The Picture Game – Absolutely Everything You Must Know Before Playing

Last Updated on January 24, 2022

You have heard about this spooky paranormal game where you can see ghosts with your friends and want to know what it’s all about.

What is this game?

How do you play it?

What’s involved?

Can you actually see ghosts?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.. don’t fret my paranormal seeking amigos! We will cover absolutely everything you will ever need to know about The Picture Game in the article below.

You’ll be on your way to hanging out with otherworldly beings with you and your mates in no time at all.

Let’s dive right in and make sure we have all basics covered before we begin inviting different dimensional spirits into our home with our friends.

We don’t want to have any paranormal freak occurrences happen due to a lack of understanding of the correct procedure to the game now do we?

What is it?

First things first, you are completely new to this game and have never even heard of it before.

You’ve heard that it’s some sort of magic spooky game where you see stuff that’s not really there or something? Yes, correct!….sort of.

Let me explain.

The Picture Game is a paranormal ritual game that is oftentimes played at sleepovers with the goal of attempting to summon ghosts present and capturing footage of them with a camera.


Sounds interesting, right?

Read on to see who it’s for, what you need to play it, and some rules involved.

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Who is it For?

So, who is this spooky game for you may ask.

This game can be played by absolutely anyone of all ages if so desired.

However, most often it is a game known to be played by kids.

It’s easy to see why too, as it’s a fantastic game to have some scary fun with at a children’s sleepover.

How Many People Do You Need to Play the Game?

The fantastic thing about The Picture Game is it only requires two people to play, so, if it’s just you and one other pal you’re all set to play a eerie Picture Game for the night.

If possible, we would recommend playing with a group of 5-10 people though.

This guarantees an extra fun ghostly experience when playing The Picture Game.

What Items Do You Need to Play the Game?

There are just a few common household items required to play The Picture Game which we will list below.

  • A long rope or string (needs to be long enough to make a circle around everyone playing when both ends are knotted)
  • A small mirror for each player
  • A glass
  • A knife or scissors
  • A camera with a flash (camera phones aren’t recommended)
  • A beverage of some sort (preferably alcoholic)

Once you gather all of these items together, you have all that you will need to jump right into the paranormal world that awaits you playing The Picture Game.

How Do You Play the Game?

Now that we know what The Picture Game is, who can play it and what you will need to play we are all set to go over how to actually start the ritual.

Before we begin we have to set the game up, let’s go over these steps now.


Beginning at midnight, get the string or rope you gathered earlier and tie the ends together making a circle.

Lay this circle down in the middle of the room and place the glass in the center.

Get the beverage and fill the glass in the center of the rope or string with it.

Seat all of the participants playing around the outside of the circle.

It is of utmost importance not to step inside the circle from this point onwards.

The participants playing may now place their mirrors in front of them, making sure the reflective part of the mirror is facing upward toward the ceiling.

Last step….turn off the lights and let the spookiness begin.

Read on to find out what to do next!

The Play

Ok fantastic, we have the game and everyone set up eagerly anticipating the supernatural to jump out and tap them on the shoulder at any moment as we speak, how do we proceed next?

Let’s dive in and look at an easy step by step guide you can follow to make sure you’re playing The Picture Game correctly.

  1. Eyes closed please!! All seated players participating should close their eyes and hold hands.
  2. Once done each player should individually state the phrase “I trust you” aloud.
  3. Once each participant has stated this phrase individually all players must state the phrase “the door is open, please come in” in unison three times.
  4. Once this initiation statement of trust has been completed by the group they may open their eyes.
  5. A player must pick up the camera, state the phrase “I caught you” while pointing the lense toward the middle of the circle and take a picture. Note: Do not preview the image taken.
  6. Passing the camera to the next player, repeat the process until all participants have each stated the phrase and taken a picture three times around the circle. A player must pass the camera on and NOT take a picture if they begin to feel nauseous or start to cry.
  7. Once complete all players must state the phrase “it’s time to go home” in unison, turn their mirrors upside down and turn on the lights.
  8. Using the knife or scissors gathered earlier, cut the rope to open it
  9. Take the drinking glass with beverage in it outside and dispose of it. It’s recommended to do so on a patch of earth or some dirt.

Congratulations, your spooky paranormal ritual has been completed!

Now for the exciting part of seeing what entities made their presence clear to you and your friends.

Get the camera and review all of the photos taken, do you see it? T

ake a closer look, you see the ghost too right?

Be forewarned, this step is where things can raise the hairs on your back.

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Are There Any Rules Involved?

Although there are no rules per se, there are some guides that are highly recommended to follow unless you want to begin messing around with the world of the unseen.

If a participant states that they are extremely frightened or if one of the participants begins acting very out of character it is strongly suggested to cease the ritual and not proceed with the game any further.

The ritual can be stopped by jumping straight to steps 7-9 stated above.

It is also recommended if a participant demonstrating these traits takes a picture not to look at it, cease the ritual and destroy the camera.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that we have covered absolutely everything you need to know about The Picture Game, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to see some ghosts with you and your friends!

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