Types of Dreams: What Are They?

Last Updated on March 2, 2022

Depending upon the content, dreams can strike us with their peculiarity, or sometimes even their alarming nature.

Some dreams haunt us for years, not only because of their persistence but primarily because we cannot explain or understand them.

Other dreams stand out with the weird mixture of images, emotions, and context, which make us remember them for life.

All these dreams fall into certain categories which are accepted by all dream analytics of modern time.

Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams are quite common, and we usually have them when a certain life situation repeats, or we are facing the same problem over and over again.

Often the dreams have minor differences between them but generally, look the same.

A recurring dream is often a sign of some emotional weakness in our nature, which causes us problems over the years.

The ability to understand your weakness can help you to get rid of being chased by a recurring dream.

For example, a very responsible person may dream of their strict father every time they need to take a very important decision in waking life.

This recurring dream would suggest that a person has a fear to fail or make a mistake.

Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams are rare, but they are all about people’s ability to control their dreams.

In a lucid dream, the dreamer becomes consciously aware that she/he is dreaming and is able to use the memory and participate in dream actions and emotions.

Lucid dreams are usually enhanced in a sensory and imaginary way, and sometimes can be accompanied by pleasant music.

People can learn the techniques of controlling their dreams.

Some historic manuscripts and records say that the ability to control dreams helps a person to reach a higher degree of mental development.

This is what some Tibetan Buddhists and Islam followers practiced for the purpose of elevation in consciousness.

How to Lucid Dream


The most common nightmare theme is one of being chased.

Children may experience nightmares in which they are chased by a monster or some other frightening creatures.

In adults’ dreams, the pursuer is more likely to be a big unidentified man or a group of frightening people. Another nightmare is being attacked, where the dreamer experiences feelings of pain and helplessness.

Nightmares can be a cause of posttraumatic stress disorders or a result of tension in real life.

Getting rid of recurring nightmares requires an understanding of your problems and resolving what causes this tension.

Sexual Dreams

Sexual dreams can occur for many different reasons, but in most cases, they are a sign of sexual deprivation or repressed sexual urges, which the person may not be even aware of.

Young people, in puberty and after, often experience sexual dreams that may even culminate in orgasm, but there is nothing to be ashamed of because it is a normal part of growing up.

Prophetic Dreams

Prophetic dreams are a very interesting and hardly explicable phenomenon, the existence of which has been found throughout the history of humanity.

It is hard to believe that dreams can foretell the future since science doesn’t provide an appropriate explanation on this issue.

Though, it is very possible that having prophetic dreams is connected with our intuition or a so-called ‘sixth sense’.

A lot of examples of prophetic dreams are found in the bible.

One of the most well-known modern prophetic dreams is the dream of the American president A. Lincoln, who had seen his own funeral two weeks before his assassination.  

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