How to Tell If You’re Cursed

Everyone has or eventually will have, a spate of bad luck. With many of us, bad luck tends to come into life as an avalanche, with one bad streak happening right after another. With the majority of people, the bad luck streak eventually ends. But, for a select few, it continues on for years, even for the rest of their lives.

Many societies believe that people can cause bad luck in others via hexes and curses. At times, the sheer amount of odd coincidences really do point to some veracity of this belief. Most cultures have their own way of telling when someone’s been hexed.

Once you know you’re cursed, most believe you can find a way to break the spell. Do you ever worry that you’re cursed? If your bad luck seems to be out of control, you might want to look into these classic curse signs.

Someone said they hexed you, or there’s a rumor they hexed you

When someone says they’ll curse you, you need to take it seriously.

Curses and hexes are black magic, and black magic is dangerous. You can never tell who practices the dark arts for real, and who’s just faking it. If you’ve gotten bad luck after someone threatened to curse you, chances are they weren’t bluffing.

The bad luck just gets weirder and weirder

Curses are often a matter of magnitude when it comes to bad luck. There’s bad luck that stops after a couple of months, and then there’s coincidentally bad luck that doesn’t give up regardless of what you do.

Unlucky people have the first type of bad luck. Cursed people tend to have the other.

A good indicator of a curse tends to be in how likely the bad luck is and how long it lasts. If your bad luck literally defies most odds, chances are that you may have a curse. Regular bad luck tends to get better over time. Curses, on the other hand, get worse.

Ever since the onset of bad luck, you’ve started to get night terrors, nightmares, and sleep paralysis

Most curses come with an element that affects peoples’ sleep. After all, sleep is important for sanity and health. Curses are designed to hurt you on every level, including your mental wellbeing.

In many cases, cursed people tend to experience nightmares that are uncharacteristic of their regular sleep patterns. Powerful curses will often involve night terrors, waking up with scratches, or worse, sensations of being choked in your sleep.

You can’t seem to control your actions and you’ve suddenly started to suffer from mental illness.

The alarming thing about hexes is that they can seriously change how you behave, even when you try to fight them. If you suddenly became depressed, paranoid, or aggressive despite being a totally healthy person, you might have a hex on you.

Hexes that are very powerful may go so far as to control your actions. Many cursed people have claimed to feel uncontrollable urges to do things that ruined their lives or the lives of other people around them.

Paranormal activity started to spike around you, and it’s not positive

Curses are seriously paranormal, and the energy they make targets radiate reflects that. Curses are not light, either. They’re acts of darkness; they’re made from hate, greed, and anger. With energy, like attracts like.

All things considered, it’s not surprising that most people who are cursed tend to see a large amount of paranormal activity around them. Unlike other people, the paranormal activity cursed individuals experience is almost never positive, and always is terror-inducing.

You found strange items in a bag or jar near your home, or in the dirt

Many curses involve putting personal items (or hair, or bone) in a bag with other cursed items, then burying it in a yard. Discovering a “hex bag” or a curse jar is fairly solid evidence that someone cast a spell on you.

Some cultures also use powders as a way to “toss” a curse on a person. So, if powder got thrown in your face, this could be a sign.

For some strange reason, you’re gaining weird obsessions with a certain person

Love spells are technically curses. There are no such things as love spells, only obsession spells and lust spells. If you find yourself inexplicably drawn to a person who you usually would have no interest in seeing, it may be a love spell.

Once it crosses the line into obsession, you’ll understand why it’s a curse.

People have told you that you’re cursed

Curses, when they become very powerful, tend to be easy to notice if you’re psychic. It’s a very strong vibe, you know. So, if psychic friends tell you that you’re cursed or that your energy is “dark,” you might want to listen to them.

No matter how much you sleep, you’re always tired

Though this can (and usually does) have a medical reason, a lack of energy can also be a sign of a curse in the works. Curses drain people of their energy, especially when they are getting close to achieving something they want.

