Itchy Bum Superstitions & Meaning

Unexplainable Itchy Bottom?

Do you have an itchy bum? Can’t stop wondering what the deal is with the persistent itch you may have where the sun doesn’t shine? Which side of your bum itches? The left? Right? Or is it both?

While it may seem awkward to ask, it is one that plenty of people could answer with a truthful “yes.” When you find yourself in discomfort caused by some irritant, it is already bewildering enough, not even including the fact that you may not even know what is causing the problem! It is relatively common for people to experience their bottom being itchy at some point in their lives. If the itching is persistent, even after you confirm that there is no physical element causing this itching sensation, you could even find yourself getting frustrated at the situation.

It may not be something you’ve considered for various reasons, such as not being superstitious, or you may not have heard about this particular belief. There are people in the world who believe, like when your hand is itching or your ear is burning, that when your backside itches, your body is trying to tell you something. If you believe there is a power to the world around you that your body interacts with, this explanation might give you the answer you need.

While there doesn’t seem to be many historical records of this superstitious belief, the traditional superstition has been passed down from word-of-mouth. There are a few accounts from people who have been told these superstitions by the family before them. So, what does it mean if you have an itchy bum?

What It Means When The Left Side of Your Buttocks Itches

In most superstitions that involve specific sides of the human body and the features it carries on that particular side, the left side of your body isn’t considered positive. In fact, in superstitions about itching hands and burning ears, the left hand or ear will be what is symbolizing the negative or evil energy that is being projected towards you. This is primarily due to the prejudice that societies held against those who were lefthanded, nearly cementing this belief into the cultures all around the world.

Luckily, when it comes to the superstition of an itchy bum, it appears that the meaning of the left side is reversed!

As mentioned previously, the majority of this superstition was passed down by word-of-mouth. This makes information harder to be found. However, the little information there is to find states the left side itching is not negative at all. In fact, if you’ve got a mighty itch going on for reasons you can’t explain, it may just symbolize positive news coming your way.

The itching of one’s left bum cheek is believed to react to the potential of positive career growth. Maybe you’ve been working really hard at work or studying as much as you mentally can handle, waiting for all the hard work to pay off. The itching you feel might be a little alert that a raise, promotion, or other career-advancing growth is headed your way.

What It Means When The Right Side of Your Buttocks Itches

Due to the prejudice mentioned before, the right side of the body seems to always represent the positive things in superstitions. Whether it be something like your right ear burning or your left-hand itching, most of the old wives’ tales will say that something good is coming your way. Just like its left counterpart, however, the meaning of the sides are reversed when it comes to your backside.

If you happen to feel a persistent itching in the right side of your buttocks, you should prepare yourself for some negative news. While the right side itching could represent any negative news you may receive, it can be speculated that it is something negative about your job or career. Even those who do not have a job to fear for may want to worry about whatever it is that they take seriously, as there are positions in life that aren’t labeled as “jobs” that require your undivided attention.

If it isn’t something career-related, you may also want to keep an eye out on the world around you. It could also suggest that you are going to be having an unwanted guest. Whether this means that someone may come stay with you or try to jam their way into your life, you have more power in this situation than you may think. If you remain vigilant, you may be able to spot that negative news coming and prepare yourself in advance for whatever may be making its way.

What It Means When Both Sides of Your Buttocks Itch

You’ve learned that the left side of your rear represents positive news and the right side presents negative, so there is only one question left: what does it mean if you are itchy on both sides of your rear? An excellent inquiry, but without much record of an answer. If we were to take the rules and beliefs of the traditional superstition, it could be possible that you are about to go through a whirlwind of events that range in energy.

With both positive and negative news coming your way, it is hard to know which will hit first and when. The difference in the information that you can receive may be stressful, but you must be sure not to add more negative energy to the area around you. This will only feed the negative energy that is heading for you. You will have to do your best to expand the positivity that you feel in order to make sure your negative experiences don’t outweigh your positive ones. If your positive experiences mean next to nothing due to the negative energy being overwhelming, it may render that positivity useless.

While many people around will answer questions of this superstition with snarky responses of “you didn’t wash well enough” or something equally demeaning, there is no shame in looking for answers to the questions you have. After all, if people did not research and look for answers, we would only be left with an unsatisfied urge to learn.

Don’t You Think This Is Silly?

While it isn’t the most common thing for people to believe in the superstitions they are told, that isn’t to say it isn’t expected. It can be speculated that most, if not all, people believe in at least one superstition, avoiding whatever the warning may be despite many describing the beliefs as “fake.”

Some people may never experience any result of any superstition, while others may deal with the repercussions every time. The world is full of energies that react with people in different ways and if you do not have that side of your spirit open, you don’t have to worry about the superstitious energy reaching your vulnerable parts.

There is a possibility that with the rejection of superstitions that you may be shutting out the energies you need for your spirit to experience more than just the physical world. If you do not have enough belief in yourself and the magic around you, you may even lose creativity. If there is a lack of belief, there is something more magical out there than what meets the eye; there is a limit to how far your imagination can grow.

There will always be people who say things like this are silly, and that is their prerogative. Everyone will have a different way that they live and interact with the world. Some may never interact with the unseen energies of the planet around them. For the individuals who believe in those unseen energies, there is wisdom in allowing the energy to coexist in the world with us, even if it isn’t always positive.

Conclusion: Why Does My Bottom Itch?

When dealing with an itchy bum, it can be hard to think about what may be wrong due to the discomfort you experience. However, it is known that the left buttock will itch for things that are positive within your career, and the right buttock will itch for things that are negative, potentially also within your career.

For those who are itching on both sides, I do recommend staying alert! Negative energy has a tendency to sneak up on people. It is how so many people get caught up in the sudden madness of life and how they drift away without noticing. While you cannot necessarily stop the negative from coming, you can certainly take it a little easier. You may enjoy the scenery as you take this rollercoaster of life along the way.

Hopefully, you found the answers you were looking for and your mind is a bit more at ease. Even if you aren’t superstitious, it is always interesting to learn about what beliefs our ancestors once had. Regardless if you are experiencing an itch or not, remember it is always smart to keep an eye on your backside. You never quite know what your body may be trying to tell you.


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