Eye Itching Meaning –Superstition or Omen?

Last Updated on August 23, 2021

Have your eyes been itching recently? If so, you may be surprised to learn that there could be meaning behind those itchy eyes. You’ve come to the right place though! Keep reading to learn all about the superstition and omens behind having itchy eyes.

First, remember that there is a difference between superstitions and omens. A superstition guides how people act. For example, the superstition that knocking on wood is good luck leads to more people doing this. An omen, on the other hand, precedes an event, whether it be good or bad. It is more of a ‘foreshadowing’ event.

As with every physical symptom, be sure to consult your doctor if it becomes out of control. There may be a meaning to your eye itching, but you may also have a medical problem that requires a doctor. Itchy eyes could be a result of allergies, so take care of that before looking for more meaning! Once you know you are healthy, feel free to learn about different meanings as much as you want.

Right Eye Itching Meaning

Before we go over the meaning of an itchy right eye, let’s discuss what the right eye symbolizes.

The ‘right’ side of anything can be seen as ‘good’. This may sound simple, but throughout time, cultures have associated the right with positivity. For example, in many places around the world, being left-handed is a bad thing. It is seen as undesirable, and many parents force their children to write with their right hand. Interestingly, the word ‘sinister’ can also mean ‘toward the left-hand side’. This may be why the left is seen as bad, while the right is good.

So, with this information, we know that the right eye is good. Whether the right eye is itchy, twitchy, or watery, it can be interpreted as a good sign. Since this itching is essentially foreshadowing future events, then this would be an omen.

In general, an itchy right eye is positive, while an itchy left eye is negative. There are variations in meaning among different cultures, but we will go over those! For the most part though, people around the world agree that an itchy right eye is good. Here are some specific meanings or an itchy right eye. With a few exceptions, they are generally positive.

  • You will meet a romantic partner soon. In 275BCE, Theocritus wrote, “My right eye itches now, and shall I see my love?” Others over time have started to associate an itchy right eye with a new love coming into their life.
  • You will meet an old friend soon. Some interpretations change the meeting of a romantic partner to meeting an old friend. Regardless, you should still look forward to meeting someone who will be important in your life.
  • Luck is on the way. This is a basic interpretation since the right eye symbolizes good luck. If finding a specific meaning is hard, then just look for anything that could be from your good luck. Stay alert to what is happening around you and see if anything is caused by good luck.
  • You may start crying soon. In 1604, Shakespeare wrote “Mine eyes do itch; doth that bode weeping?” in Othello IV. This means that the itchy right eye could be an omen for crying. This is backed up by Jonathan Swift who, in 1738, wrote “My right eye itches; I shall cry”, and H. Homes writing “If their right eye itcheth, it betokens sorrowful weeping”, in 1650. These meanings seem completely opposite from the others, but it is important to still take them into consideration.

In the 1830s, a magazine was printed with a page titled, ‘Old Women’s Sayings’. The page was full of quips and proverbs, including:

If your right eye itches,

You’ll cry till out of breath…

This isn’t the most credible source, but it is still interesting to see examples of this omen throughout time. Looking back and studying omens and superstitions is great, but it is very helpful to see real examples. This magazine from the 1830s was viewed by a lot of women who took the information to heart.

If you are searching for the meaning of an itchy eye, you may notice that there is a lot of information about ‘twitchy’ eyes. It may seem confusing, but throughout time and space, different cultures have begun using them as synonyms. Itchy eye omens are typically seen in Western cultures, while twitchy eye omens are seen in Eastern cultures.

Left Eye Itching Meaning

Like I mentioned above, an itchy left eye is typically bad. Since the left is associated with bad luck and negativity, it makes sense that an itchy left eye is bad.

We already discussed why the left is bad, but let’s dive into that a bit more before looking into different meanings of an itchy left eye. The left and right eye are seen as opposites, but some people also believe that they symbolize the sun and moon.

In this belief, the right eye symbolized the sun, while the left eye was the moon. This sun and moon symbolism is seen throughout history, with the Eye of Ra, the Evil Eye, and the Eye of God. The eye associated with the moon can be considered ‘lunar’, which can sometimes be bad luck.

Here are some different meanings of what your itchy left eye could mean. One or more can apply at a time but remember to take this all with a grain of salt. Not everything has to apply to you, so take some time to think about each meaning before determining which one stands true for you.

  • Disappointment may be on the way. Since an itchy right eye could mean someone positive coming into your life, an itchy left eye could mean something or someone negative will appear in your life.
  • Bad luck is on the way. Like good luck for the right eye, this is a basic interpretation of what an itchy left eye means.
  • You may start crying soon. This is also a possible meaning of an itchy right eye, so I see how this can be confusing. Remember that there are different meanings, so it is understandable if some of them overlap. This meaning can also be paired with another. For example. the itchy left eye could be a sign that you will soon have bad luck, and eventually cry about it.
  • Soon, you will have joyful laughter. I know this may seem strange considering the left eye is associated with bad luck, but in 1650, N. Homes wrote “…if the left eye itcheth, …joyful laughter”. It is unclear if the joyful laughter is positive or maniacal.

Remember the magazine of Old Women’s Sayings? There is also a line about an itchy left eye:

If your left eye itches,

You will laugh outright,

But the left or the right

Is very good at night.

I know, this doesn’t really make the most sense. ‘But the left or the right is very good at night’ could mean that at nighttime, it doesn’t matter which eye is itchy, since they are both good luck. There are no other sources that back this up though. Like I said above though, it is still interesting to see these omens and how people regarded them throughout time.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the meaning of an itchy eye is an omen. The presence of itchy will bring either good luck or bad luck, so it is important to notice when your eye is itching. The one common point that each meaning has is that they foreshadow something that happens in the future. The future can be a few minutes, days, or even weeks. Regardless of the time, they still precede an event, making them an omen.

There is no one specific meaning for an itchy eye. You may have noticed that some of the meanings applied to both eyes. When interpreting anything, pay attention to context. Emotions and events aren’t created in a vacuum. If you are already having an amazing day, chances are the itchy right eye doesn’t mean you will begin to weep. Sudden changes in luck are possible, but gradual changes in luck are more likely.

You should now know the meaning behind itchy eyes! Take this knowledge and use it in your daily life. Next time you or anyone around you has an itchy eye, you should know what it means.

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