With a curse, the tiredness often happens right when you need to be your most focused. It’s a curse’s way to set you up for failure.

You, and everything around you seems to get inexplicably sick

Traditionally, curses were a way to harm others without having it come back to the spellcaster. This includes physical harm. Many curses tend to work by draining life force from people you love as well as yourself.

Take a look around. Are you getting sick a lot more frequently these days? Is your family sick? Are your plants dying, despite tons of Miracle-Gro? You may be hexed, especially if this trend is worsening.

No one seems to understand your behavior but you

Curses often play tricks on peoples’ minds. This is especially true when it comes to your logic and judgement. When you’re cursed, you tend to perceive everything a little differently than everyone else.

A cursed individual may see an obvious conman as an angel, while everyone else sees the truth. A cursed individual may run away from loved ones, then head straight into the arms of terrible people.

If people tell you that your behavior doesn’t make any sense, you might want to listen to them. It could be a sign of mental illness, or worse, a curse someone placed on you.

Your finances and career are always in a tailspin

If someone put a curse on your finances or career out of greed or jealousy, you will likely see serious, sudden misfortune with money that just doesn’t let up. No matter how much you work or try, you will not be able to see an improvement if you’re cursed.

The bad luck follows you, no matter where you go

A lot of these symptoms could also be a sign of a severely haunted house or a demonic presence in your home. But, there’s a difference that should be pointed out between a haunting and a curse.

A haunting pretty much stays put in most cases, unless you upset a spirit. So, if you leave a haunted area, the bad luck will not follow you. A curse, on the other hand, will attach itself to you and follow you everywhere until you break the curse or it breaks you.

Dark omens seem to follow you

Weird sets of knocks. Shadow people. Bad tarot readings. They all happen to cursed people, a lot more frequently than they do to regular people. If you notice a lot of foreboding signs, you might be cursed.

Good luck charms bring worse luck to you

Some curses are really, truly bizarre in the ways they mess with you. One of the strangest signs of a hex deals with the way you react to good luck charms. People who are seriously cursed tend to have bad luck occur when in the presence of good omens.

It’s a weird phenomenon that tends to suggest someone tried to reverse your luck. Negative energy corrupts the good energy that can come from positive signs, after all. If you notice this symptom, it may be a sign that you have a hex put on you.

For some reason, one specific part of your life always seems to be terrible

Some curses don’t attack every part of your life. Rather, they affect a single aspect that ends up making it hard for you to accomplish much of anything else. Love curses, in particular, are known for this kind of behavior.

Is there one aspect of your life that always seems to end in disaster, regardless of what you do? Is most of your life going great, except for one niggling part that never seems to improve no matter how hard you try? That may be a curse at work, and it may be time to try to figure out what you can do to break it.

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  1. Hi! My name is Danielle. I was in a relationship with someone who said they put a curse on me. He was always talking about witches and better not let anyone get your hair. I was not raised to believe in these things. That they were superstition. I immediately started hearing voices. He claims to have women protecting him. We have a child together. I constantly feel his hate for me in my chest diaphragm area. I can’t sleep I have vivid dreams constantly. It feels as though someone is constantly talking through my body. My daughter will put on songs that talking that feel as though he is trying to abuse me through them. Ever day my life gets worse. Before this I was a very level headed person who could sleep through a tornado. I was kind and compassionate. All I feel is hate and anxiety. I’m losing my mind. If you could give me any advice I would greatly appreciate it. It hasn’t affected just me it is everyone I come in contact with.

  2. Hello, I’ve never believed in this stuff before. But, starting 4 or 5 years ago, my brother said an ominous thing to me “you’ll regret this.” Ever since then, weird stuff was happened immediately. Immediately, that night bad luck had started. My life has been a tailspin of negativity since then.
    I can’t stand this. How do I reverse and stop it?
    It’s destroying my life literally. Everything in the article is almost happening.
    Thank you


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