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Last Updated on August 23, 2021

Ouija boards have captivated users since the 1800’s. Using a board is a simple, yet effective way to communicate with spirits that may be around you.

While the boards are sold physically, technology in the 21st century has allowed us to create online Ouija boards. Instead of going to the store and buying a board or ordering one online, you can sit down at your computer and attempt to communicate with spirits!

Here are Some Ouija Boards that can be used Online

Below, we are going to look at several online boards. I tested out each board and included screenshots from my experiences.

Hidden Influences Paranormal

Link to Site

The first online Ouija board is from Hidden Influences Paranormal. This website also includes several different Psychic tests like a pregnancy gender prediction and a dream interpreter.

With this online board, all you have to do is think or speak your questions out loud. The planchette will move and your words will be logged below. As you can see in the image above, I have a record of words that were recorded. Some of the words I received include;

  • coast
  • certain
  • divination
  • ‘under the bed’
  • levitation

It’s important to note that after you receive an answer for your question, the board will keep answering. This slightly lowers the validity, because even as I began to screenshot my page and change tabs, the board kept giving responses. I was not thinking of any questions or speaking out loud.

Link to Site

To use the Ouija board on this site, you type in your answer and hold your mouse over the planchette while waiting for a reply. Unlike the Hidden Influences online board, this one does not continue to answer even after a question is asked.

I asked the board two questions; ‘is anyone there?’ and ‘where are you?’. I’ll admit, I got goosebumps when the answer, ‘A DARK PLACE’ appeared, then looked to the open door next to my desk that heads to a dark bathroom.

Psychic Science

Link to Site

This site is a bit different than the others. In an earlier section I mentioned that Ouija is trademarked name, but the board itself is just called a spirit board. This is a variation of the spirit board, displayed in a circle.

Before you use this board, it is important to know that it is a bit difficult to use without instruction. Instead of keeping your mouse in the circle, you can move it around slowly. Even though you can move yourself, the pointer will pick letters separately. For example, if you ask a question and start to move the mouse over to ‘yes’, the pointer will pick something else.

Underneath the board is a record of responses, as well as your ‘Spirit Control’. This is just the spirit personality that controls the response. The options are;

  • Your control
  • Ranwissa (wise)
  • Vanda (cryptic)
  • Savitar (wordy)
  • Bronco (unruly)

The Spirit Chatroom

Link to Site

This final online Ouija board on our list is also called a Spirit Chatroom. When you use this board, place your hand on the mouse and keep it at the center. When the mouse is at the center of the board, the Eye of Horus appears. This is an important theme for this website, so if you click around you will see it used in several places.

When your hand is on the mouse, begin to ask questions until you get a response. The mouse will not automatically begin to move, so you have to be patient. There is a box below the board to keep track of responses as well.

I tried this board out and although I got no answer, that was to be expected. I wasn’t expecting any replies from my apartment where there isn’t any ghost or spirit activity. Because I didn’t get any response, this shows that the board doesn’t just give out false responses to spook the user.

Spirit Board App

Price: Free

Available on: iOS

While this is an app, it’s still technically an online Ouija board and it should definitely be considering when looking into ‘digital’ versions of a board. This free app is only available on iOS devices, so if you have an iPhone, check it out!

I asked the simple question, “Is anyone there?”. The planchette was still for a while before it moved to ‘yes’. When using the app, you should keep your finger touching the planchette. At first, you may be a little confused on when it should move, but soon it will move by itself without your help.

The developers of this app include a few tips on the App Store page, including;

  • Darkening the room you are in
  • Always keep a finger on the planchette
  • Start by asking ‘Is anyone there?’
  • Don’t be impatient
  • Be polite!
  • End a session by placing the planchette over ‘goodbye’

About the Ouija Board

Pronounced, ‘wee-gee’, this board is essentially a way of communicating with ghosts and spirits. The board itself is just called a spirit board, with Ouija being a trademarked name from Parker Brothers.

The history of the spirit board stretches back to the 1840’s, with ties to spiritualism. The instructions to use the board were a bit different during this time, but the purpose of communicating with the dead was the same.

The spirit board that we know today was invented by Elijah Bond. By 1886, the board eventually became popular across America and by 1890, Parker Brothers trademarked it as a Ouija board and were selling it commercially. If that name sounds familiar, they also produce Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, among other popular board games.

In 1991, the Ouija board trademark was sold to Hasbro. This is the version most of us have come to know. Hasbro has even helped create two movies based off the board, Ouija, and Ouija: Origin of Evil. There are also several other movies based on the use of a Ouija board.

Online Ouija boards are newer, coming into picture after the birth of the internet. Hasbro doesn’t have their own online version, but the spirit board concept isn’t completely owned by them, so you can find a bunch online. Many of the online Ouija boards are trustworthy and can possibly provide accurate responses. It is easier to quickly create a fake board online rather than manufacture and distribute a physical board, so there are versions online that aren’t accurate and just give made-up responses.

How They Work

Planchette from an old Ouija board

The mechanics of a Ouija board are fairly simple. The board comes with a heart-shaped planchette that users place their fingers on. A planchette is a paranormal writing device that is really only seen paired alongside spirit boards.

With fingers on the planchette, users take turns asking the board questions. They should be simple questions that can be answered on the board. When a question is asked, the planchette should move and answer the questions given. The movement is supposedly the response of a ghost trying to communicate.

Online Ouija boards are a bit different. You don’t have to put your fingers on a physical planchette, but you still ask questions and get answers. Many online boards instruct you to type in a question and hold the mouse on the ‘planchette’ while it responds. There are also online versions where you simply have to speak (or think) your question and wait for a response.


As with anything, there is skepticism for the Ouija board. Don’t let the skepticism get to you though! The only person who can give you an opinion on Ouija boards is yourself. It’s okay if there are skeptics; what matters is that you believe.

Skeptics often point to the ideomotor phenomenon when explaining a Ouija board. Basically, this means that you act based on your subconscious. For example, if you ask a question and really want a specific answer, you could subconsciously move the planchette to get the response that you want. If you ask, “is anyone there?”, and want there to be a spirit there, you could unknowingly move the planchette to ‘yes’.

Fortunately, online boards don’t really deal with this phenomenon! Since there is no physical planchette, you can’t move it yourself. Skepticism for online boards includes manipulation from the website or developer (for apps).


Online Ouija boards are a great free alternative to purchasing a physical copy. If you are interested in repeatedly communicating with spirits, or using one during a ghost hunting investigation, consider buying a physical copy though. Online versions are definitely great, but nothing beats a real Ouija board. To bring more validity to your spirit communications, you could even pair the physical board with an online version and see if you get corresponding results!

Overall, these online boards are still great options to use. Whether you want to experiment with one, or communicate with a known spirit, there is no harm in using one of these free boards to help you.

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