Moon Water – How to Make and Use Your Own

The full moon hosts an immense amount of raw, natural power. Objects that can harness this power tend to have increased magickal ability, which can be used all month instead of having to rely on the lunar cycle. One of the best ways to utilize the full moon is by making your own magickal moon water. It’s also one of the easiest.

How To Make Magickal Moon Water

To make your own magickal moon water, you’ll just need a few simple tools :

  • a non-plastic, see-through container (preferably glass) – this vessel represents the spirit/soul and it should speak to you and honor your spirit.
  • various herbs and gemstones – for love, use rose quartz, rose petals/buds, and/or cacao. For protection, use marjoram and/or black tourmaline. For success and prosperity, you’ll want basil and/or green aventurine. Rosemary is great for wisdom, and angelite and/or chamomile is perfect for happiness and peace. Do your research, as certain stones should not be placed directly in the water.
  • filtered water

The night of the full moon, fill up your container with filtered water. Hold it up to your chest, near your heart, and center yourself. Breathe life, love, and whatever your intention for the magickal moon water is into the container. Do this for as long as it feels right, then set the container somewhere it can charge overnight without being disturbed as you say a few words of gratitude.

Surround it with the herbs and gemstones that you’ve chosen, and cover it with any clear wrapping if that feels right to you (some people believe this increases the magickal absorption). Let it stay under the full moon overnight.

In the morning before the sun rises, gather your vessel back up. Make sure to verbally thank Luna for all of the blessings she has bestowed. This can be a prepared ritual or simply speaking whatever words come to you in the moment. Your magickal water is now ready to use!

Be aware that your magickal moon water will also be imbued with the characteristics of the astrological sign that the full moon happened under. This should be taken into consideration, especially if you have specific intentions for the finished product. For instance, if the moon is in Cancer, the magickal moon water will have the additional property of maternal protection. A full moon in Scorpio will give it banishing and psychic abilities.

How To Store Your Magickal Moon Water

If you don’t use it right away in a ritual or spell, make sure to follow these guidelines to store it properly.

  • Magickal moon water should always be covered.
  • Label it clearly with the date it was made, the moon phase, and what astrological sign it was created under.
  • Keep the magickal moon water in a dark place, and/or cover it with a magickal cloth or scarf.

What is Magickal Moon Water Used for?

The ways to use magickal moon water are almost endless, but here are a few of the most common.

  • Use Magickal Moon Water In Wealth Spells – When infused with the right combination of herbs and gemstones, magickal moon water can be used to attract wealth into your life. Use it to anoint your money while envisioning what you’re hoping to attract, and try to open your mind to all of the possibilities. Ultimately, just like everything else in life, money is a form of energy and it either flows or gets blocked. Magickal moon water can help remove some of those blocks to let abundance flow into your life.
  • Add Magickal Moon Water to Your Bath – Fill up your bathtub, and let the magickal moon water mix with the water coming directly from the faucet. As you sit in the bath, pour the water over your body, focusing on any specific areas that feel heavy or blocked. You can also save some of the concentrated magickal moon water to use to wash your hair.
  • Use Magickal Moon Water to Consecrate and Bless Stones and Tools – Gemstones have a tendency to conduct the energy that surrounds them, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Consecrating, blessing, and charging them allows you to start them back at a clean slate. This can be done by placing them next to the container when you make your magickal moon water (discussed below) or by washing them with the finished project. Magickal moon water can also be used on ritual tools!
  • Use Magickal Moon Water to Activate Your Third Eye – After grounding and centering yourself, dab a bit of the magickal moon water on your third eye chakra (which is located directly between your eyebrows). This will help you open it and enhance your innate abilities, especially for those trying to connect with them for the first time.
  • Magickal Moon Water Can Be Used In Cooking – Many kitchen witches love using magickal moon water in their recipes! It can also be used to make coffee or tea, or in the pets’ bowls. If you plan to use it in anything being consumed, use safe food handling practices and don’t let it sit outside for too long as that can encourage the growth of bacteria. If you’re not using it right away, it should be kept in the refrigerator (in the back is best).

Magickal moon water can also be used to wash your hands prior to a spell or ritual, to water the plants (especially herbs!), for scrying, or for literally anything else you can think of. Just be aware not to ingest any potential harmful herbs or gemstones that you may be using.

In Conclusion…

No matter how you choose to use your magickal moon water, always remember that this is one of the purest, oldest forms of magick. Respect it accordingly, and you will be amazed by all of the positive benefits it can bring into your life. In addition to magickal moon water created under the full moon, there is also power in water created under other moon phases (new moon, dark moon, blue moon, etc.).

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