White Feather Meaning, Symbolism, and Spirituality

Did You Find A White Feather?

The world around us is designed to magnify the natural treasures found, so would you consider finding a white feather to be discovering a treasure? Perhaps you’ve grown accustomed to taking notice of these otherwise minuscule detail in the world as you roam outside and wonder if there’s a reason behind it. Many cultures practice their spirituality using the earth’s elements around them, from plants to animals. Everything with energy can affect you. Since energy goes into everything and therefore is applied to your thoughts, it can be speculated that each feather you find is full of magic, holding more power than its physical appearance may suggest.

Feathers may not be considered a rare find, but there is always a thrill when you stumble across one somewhere in nature. However, it’s the ones that you start out of nature that make people give pause. For example, if you began to find feathers around your home when you don’t have a feathered pal of your own, it could be baffling.

Socialization is one of the main ways people find out about the magical energy objects may possess. Some things you say in conversation may seem like just an average thing, but someone else may have a more profound and different meaning to it. After all, every single thing in this universe has energy. They have a power of their own. Who’s to say the “superstitions” don’t have some truth in them?

Regardless of your beliefs and what brought you here, please take a second to connect with your spiritual side. If there is no belief, there is no connection. Without the connection, there will be no magic.

The Symbolic Meaning of a White Feather

The color white seems to always have represented positive things, such as sacredness, light, and cleanliness. From ancient cultures to modern times, the color white is believed to represent purity and is used in cleansing rituals and rituals that symbolize new beginnings, such as weddings.

Feathers are considered sacred elements by many cultures globally. The respect for feathers stems from the association with flight. Feathers are dropped by beings that take flight and travel to the Higher Realm. Birds were often viewed as divine creatures that were connected directly to the Greater Source. Native American cultures believe that the feather contains all of the energy that the bird possessed.

If a white feather happens to catch your eye, you should take a moment of consideration no matter where you found it. If you find a white feather in a weird place, take a moment of contemplation and then some.

A white feather is significant and is believed to represent a powerful message. The white appearance of the feather indicates that whatever the message is, it is pure in intentions. The exact message you are receiving depends on a lot of personal details, and it will be up to you to interpret what the feather could mean. Just remember that the message is pure in intentions, so there’s no need to freak; white feathers are known to symbolize love, peace, protection, and light, so there’s nothing too crazy coming.

Many people believe the messages are delivered by angels, the item being one of their own pure and divine feathers. Some people believe that the angel gifting the feather is one of their passed loved ones. It can be an intensely spiritual experience.

White Feather: Is It A Sign?

White feathers have strong symbolism and it should be noted how you feel in the situation. If you consider yourself to be spiritually healthy, your intuition is more-than-likely correct. Whatever you feel and think at the moment that you see the feather, or when you make the connection between the feather and special meaning, can be speculated to be a focus of what the message may be.

For anyone going through a hard time, white feathers can be a life-changing sight for them, especially if the belief applies in their case. It usually comes when you have experienced something traumatic, such as the death of a loved one, and it is a sign to whoever saw it that either someone is there for them and there are not alone, or things are going to be getting easier.

There are beliefs that white feathers can help reduce spiritual and emotional pains, as well. Since they may be signifying the cleansing or purity of something, it could symbolize a new start. If you see a white feather when things seem just a little bit different than they had been, you can take it as a sign that a new chapter of your life is beginning.

Feathers in Religion

There are many depictions of feathers in religions around the world. Most of them associate feathers with divinity due to the ability of flight, bringing one closer to the Higher Realm.

In the Bible, a holy book sacred to those who practice Christianity, Judaism, Rastas, Shamerim, and more, feathers are strongly associated with angels. Angels are the purest of God’s creations and have wings. These white feathers symbolize protection in Christianity, showing the presence of a divine source that is shielding you from the negatives.

Native American culture viewed feathers as a sign of high honor. Each feather represents a gift from the elements of nature: the sky, the trees, and the sea. White feathers are viewed in the same high honor with a matching feeling: white feathers symbolize purification, peace, and Higher beings.

Ancient Egyptian religion also had a feather as a large symbol in their affairs, specifically in their afterlife affairs. The Higher Realm for Ancient Egyptians is known as the Field of Reeds. When they pass, before they enter the Field of Reeds, they must first go to the Hall of Maat. Their heart would ultimately be weighed against a feather, and if the scales balanced, they were allowed into Osiris.

The religious and spiritual cultures around the world all have their own depictions of feathers in their practices. Each of these specific practices is sacred to a significant number of people, and none of them should be dismissed.

Alternative: White Feathers in Historical Events

While white feathers are generally viewed as something pure and with good intention, the British Empire decided to twist its meaning into something with a cruel intention. When World War I was beginning, the Order of the White Feather was founded by an admiral named Charles Fitzgerald.

The Order of the White Feather was a faction created to encouraged women to go around and present white feathers to, first, any men that had not enlisted to fight. About two years later, feathers were being given still, and there had to be the introduction of the Silver War Badge, which those who had been discharged could wear as a deterrent.

It is believed that white feathers originally began to be talked down upon due to a superstition within the cockfighting community. It was said that a cockerel with a white feather in his tail feathers is more likely to be a poor fighter.

Can I Keep the White Feather I Find?

It is more than okay for you to keep the feather that you find! In fact, some encourage this practice because a lot of people who find one white feather are destined to find another one or several more. If you keep the feathers, you will be able to track how many pure messages you have received over time.

There are several different techniques you can utilize when you want to preserve and cherish the pure messages you were sent. You can include them in your crafting or keep them in a box of their own. The best way to view the feather you receive is as a gift. The feather you have is a gift to you from someone who cares a lot about you and it is yours to do as you please.

Utilizing and keeping your feather or feathers will work to surround you with intentions that are both good and pure in nature. As you become enveloped in the energies you have accepted, your life will become grander, just as the tales of white feathers say.

White Feather Conclusion

If you happen to stumble across a white feather, consider yourself lucky or prepare yourself to relax because times should be getting easier. The white of the feather signifies its innocence, and if the intention is to deliver the message, the message is positive.

Overall, the sight of a white feather is the manifestation of the love someone in the Higher Realm has for you. They want you to know that even if you cannot see them, they are beside you on every step of your journey.

No matter what you personally believe at the end of all this, there will always be a little magic to the things we see around but might not notice. With a cleansing power and a pure message, the white feather may bless you with its powers if you keep your eyes open.


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