What it Means When a Butterfly Lands on You – Spiritual Significance

Last Updated on August 18, 2021

Has a butterfly ever landed on you? Chances are, you didn’t think of the spiritual meaning of that butterfly, and that’s okay! Different color butterflies have different meanings; after this article, you will know the significance of every color butterfly landing on you.

Remember, you don’t have to be a spiritual person to read this. Often times, a person will act according to an interpretation subconsciously. For example, if there is an omen of good luck, a person will be in a good mood and more accepting of good situations. This attitude alone can create good luck. Overall, you should take control of whatever is happening in your life and not rely solely on omens and symbolism.

Keep reading below to learn about the spiritual significance of butterflies! You will find out the meaning of a butterfly, as well as several color variations too.

Spiritual Meaning of a Butterfly

It may be obvious, but a butterfly symbolizes change and rebirth. Throughout their life, a butterfly will go through different phases. They start off as a small egg, eventually hatching into a caterpillar. Soon, the caterpillar will form a chrysalis and turn into a beautiful butterfly.

The change a butterfly goes through is called metamorphosis. This comes from a Greek word meaning ‘transformation’. You may have heard of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, which deals with stories of transformation.

So, based on all this, it’s easy to understand why butterflies symbolize change. Butterflies are often used as metaphors for someone going through a transformation. Although the transformation can be for the worse, it is usually positive. A butterfly becomes a beautiful flying creature, which is definitely an upgrade from a small caterpillar.

The butterfly is also a primal zodiac sign. If you are a Libra born in the year of the Rabbit, then you are a butterfly. Basically, you are affectionate and caring, and try to live a peaceful life. People that are butterflies make for amazing friends, so you should surround yourself with them!

The meaning of a butterfly can change depending on the color. Next, we will find out the specific spiritual significance based on the butterfly color.

What does it mean when a butterfly lands on you?

A butterfly landing on you can be a sign that you are going through a personal growth, spiritual transformation or gaining inner wisdom. This can relate to things such as a new job, relationship or a new life path. It symbolizes positive personal developments.

White Butterfly

You may see butterflies every day, but white ones are a bit rarer. In addition to symbolizing transformation, they also symbolize hope. If a white butterfly lands on you, then the transformation you face will be very positive and hopeful. White symbolizes life, so you may even face transformations in terms of starting a new family.

In many cultures around the world, white symbolizes purity and innocence. It is the clearest color, without any additional shades to make it ‘impure’. This is why many ceremonial clothes are white, such as wedding dresses.

Many people also believe that a white butterfly is a message from God. White is a ‘heavenly’ color, so the butterfly could be sent by God. The butterfly could be an angel delivering a message to you, or a dead loved one who is thinking of you from Heaven. Either way, a white butterfly is positive, so you definitely have nothing to worry about.

Black Butterfly

While a white butterfly can symbolize life, the black butterfly symbolizes death. This does not have to be the death of a person though! The thing that is dying could be something that has negatively affected your life. For example, if you have been battling any illness, then a black butterfly may symbolize the illness coming to an end and ‘dying’.

Growing older goes hand in hand with accepting death. A black butterfly could also symbolize how you are accepting the fact of growing older. Unfortunately, everyone will die. It is scary to think about, but eventually, we have to come to terms with dying. The butterfly can be interpreted as your acceptance of death, and you may no longer fear it. The transformation is in your mind; however, you are now also accepting the transformation of dying.

Blue Butterfly

Like white butterflies, there are not many blue butterflies in the wild. When a butterfly is blue, they look outstanding. The blue always seems to shine and captivate viewers.

By itself, blue symbolizes serenity. You may see this used in product marketing. Peaceful spas or natural hygiene products can have ads with a nice blue body of water in the background, conveying that their product will bring a sense of serenity.

A blue butterfly can symbolize a calming presence. Some cultures believe that having one land on you can have a calming effect. Many also believe that you are able to make a wish when you see a blue butterfly. They are very good luck, and your wish will come true.

Brown Butterfly

Sometimes, a brown butterfly can look like a moth. To help distinguish the two, remember that butterflies fold their wings, while moths hold them like a ‘tent’ over their body. Moths also tend to be a bit plumper and fuzzier.

Brown is a warm color. It is associated with a homey feel and feeling down-to-earth. Some people believe that a brown butterfly symbolizes someone you lost in your life who you loved deeply. For example, if your grandmother passed away recently, then the brown butterfly could be a sign from her. Your grandmother could be sending this sign to let you know that even from death, she is looking after you and loves you very much.

Orange Butterfly

Orange butterflies are incredibly common, but they still have an important spiritual significance. Since orange represents passion, the butterfly also symbolizes this passion.

When an orange butterfly lands on you, you should take this as a very positive sign. There might be something new coming into your life. The new thing could be a person you fall in love with or a new hobby that you love. Overall, your perspective is transforming, and you will find something new that you are passionate about.

Think of an orange butterfly as a little ray of sunshine. When the rays of the sun touch you, you feel warm and happy. This goes the same for an orange butterfly.

Yellow Butterfly

Yellow symbolizes creativity, positivity, and happiness. In Christianity, the yellow butterfly symbolizes the soul.

Unlike other butterfly colors, this butterfly can be a negative sign. Many ancient cultures believe that it was a bad omen and symbolizes illness. Some sailors believed that seeing a yellow butterfly meant that they would die on their journey.

Overall though, a yellow butterfly can symbolize a positive change coming to your life. This is similar to an orange butterfly; however, the orange butterfly represents passion combined with positivity.

Purple Butterfly

Although I’ve said it before about other colors, purple butterflies are also incredibly rare. Purple is the color of royalty and wealth. Kingdoms throughout history have used purple to denote a royal person. In the UK, the Queen’s Crown is made with purple velvet.

Purple butterflies may symbolize someone important coming into your life. The person doesn’t have to be royal or wealthy, but they usually are incredibly important to you. This could be a new person appearing that you could see yourself marrying and spending your life with.

Courage and wisdom can also be shown through purple as well. When a purple butterfly lands on you, you should consider what is going on in your life and where you could be courageous or wise. There may be an unexpected situation that appears, helping you become more courageous or wise.

What Happens if a Butterfly Lands and Doesn’t Leave?

Most of the time, a butterfly will land on you and fly away. Being a small bug on a giant person is scary for a small butterfly so they don’t stay too long.

What if the butterfly doesn’t fly away though? This is important for the butterfly colors that represent someone reaching out. Whether it is God, or a dead loved one, the butterfly could be staying as a sign of protection. The spirit is staying and guiding you.

Some people also believe that if a butterfly sticks around a little longer, then the situation they represent is more intense. For example, if a purple butterfly lands for a second before flying away, you should look for someone new coming into your life. If the butterfly doesn’t fly away, then this maybe someone you are deeply connected with; they could possibly be your soulmate.

Final Thoughts

Overall, butterflies are incredibly positive. Whether the butterfly lands on you or not, it is positive, and you should not be worried. They symbolize transformation in a variety of ways, shown through different colors.

Be sure not to overthink the meaning of the butterfly though! Some of these meanings might not apply to you, and that is okay. Take what you need and leave what you don’t. Find the butterfly symbolism that is right for you.

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  1. Thank you for the information on butterflies. It was hard to tell exactly what color it was. Depending on the angle of the light the color seemed to change from dark purple to an indigo blue if small florescent circles on the edge of the wings. It would land on my husband, fly a few feet away and return, landing on another area of his body. It was amazing to watch. This continued for almost 10 minutes. God has made glorious creatures, large and small. It was truly an endearing experience.


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