Is Manifesting a Sin? Be Sure to Read This First!

Many fear that manifesting may go against the teaching of their religion, however, the act of manifesting is not a sin. You can still manifest your dream life without sinning as long as you are careful to use the Law of Attraction with good intentions. 

Manifestation, or the Law of Attraction, is a way to focus your energy on what you want to bring into your life, and help it come true.

Through deep thinking and conscious action, you can create the life you desire.

Manifestation may seem like it’s magic, but it’s merely a way of opening your subconscious and conscious mind to accept what you need in your life. 

What is considered a sin?

Each religion has its standards and definitions for what sin is.

Typically, sin is something that is done with malice or ill intentions, like lying, cheating, or stealing.

The Bible defines sin as an act that goes against the teachings of God. Sin in Christianity includes actions like adultery, murder, theft, and gluttony. 

The best way to determine whether an action is sinful or not is to understand the laws agreed upon in your religion.

For example, Christians know that it is wrong to steal from a friend because the Bible sets specific rules defining theft as a sin.

Not stealing from others is a rule that everyone in Christian society has agreed to live by.

When a Christian person knowingly chooses to go against this law and steal from someone, that would be considered a sin. 

Does manifesting go against God?

Some believe that manifestation is acting as a god or that it creates false idols. However, manifesting things into your life is not acting as God because it is done with the understanding that it is not magic or an easy, quick fix. 

If manifestation was merely thinking about a goal and ‘poof!’ it appears in your life, then that might be considered acting as a god.

Manifestation requires long-term work and focus, you will not be able to make anything magically appear in your life.  

Christians believe that God has a plan laid out for their life, and everything that happens is the divine choice of God.

Manifestation does not try to go against this plan, it merely allows you to be ready and accepting of change.

When we fear change, we push against it, and try to stop it. We can open ourselves to the good changes and feel ready to integrate them into our lives through manifestation. 

If you believe that God has a divine path for you, manifesting will not affect it or go against God.

It might help you recognize the path you’re meant to follow or even allow you to be ready for new opportunities. 

What manifesting and faith have in common

Christians learn that having faith in God’s plan is essential. Having faith and manifestation practices actually have a lot in common! 

The Bible states: “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24.

In this passage, we learn that Christians can ask for something in prayer and through faith in God they will see this prayer realized.

This is just like manifestation: when we think about what we want to achieve, we believe it will come true and channel our actions and energy towards this goal.

Through strong belief in our goal and ourselves, we can realize our desires with manifestation.

Matthew 21:22 writes, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer”.

Again, this passage shows us that faith and manifestation have much more in common than you might think.

Both manifestation and prayer are about asking for what you want and believing that it can, and will come true. 

Manifestation and faith share commonalities in both method and result.

You can even combine your manifestation with your faith to better connect yourself with God.

Instead of thinking of your manifestation as accepting the energy of the universe, think of it as having faith in God and opening your life to accept what he has ready for you. 

Is manifesting witchcraft?

The Bible urges Christians to not partake in witchcraft or magic because it is the work of Satan.

Manifestation is not witchcraft or magic and it is not connected to Satan.

Using the Law of Attraction in your life is about opening your energy to what the universe, or God, already has in store for you. 

It might feel like manifesting is a ritual or an attempt at magic, but it’s actually a way to train your mindset to think and react more positively.

When we feel anxious or scared, our mind shuts off to new opportunities or ideas because we want to protect ourselves.

The goal of manifestation is to allow ourselves to conquer these fears and accept new things in our lives. Using manifestation tools like visualization can ready the mind to be accepting of unknown events or ideas. 

If manifestation was magic, we could simply think anything we wanted into existence, no matter how fantastical our wish was.

While that might sound exciting, any experienced manifestor knows that we have to be realistic with our goals. 

When is manifesting a sin?

While the act of manifesting isn’t a sin, you can sin through manifestation.

When you are deciding what you want to manifest, make sure you have not chosen a goal that might be considered a sin in your religion. 

Obviously, trying to manifest something like another’s death or injury would be a sin.

It can get harder to determine sin when we are unsure of the outcomes of our goals and how they will affect others. 

For example, if you want to get promoted at work, try to think of how this promotion might affect others.

Do you feel that you deserve it and have put the work in to achieve this promotion?

Or would someone need to get fired to open up a new position for you?

Seeing the potential outcomes and how our lives affect others is essential to avoiding sinful manifestations. 

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself before you begin manifesting:

  • If my goal comes true, will it hurt the lives of other people?
  • Do the steps required to achieve my goal include any sins?

It is also important to never be greedy when you choose your goals for manifestation.

Greed is not only sinful behavior, it can cloud your manifestation with negative energy. Manifestation is not meant to manipulate the universe into disproportionately benefiting one person’s life. 

If you believe your goal is for the good of all and will not harm anyone, you can manifest it without sinning. 

Can Christians manifest?

If you are a Christian, manifestation can be part of your life without becoming a sinner. There’s actually evidence in the Bible that supports the ideas of manifestation.

In the New Testament, we read, “the kingdom of heaven is within” Luke 17:21. This passage states that we can seek heaven within ourselves instead of in other people or objects.

This is similar to the idea that using the Law of Attraction is about focusing our inner energy to reflect on our life.

By seeking heaven, or inner peace, within ourselves, we can manifest a happier and healthier life. 

We also see instances of Christians being encouraged to manifest what they want through prayer.

The Bible states, “Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find” Matthew 7:7.

Just as Christians can ask God for their desires, manifestors ask the universe for their wishes.

These actions are one and the same; asking, seeking, and praying for something to come into your life is manifesting. 

Manifestation is not about just the desires of an individual, it’s about bringing the best life we can achieve into focus.

Christians believe in sharing their faith with others through acts of kindness. We can manifest a better life for those around us and take action to share this good energy.

The best use of the Law of Attraction is to create a higher quality of life for the whole world.

Christians can manifest without going against the teachings of the Bible or the word of God.

If you are a Christian interested in manifestation, try using a few manifestation techniques as part of your prayers.

The Law of Attraction does not exclude certain groups, anyone can fit manifestation into their life.  

Manifestation is not sinful

Using the Law of Attraction to improve your life and the lives of others is not a sin.

If you remain conscious of how your goals and actions can affect others, you can avoid committing a sin during your manifestations. 

Manifestation holds the same core ideas as prayer and faith, it’s not a magic ritual to change your destiny.

The Bible often alludes to the Law of Attraction, and encourages Christians to ask for what they want and have faith that it will come true.

Using these methods will not interfere with your religious practice or ask you to go against the word of God. 

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