Chinese Dream Interpretation Numbers – Find Your Lucky Numbers with this Guide

This is our Chinese Dream Guide to help you interpret any dreams that you’ve had and turn them into numbers? These Interpretations can give you lucky numbers that you can use in any number of ways.

Chinese Dream Number Interpretation Guide


A car crash 24
Animals  6
Ants 44


Babies 5
Becoming wealthy 4
Bees 37
Being born 16
Being chased 7
Being cheated on (by your partner) 21
Being embarrassed in public 10
Being kidnapped 10
Being late 22
Being lost 23
Being Naked in public 19
Being really ill 8
Being Rich 5
Being sexual in public 21
Being taken by aliens 19
Being trapped 3
Buildings and houses 14
Burglars in your home 4


Childhood home 7
Climbing a mountain 23
Clothing 11
Committing a crime 43
Crime 44
Crying 45
Death of a pet 11
Death or dying 8
Demons or monsters 13
Dogs 38
Drowning 16
Drugs 30


Eating Food 35
Eating rotten food 34
Eating sharp things 31
Eating sweet things 14
Empty room 26
Ex lover 2


Falling 18
Falling in love 24
Film 31
Fire 42
Flood 30
Flying 40
Food 12


Getting a tattoo 18
Gun 23


Having an argument 3
Having sex 17
Hiding from something  3
Hornets  36
Horses 7


Invisible 26
Injury 12


Jumping really high 9
Junk 18


Killing people 15
Kick 29
Kissing someone 8


Laughing at something  9
Lost in the dark 39
Losing a shoe 27
Losing your phone 12
Lost in a forest 38
Lots of water 29


Meeting someone famous 20
Meeting someone famous 45
Missing a bus or flight 11
Missing a limb 36
Money 16
Money 6


Natural disaster 1


Playing an instrument 15
Predicting the future 13
Pregnant 25
Pressing the wrong button 2
Prison 12
Public speaking 42


Quitting a job 13


Reading books 43
Religious symbols 9
Rich 15
Rollercoaster 17
Running away 14
Running in place 28


Searching for something 22
Secret desire 27
Secret room 37
Seeing a dead relative 1
Seeing an old friend 32
Shot 6
Showering 25
Sleep paralysis 32
Snakes  33
Someone has a message 20
Spiders 34
Stabbed 5
Stuck in mud or concrete 41
Superman 41


Taking drugs 29
Taking exams 10
Talking to an animal 28
Tea 11
Teeth falling out 4
Traveling back in time 33
TV 41


Vehicles 2
Vape 42


Wasps 35
Water 1
Wetting yourself 39


Zombies 40


The Chinese have a saying, “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

The same idea applies to dream interpretation—the sooner you start interpreting your dreams, the better.

As you begin to interpret your dreams, you will see that each dream has many layers of meaning and significance. The more often you practice interpreting your dreams, the deeper levels of meaning you will discover.

The best way to learn dream interpretation is by doing it! The more dreams you interpret, the easier and quicker it becomes. As your technique improves and as you begin to recognize the symbols in your dreams, you will find that dream interpretation becomes easier and more fun.

Dreams are like a foreign language to most people. They don’t speak it, they don’t read it, and they don’t write it. Yet everyone has dreams every night!

If you have ever tried to learn a foreign language, such as French or Spanish, you know that the more you study the language, the more you begin to understand it. The same is true with dream interpretation.

The first step in learning how to interpret your dreams is learning what they mean. In this article, we will teach you how to interpret your dreams using the most common dream symbols.

The first thing you need to do is make a list of all the symbols that appear in your dreams and write down what they mean.

The second thing you need to do is keep a dream journal of all your dreams, including the symbols that appear in them. The more you study and learn about how to interpret your dreams, the more you will be able to remember them.

The third thing you need to do is learn how to analyze your dream. Ask yourself questions like: What was happening in the dream? What was the most important thing that happened in your dream? Why did it happen? What could this mean to me and my life right now?

The fourth thing you need to do to interpret your dreams is to look up the symbols in our dream guides.

The fifth thing you need to do when you interpret your dreams is to keep a dream journal. A good way to remember your dreams is to write them down as soon as you wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed and while they are still fresh in your mind.

This is the most important step because it helps you to remember your dreams and will help you to interpret them correctly.


If you found this Chinese Dream Guide helpful, or have anything related that you would like to share, please comment below.

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