The Candyman Game – A Scary Sleepover Game

Looking for a cool and spooky sleepover game?

Or simply wondering what your kids are possibly going to play at their next get-together.

Then, you are in for a treat. Candyman is one of the spookiest games that nearly all of the kids play at sleepovers.

Other examples of similar games include Bloody Mary, Quija Board, and Cat Scratch.

Don’t worry, the game won’t cause an evil woman to come into the mirror, it might make a vengeful spirit angry and cause it to come into your house looking for revenge (We are joking. It won’t happen but the story is part of the thrill).

The Backstory of Candyman – An Insight into the Legend

In order to understand your kid’s fascination with the game, you need to understand the backstory of the main character aka Candyman.

The man was supposedly alive at one time and was a slave at a plantation in New Orleans.

The real name of Candyman was Daniel Robitaille.

The legend suggests that apparently, he was great a painting.

The owner of the plantation where Daniel worked wanted to get a portrait of his daughter made. Naturally, he reached out to our Candyman, known as Denial at the time.

As expected with any urban legend surrounding plantations and slaves, Daniel fell deeply in love with the daughter of the plantation’s owner.

Apparently, the plantation owner’s daughter also reciprocated the love and it was a matter of time before the word came out.

Upon hearing it, the plantation owner raised an angry mob that chased Daniel out of the town.

The mob included men who carried pitchforks and dogs.

They kept chasing Daniel throughout the fields, brooks, and forests. Eventually, Daniel become exhausted and was found near an old barn.

The men brutally grabbed Daniel and cut off his arm with a rusty, old saw. People say that it was his right arm, the one he made the portrait with.

To add to the brutality, they covered him with honey and threw him into the beehive. As per the legend, Daniel did not die right away.

The plantation owner showed Daniel how he looked like a post all the trauma and told him that his daughter would never love him anymore.

Before dying, Daniel whispered Candyman into the mirror and placed a curse onto everyone who was responsible for his death.

Legend says that nearly everyone who was involved in his death died in mysterious ways. While Daniel died with excruciating pain, his curse ensured that anyone who ever dared to speak his name would die as well.

People say that his spirit never rests till this date and appears once you say his name five times. If you reach the number 5, he will appear and create havoc.

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Movie Redemptions

The legend resulted in a movie in the year 1992, followed by two sequels.

There are many different adaptations including a college student writing a paper on urban legends to summon the spirit.

The one thing no one ever talks about is how Daniel got the name Candyman. After all, he was dipped in honey when he died, not candy.

That will remain a mystery for life!

How to Play the Candyman Game?

While there are many different ways people play this game, I am going to share the most popular ones:

Way 1: The Sweet and Lonely Way

So, the first way is to do the Candyman challenge alone because that surely increases the thrill and helps you get all the spooky vibes.

  • Go to the bathroom alone and dim the lights or turn them off for a spookier feel. Make sure that the bathroom door is closed.
  • Place a candied apple or any candy of choice on the sink (chocolates, sweets, maybe honey-flavored candies, anything works).
  • Look straight into the mirror and say Candyman five times in a row and boom! The Candyman will appear and might hunt you down.

Way 2: The Group Attempt

Well, for the second way, you don’t have to wait for the dark or buy any fancy candies but turning off the lights can add to the fun.

  • Gather all your friends in a group, close the room and turn off the lights. Make sure you have a mirror in your room.
  • Light a candle in front of the mirror and stand together.
  • Start chanting Candyman together and do it five times in a row.

This one is quite similar to the Bloody Mary one. I personally think that both of these are essentially the same with a minor difference.

Is it Spooky Enough?

If you have never played it before, it might seem a little bit silly to you.

But, hear me out when I say that people list it as the top 10 scariest sleepover games. Some even recommend not trying it ever.

However, the child/teenage wonder, having seen the movie and reading about spooky experiences of others will definitely add to the thrill.

Does the Candyman Really Appear?

Well, if you are a parent or a caretaker reading it, rest assured as Candyman doesn’t appear.

It is one of those cool things that we all like to attempt and boast about as a kid.

Didn’t you play Ouija board when you were younger? Some individuals do say that they feel a bit strange after playing it.

We personally think it is due to the buildup and excitement that is a part of the game.

No one saw the Candyman in real life. You might dream about him though!

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Candyman Game – Our Final Verdict

Well, it is hands down one of the spookiest games to play at a sleepover.

It is super fun and exciting especially when you have just watched the movie at ‘night time’.

The fun doubles while you try it during the Halloween times and you might see a Candyman too (one of your friends might be dressed up at one).

If you have played it before, we would love to find out about how your experience went and did you felt something strange afterward.

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