Interdimensional Travel: Is It Real?

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

If there’s one sci-fi concept that’s taken hold of audiences, it’s the concept of accidentally (or not-so-accidentally) entering a parallel universe or an alternate dimension. Scientists now believe that there are multiple dimensions parallel to our own, and that means that interdimensional travel might be possible.

Though it may be hard to believe, there are tales of people who have peered into alternate dimensions that date back to days before the concept of an alternate universe even existed. This makes any paranormal fan wonder whether or not it could be possible–and if it is possible, why it ever happens.

Trying to figure out whether or not getting glimpses of alternate realities is possible is impossible, but we can still try to understand the reported phenomena. Each of the stories below adds a little bit of mystery and sheds a little bit of light onto the mystery of travelers who accidentally drop by from another universe.

The Man From Taured

Perhaps one of the most fascinating stories about an interdimensional interloper happened in Japan shortly after World War II. Tokyo Airport was recently constructed and foreigners were passing through, as they are wont to do.

Airport officials were checking passports when a well-dressed Western man handed them a highly unusual passport. For starters, the passport had official Tokyo Airport stamps dating back from years prior to the airport’s existence. More alarmingly, the man’s passport came from a country named Taured.

Taured doesn’t exist.

When officials pulled him aside and questioned him, the man seemed taken aback by their reactions. He claimed that Taured was existent for over 1,000 years and that it was a well-respected country in the international community.

He became distraught when they told them that Taured doesn’t exist. Officials inspected his passport heavily and found that the stamps for other countries remained the same. It was a genuine passport, but it was from a country that didn’t exist.

Officials were at a loss at what to do with the strange man. So, they put him in a hotel room and had police guard the exits so he wouldn’t leave. For a while, they heard crying and panicking from the room. The next morning, they decided to check on him. The man, his belongings, and his passport were all gone.

Judging from this story, different dimensions have different histories and different countries from us. Most people believe that he somehow returned to his home dimension, but no one really knows for sure.

The Green Children Of Woolpit

During the 11th century in the small European town of Woolpit, the world saw something very strange occur. Two children with bright green skin were found crying in a local field, unable to speak the local language. They were very young, green-skinned– a boy and a girl.

The townspeople, worried about the strange youngsters, immediately took them in. The children looked like they hadn’t eaten in years, so they immediately tried to feed them. Neither child accepted any of the food they were given, despite their hunger pangs.

Eventually, the boy died. The girl, on the other hand, started to eat beans. Her skin color changed from green to a normal hue after months. Eventually, the girl learned how to speak the local language, where she explained what happened to her before she was discovered.

According to her, she and her brother came from a “world where it was always twilight” and where no sun was ever seen. They were playing in a meadow and found a small cave. They entered the cave, heard a loud wind, and arrived in our word. They began to panic when they could no longer find the cave they entered, and that was when they were discovered.

The Markawasi Stone Forest

In Peru, few places are known for being as mysterious and strange as the Markawasi Stone Forest. This landmark is famous for its mysterious rock outcroppings that resemble human faces, the strange behavior of local wildlife, and the high levels of paranormal energy that surrounds the area.

For centuries, the Markawasi Stone Forest was rumored to be a hotspot for the paranormal. This area is known for having rocks thrown by unseen forces, for strange disappearances, and for having stone gateways that allegedly lead into other realities.

A doctor by the name of Dr. Raul Centeno treated a female patient who recently went to Markawasi. The woman arrived at his office after half her body became paralyzed. According to her, the paralysis started after she and her friends went to Markawasi Stone Forest on a hike.

The patient said she spotted a stone cabin in the woods, decorated in 17th-century European style. It was strikingly out of place in the middle of the forest, especially when you could see extremely elegant people dressed in period clothing inside.

The curious group of people heard sounds of merriment and partying inside. Curious about what was going on, the party approached the cabin. Soon, they started to get an unsettling feeling the closer they got to the cabin.

Being brave, the patient decided to walk through the doorway to find out what was going on. She only made it halfway through the doorway before her friends pulled her out of the cabin. Ever since then, she was paralyzed.

The doctor was stunned by her story and decided to look for the cabin in Marakwasi. When he went there, it became clear that no stone cabin was ever there. So, what happened to his patient? How did she get paralyzed? And where did that cabin come from?


With the first three stories on we’ve looked into, there’s a fairly cut-and-dry understanding that the strangeness behind the stories was based in an alternate reality. With Utsuro-Bune, it’s not so clear-cut. This is an ancient Japanese tale that describes what appears to be a mix between an Unidentified Submerged Object and a trip from a parallel universe.

“Utsuro-Bune” translates into “Hollow Ship,” and it refers to a very strange sighting that happened over 1,000 years ago in Japan. According to the legend, a small village got the shock of their lives when they saw a futuristic ship come out of the water near what would later be known as Hitachi.

The villagers approached the ship, which opened up to reveal a craft made of fine wood, glass, and iron. Inside was a woman with bright red and white hair. She looked terrified and was clutching a box tightly to her chest.

No matter how much they tried, they couldn’t figure out what language the woman was speaking. Inside her boat were some sheets, some meat pastries, and a scant amount of water. No one knew who she was, or how she got to Japan. Not knowing what to do with her, they restocked her boat and sent her away.

Normally, this would be cast aside as fiction, but multiple cities saw the same woman arrive at their shores. Who was she? Was she from another world, and if so, how did she find her way into feudal Japan?

The Nazi Coin From The Future

With most stories of visits from other dimensions and realities, the evidence of the visitors has a way of vanishing without a trace. However, this isn’t always the case. In 2018, a construction crew in Mexico were shocked to unearth a Nazi coin while digging a new building’s foundations.

The coin itself wasn’t only strange due to its Nazi roots; it was also strange because the coin itself was dated for the year 2039. The coin featured phrases in both German and Spanish, with the state being called “Nueva Alemania,” which translates into “New Germany.”

On the back of the coin was the phrase “Alle in einer nation,” which translates into “All in one nation.” The coin was worn, made of silver, and seemed to be well-crafted. The phrases on the coins aren’t a part of traditional Nazi propaganda. Puzzling, isn’t it?

The silver coin had a lot of strange quirks about it, but its workmanship was seriously impressive. If you didn’t look at the design, you’d think it was a standard Mexican coin. The only problem is that there is no “New Germany” in Mexico and that it’s not 2038.

Many experts believe that hoaxers would have put more effort into getting historically accurate tags for a hoax. They also probably wouldn’t have made a coin out of silver. If it was a hoax, it was a very pricey one.

It is worth pointing out that Mexico was vehemently against the Nazis in World War II. Many people believe this puzzling coin may have been evidence of a visitor from a darker future–one where Adolf Hitler took over the world. How the coin was dropped in 2018, though, remains to be seen.

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