Queen Of Spades Game – Must Read Before Playing

So you want to play a creepy ritual game with you and your friends?

Do you want to dabble with the unseen world?

Do you want to roll the dice and take your chances granting a wish of your greatest desires, but with the possibility of dire consequences?

If you said yes to any of these, you’re in the right place!

Today we’ll look at everything you need to know about the spectacularly spooky ritual game called The Queen of Spades.

We will take a look at everything, from what you require to play, the steps involved and what you must know before taking your chances with her!

What are you waiting for?

Let’s jump right in!

So…What Is It?

Ok, ok, ok, slow down, sounds interesting, right? But what is this game exactly?

Well, I’m glad you asked, let me explain.

The Queen Of Spades is a wonderfully creepy wish-granting ritual game where you will try to summon the ghost of a woman.

If you are daring enough to play, you may have the possibility of granting a wish from the Queen herself.

However, the wish may come with some unexpected and unwanted trickery, not turning out quite how you envisioned!

So, are you brave enough to play?

I think so.

Fun fact: This legendarily eerie game is said to have originated in Russia, often referred to as the Russian version of the scary game Bloody Mary and is commonly played by teenagers there.

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Who Is It For?

Now that we have your attention about this mysterious ritual game, you may be wondering who this game is actually intended for?

As always, we recommend playing these types of ritual games with multiple people to enhance the experience as much as possible.

However, The Queen of Spades can even be played with just one participant if you are courageous enough to summon an encounter with the lady all by yourself.

There are also absolutely no stated age requirements, but we would encourage this ritual game to only be performed by kids over the age of at least 12.

This is because it can be quite a scary experience meeting the Lady of Spades, even for the bravest among us!

Do I Need Anything to Play?

Are you ready to begin? Perfect! There are just a few common household items you will need to gather before bridging the gap into the unearthly world to summon the Queen herself.


  • A dark room
  • Queen of Spades playing card form a deck of cards
  • A candle and a way to light it
  • A mirror
  • Red Lipstick

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, once you have gathered all of the required items and got the setting sorted to play the game, you are then ready to read on and find out about how to perform the hair-raising ritual.

How Do You Play?

We’ve gone over What The Queen of Spades games is, Who It’s For, and What’s Needed to Play… now for the best part of learning about how to actually perform the wish-granting ritual.

Keep reading below to find out the steps you need to play. It’s best to proceed with the ritual at night for the most spine-tingling experience.

Step 1: Go into a dark room with a mirror (a bathroom is preferable here)

Step 2: Place the Queen of Spades playing card up against the mirror. The face of the playing card must be facing the mirror.

Step 3: Draw stairs leading to a door on the mirror with the red lipstick

Step 4: Light the candle

Step 5: While holding the candle, close your eyes and state the phrase “Queen of Spades come” three times

Step 6: State your wish out loud and pass the candle to anyone else who also wants to make a wish.

Step 7: Blow the candle out

It is worth mentioning that if anyone feels like there is something not quite right the game must be ceased immediately. If this warning is ignored Lady Spades is able to come out of the mirror and murder the participants!

If you or any other participant wishes to end the game for any reason, simply state the phrase “Queen of Spades, go away!”, wipe away the ritual symbol drawn onto the mirror with red lipstick, blow out the candle and turn on the light. Phew! You are all safe again!

Whatever you do you must not let the Queen of Spades escape from the mirror into our current world. In extreme circumstances, a participant may break the mirror to end the game quickly if they believe this is happening.

That’s all there is to it, the ritual is as easy to perform as that.

Did you or any friends hear the Queen? Did you get to grant a wish?

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Some Funky Quirks of The Ritual

This ritual game has some interesting trivia surrounding it.

First of all, the Lady of Spades may look completely different from what you may think.

She is known to be completely bald and steals a lock of hair from any participant who plays, this is known as the minimum price of entry to perform the ritual.

You yourself may notice a small piece of hair missing after performing the ritual, pay close attention to this as it could mean she visited you in your sleep.

Another quirk of the game is the fact that the ritual is irreversible, so make sure you are certain about performing it on your own or with friends before beginning as there is no going back!

Absolutely nothing you do or say will stop the aftermath of the ritual (good or bad) once you have completed the process of performing it.

Some common spooky things people have noted hearing in the past after completing the ritual are laughter, footsteps, whispers, and even the Queen saying “I will take you all with me”.

If you or any participants hear any of these it’s a sure sign you are in the presence of the Queen herself, so be careful!

Time to give it a go!

Now that you know all the ins and outs of summoning this spooky ethereal being, why not try it out for yourself…if you dare!!

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  1. What time are we suppose to do it at?

    • Anytime will work. The later in the evening or the early morning hours make it spookier.


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