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Last Updated on February 22, 2022

Are you looking for a spooky challenging game to play? Are you ready to test your metal against the courage it takes to play this terrifying game? Do you want to take a deep dive into the supernatural tonight?   Of course, you do.   Why not play the spectacularly scary Bloody Mary Game. You may be saying to yourself, “I would love to…but I don’t know anything at all about the game”, and that’s perfectly fine. We will dive right into all about everything you need to know in the article below, keep reading and come along with us, we will have you meeting the one and only Mrs. Bloody Mary herself in no time at all…if you’re brave enough that is.  

Bloody Mary…Please Explain?

So, before we jump right into trying to summon this ephemeral being into existence, let’s hold on for just one minute and take a quick look at what this frightening ritual game is about. Where did it come from? Who is Mary? And why play?   We thought you would never ask! Read on to find out the answer to all of these below.   This is a game played to test your resilience and nerve. The outcome people achieve is knowing they were strong enough to visit Bloody Mary…and survived to tell the tale. The roots of The Bloody Mary Game stem all the way back to the 19th century! Although it was simply known as the mirror game back then. It is said that Mary was a woman that was tried and executed for the crime of practicing witchcraft. Spooky, right? There is another theory that Bloody Mary could also be a representation of the Queen of England from the year 1553 who became known as Bloody Mary due to her massacres of the protestant people.   Whoever she is, all we know for definite is that she is certainly a frightening being you probably should be wary of!  

Who is it For? How Many People Can Play?

This sinister game is unreservedly there to be played by all that dare. It can be played anywhere (if the correct setting is available), with as many people as you wish and by all ages over the age of 13.   Although it can be played by groups it must be noted that only one participant can take part in the spine-chilling ritual at a time.

What Do You Need to Play?

One of the fantastic things about the Bloody Mary Game is that you need very little to set up the ritual. This means more time for you and your friends to get down to business acquainting yourself with this petrifying lady. We have listed everything you need to gather before you play below:  

  • An indoor playing space capable of total blackout. An interior room with no windows is ideal. However, if you only have a room with a window available to you, that is perfectly fine too. Just make sure you block out all light that may bleed in from the window before playing.
  • Gather a candle and some matches (or a lighter/torch if these aren’t available to you).
  • Make sure the setting you chose to play in has a mirror or gather one to bring along.

  It’s as simple as that, you now have everything you need and are ready to play.  

How to Play?

You know all about where the spooky game Bloody Mary comes from, who can play and have all your items gathered to play. Wonderful! All that’s left now is for us to walk you through the actual steps you need to know in order to play.  

  1. Prepare the room you will be playing in by blocking out all the light that may come in through a window if necessary. If you need to set up a mirror in the room, now is the time to do that.
  2. Once the scene is set, wait until nightfall.
  3. Turn off the lights, enter the room by yourself and place the lit candle in front of the mirror.
  4. For this next step, you must be FEARLESS. Face the mirror and make eye contact with yourself in it.
  5. Take a deep breath. Be brave. When you believe you are comfortable enough to do so state the name “Bloody Mary”
  6. Softly repeat this and continue to do so, each time stating it with more power and conviction. Do this 13 times and then stop.
  7. Look closely into the mirror.

  What do you see? Look closer.   Not too close though, as the Bloody Mary may grab you through the mirror if you are at arms reach. She may shrill, shriek, and scream, try to remain calm if this happens.

  • Turn on the lights, extinguish the candle and leave the room to finish playing the game.
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It Didn’t Work…What Did I Do Wrong?

Don’t fret my friend, as frustrating as this may seem, you did absolutely nothing wrong. This is a common occurrence and is nothing to be disheartened over. The Bloody Mary can be a tricky mistress to summon into existence at times. There are many different ways to summon this eerie lady out of the unseen world and into the portal on your mirror. Sometimes it is necessary to pause, reset yourself and try again while altering one of these aspects of the game.  

  • Begin exactly at midnight
  • Instead of chanting “Bloody Mary” thirteen times, try chanting it three times or seven times
  • Instead of chanting “Bloody Mary” chant “I believe in Mary Worth”

  Employ these variations and you are sure to encounter the Bloody Mary during your ritual.  

Additional Information

It is recommended to use a candle if possible but if it is absolutely not possible the torch will substitute. However, this may impede the results you get when performing the ritual.   WARNING: Do not break the mirror under any circumstances. You wouldn’t want her escaping now, would you?  

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Time For You to Meet Bloody Mary

Now that we have thoroughly gone through all you will need to play this otherworldly game and more, it is time for you to take the courageous leap and test out the game for yourself!

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