Magickal Symbols Of Protection

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

When people start doing spellwork, they tend to be most interested in a few specific categories of spells. Generally speaking, these are love spells, luck spells, and protection spells. Of these types, protection magick is one of the most basic but also the most useful. It’s impossible to feel comfortable enough to cast successful love or luck spells if you feel like you lack a sense of protection. The practice of casting spells related to protection has been around as long as people have been recording history.

This article will focus on specific symbols of protection that you can incorporate into your magickal workings. How you use them is ultimately up to you, but make sure you truly understand the meaning behind them before you jump in.

Pentacle (also known as Pentagram)

Let’s start with the most well-known of all of the magickal symbols of protection, the pentacle. The pentacle is a symbol that comes from the Wiccan tradition, and is mostly in use in what is considered “ceremonial” magick. While it has become commonplace as just a general symbol of Wicca, it is also a powerful protective symbol that can be traced back to medieval times.

For Wiccans who use the symbol, each point represents one of the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) while the fifth represents the spirit. It stands for balance in life, always, and they are used to banish bad energy and to protect both the body and the spirit.


The Hamsa (sometimes called the Hand of Fate) comes from Africa and the Middle East. The symbol is a right hand with an all-seeing eye in the center, and it was originally created to ward off the “evil eye.”

It has been used to protect people of all religions (although mostly Jews and Muslims) from poverty, jealousy, and general bad luck as well as to protect them from negative energy.


The only real sigil on our list of protective symbols, the bindrune combines multiple runes together for even more powerful protection. Each bindrune is made uniquely by the user, and the power comes mostly from the belief that is placed in it.

Crossed Spears

The simplicity of the crossed spears protective magickal symbol is what makes it so attractive to so many beginning practitioners. It is often used in folk magick, as the “do not pass” symbol is extremely obvious even to those without magickal knowledge. In most pagan traditions, the crossed spears symbol represents a psychic barrier of protection.

Mars Symbol

The Mars symbol, although taking its name from the Roman God of War, was actually designed to be a shorthand way to refer to the planet. As a magickal symbol, taking its attributes from the Roman God, it represents virility, personal power, and conflict.

When used as a magickal protective symbol, it can be one of the more aggressive options. While it does provide protection, strictly speaking, it also tends to reflect that energy back to anyone who may mean you harm. Use this symbol if you not only want to be safe, you also want anyone directing malice at you to face the wrath of karma.

Triquetra (or Celtic Shield)

One of the more recognizable Celtic symbols of protection, the Triquetra is a three-cornered knot that represents either the Triple Goddesses or the Holy Trinity (depending on what religion or tradition you follow). The knot is interwoven and does not have a beginning or an end, which also represents that the protection offered is eternal, infinite, and can not be broken no matter how hard someone may try.

Hexagram of Soloman

The Hexagram of Soloman is more commonly known as the Star of David, and is a six-pointed star made of two interlocking triangles. It is often seen as physically representing the concept of “as above, so below,” and the symbol is said to protect the person wearing it from evil. This symbol is specifically powerful to the historical implications of how it was used against the Jews in the Holocaust, so use it wisely.

Eye of Horus

Also known as the Eye of Ra, this well-known Egyptian protective symbol has been featured in more artwork than probably any other symbol mentioned today. It is known as the “all-seeing eye,” it represents divine power, rebirth and eternal life. With its links to both sacred mathematics and sacred geometry, it provides the perfect protection against ill-wishers and evil-doers.

Solar Cross

The solar cross is very well-known as a medieval protective symbol, represented by a cross with equal-sized arms that is surmounted by a circle. However, its history can be traced back as far as the stone age. The symbol was designed to stand for the movement of the sun and the daylight, as the sun was one of the most important things to our early ancestors. It is also the basis for the most enduring symbol of Christianity… the cross.

In terms of protective symbolism, the solar cross represents the Sun God/All-Father as well as the guardians that represent each of the four directions. It is both balance and extremes, birth, death and rebirth, and eternity.

Use the solar cross like you would use sunlight, and let it cast out negativity, shadows and bad intentions being directed at you by others.

Triple Moon

The ultimate physical symbol of the Goddess, the Triple Moon represents the three different phases of the moon (waxing, full, and waning) and the maiden, mother, and crone. Wearing it invokes the power of Mother to protect the wearer from harm, and each phase of the moon is useful for specific types of protective magick. It is one of the enduring symbols of Wicca and also one of the most recognizable.

Any of these magickal symbols of protection can be used in many different ways to protect the wearer or the wearer’s family and property from harm. Choosing on that speaks specifically to you can ramp up the power even more, as having a personal connection with the symbol imbues it with your belief as well. Stay safe out there!

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