is extremely likely you will experience an increase in compassion and empathy levels. As the path of your own spirit becomes clear to you, your eyes will open to the world around you as well. You will note how everyone else has their own path and is just trying to get through, much like yourself.

This may help you relieve not only yourself of harmful expectations but the others around you as well. You can easily become overwhelmed by societal expectations, and there will be critical moments of removing yourself from those expectations. With your increased emotional awareness, it will be much easier to do so.

Stages of Spiritual Awakening

Experience Doubt

Generally, to have a spiritual awakening, there will be a period of doubt. The subject of this doubt can vary, being represented by many aspects of your life. You could doubt yourself, the people you know, your career, your spirituality, and more. Something must feel wrong for clarity to hit you.

Recognize Our Doubts

It is easy to realize you have doubts, but it is harder to pinpoint those doubts. Where your doubts stem from hold the root of what is holding you back, but the branches it has produced hide and protect its sources.

Some people will recognize their situations and problems on their own slowly, while others will be forced to recognize them jarringly. This may be where the major event, near-death experience, or the appearance of someone new occurs. It will put your world as you know it on display for you to view.

Question Everything

Okay, maybe not everything, but a good portion of what you thought you knew will come under inspection by your own eye. You will reflect on the way you live, the things you believe, the people you interact with, and much more. There is no one correct answer for the masses; therefore, there is no universal answer to rely on. Everyone has different circumstances to lead them to their next chapter. To proceed, you simply must promise to do what your soul tells you is right.

Explore and Find Answers

You need to take time to yourself to give yourself time to explore. There is a world of information out there waiting for you to come searching. With our wandering spirits, each of us has a special mission to achieve; a purpose that may mean nothing to others but mean unexplainable amounts to you. Never let go of that passion.

Reassemble Your True Self

As you explore and find answers that make you feel whole and complete, you should embrace those things. This life is a one-time experience and with no guarantee of another day, you should live wise but free. This life is yours, and you don’t have to change if you aren’t inflicting harm on another being. You are unique; allow your true self to shine.

Live an Authentic Life

As you find the answers to your questions, embrace them and your spirit’s original state. You should do your best to live as authentically as you can. Live based on the feeling in your gut and the call of your soul. Always listen to your instinct and stay awakened. You may go through this cycle more than once, which is normal. Life is ever-flowing and the flow is not always smooth. Trust your source and ride the waves.

Conclusion to Spiritual Awakenings

If you believe you are experiencing a spiritual awakening, feel those sensations and decipher what your spirit is saying. Listen to what you hear and keep going. The only way to proceed, after all, is forward. As you take this journey, take each step confidently. Whatever it may be, your purpose is stored inside of you and if you believe you are going in the right direction, make that step.

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