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Money Dream Meanings

You are examining our inner self-worth or your level of energy.  Winning money is a sign that you expect success; losing money is a sign that you are experiencing temporary setbacks, or that you feel that your inner resources have been depleted. If you dream that you don’t have enough money, you are afraid of being powerless.  To be underpaid or not be paid at all for something is a sign that you feel undervalued. If you dream that you are hoarding money, you are thinking about the things that you lack; you may be concerned about money issue such as debt and unemployment in your waking life. Dreaming of investing money in stock means that you have faith in your own potential. If you dream that you steal money, or that others steal money from you, you need to learn to trust that you have the resources to accomplish what you need.  You may be feeling envious of other people. Giving money away symbolizes giving other people love and support. Dreaming that you find money is a sign that you should be thankful for the things you have.

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