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Keys Dream Meanings

Keys can represent revealed secrets, new opportunities or increased levels of creativity.  They can be symbols of authority, freeing you to access places that others cannot reach, or allowing others to lock you in.  You could be protecting a part of yourself from intrusion. A key can represent a turning point in your life or the solution to a problem.  If you give someone else your key, you are giving up your responsibilities.  If you can’t get your key to fit into a lock, you may be feeling frustrated. You may feel that you have been denied an opportunity or that another person is ignoring you. If you lose your keys you may be doubting yourself too much and so preventing yourself from moving forward into a new part of your life, or you may be feeling that you can’t control your actions.  Finding a key indicates that you have been looking for an answer to a question that you didn’t realize you were asking.

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