What Are Orbs of Light and What Do They Mean?

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

Have you ever taken a photo of your family on vacation or friends around a campfire and discovered an unexplainable speck of light in the background? There is a lot of speculation as to what these orbs of light might be, but many believe that they indicate a visit from a spirit or angel. Although there isn’t exactly scientific evidence to back it up, the idea that a friendly (or maybe not-so-friendly) spirit is in your presence can be understood by learning more about common beliefs of the paranormal world. If you’re interested in knowing what orbs of light actually are, how to spot them, and what they mean, then keep on reading.

Are you seeing what you think you’re seeing?

If you take that example of a photograph with specks of light overlapping the image, you could be looking at one of two things. The technology of a camera involves light bouncing off objects in front of it, refracting and creating the image that gives you that cherished memory in the form of a photograph. Now, these orbs of light sometimes appear if there happens to be dust particles floating around in the air, or if the lens on your camera isn’t clean. If this is the case, the speck will probably be blurred and undefined, not actually “orb” shaped.

Spiritual orbs of light are essentially defined as electromagnetic fields with their own energies, which allow them to materialize as a very faint light source. In other words, spirits use orbs almost as a means of transportation to travel from their world into ours. Normally, they are travelling too quickly to see with the naked eye, which is why we often catch them in photographs or on film.

If the orb is a spiritual or angelic force visiting our earthly dimension, you’ll be able to tell by the shape of the orb. It’s common to find angelic orbs with geometric shapes woven inside the circular structure, kind of like a snowflake. They are also unique in that way, which may help you identify a spirit if you encounter her more than once. The circular structure is not actually a spherical orb, but more of a flat disk. Some believe the circle represents the eternal nature of spirits, as these shapes have been associated with angels for the same reason.

How do you know you’ve encountered a spirit?

Understanding the paranormal relies often on first-hand experiences. The cool thing about cameras these days is that we don’t need to wait a week for the film to develop at the drugstore. You can take a photo and instantly see the image, which puts you in a great position if you’re lucky enough to catch a spiritual orb of light in your viewfinder. If you discover an orb of light right away, that spirit may still be in the area with you. There are a couple of things you can focus on in order to take full advantage of this opportunity.

  • Your emotions. You can think about how you were feeling before you took the photo and the energy of your environment. You might be feeling calm and at peace, maybe even a little joyful. Or you may have been feeling some anxiety or uneasiness that you couldn’t explain. Look at the emotions and reactions of people around you. Maybe someone mentions a chill running down his spine, or hair standing up at the back of her neck. Spirits are already in tune with your emotions and some have the ability to heighten them. These are things that can help identify that it is, indeed, a spiritual orb of light you have encountered.
  • Your location. Of course, if you and your friends head out on a ghost-hunting adventure to a location believed to be haunted, you are already predisposed to discovering some paranormal evidence. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Your presence might attract spirits, especially if a significant event happened at that location. For example, if you visit a battlefield from the Civil War, you may encounter spirits of soldiers still roaming the grounds where they and their comrades passed in battle. This is a type of location that has a lot of residual energy, which may bring spirits in the form of light orbs to perhaps ask for help in moving on. It doesn’t have to be a haunted or historical location to see spiritual activity. On a lighter note, it’s believed that spirits enjoy participating in celebrations, so the orb of light in the photo of your child’s first birthday party might be a relative that passed on and wishes to join you on this special day.

What does the color of the orb mean?

Those who can see and feel auras from the people around them describe the experience as seeing a certain color, or combination of colors. This is also true when describing orbs of light. Again, you’ll want to make sure you’re viewing a spiritual orb and not a dust particle, but color can also help you make the distinction. The color of an orb can be understood as the aura or emotion the spirit felt before leaving the physical world, as well as the emotion they wish to convey to you as a part of their message. There are many interpretations regarding which colors represent which type of spirit, but most are in agreement as far as friendly versus malevolent spirits.

  • This color orb generally represents the most holy, wholesome, and pure spirits. Many believe a white orb indicates your guardian angel is present, as angels are believed to travel to earth through beams of light. White orbs have also been interpreted as being spirits that are trapped in our earthly world, and might be asking for your guidance in crossing over.
  • A blue orb of light tends to indicate power or protection. Blue is usually referred to as a calming color, which may be interpreted as a spirit at peace. Some believe blue orbs materialize to show that spirits are watching over you, or even that you have a spirit guide giving you direction in that moment.
  • Pink or Red. Seeing a red orb might initially seem intimidating or malevolent, but it tends to be quite the opposite. Pink and red orbs of light are warm colors and are associated with spirits offering love, peace, and safety. They are often seen surrounding children, perhaps acting as a motherly or fatherly figure from another dimension.
  • This color orb brings with it a very happy, cheerful aura. Yellow orbs, similarly to blue orbs, are used to identify guiding spirits. These spirits wish to offer you wisdom, perhaps if you need to make a difficult decision or simply need a sign of encouragement.
  • If you come across a green orb of light, you may be encountering a spirit that wishes you healing and prosperity. Maybe you or someone you love needs some extra support in healing from a disease or illness, mental or physical. Green orbs are also indicative of nature, meaning the spirit is trying to communicate a love for the natural world. Usually, green orbs of light are human spirits that have once lived on earth.
  • Gray or Brown. Similarly to a red orb, a gray or brown orb might conjure some feelings of fear or malevolence at first glance. Brown orbs have been known to signal unsafety, whether that be referring to the location or your actions. These are not necessarily bad spirits, but paying attention to your emotions and heeding their warning is probably in your best interest.

What should you do in the presence of an orb of light?

Becoming aware of a spiritual orb’s presence, whether it be by film or by your own eyes, can be very overwhelming. It all depends on your comfort level when deciding whether or not to communicate or acknowledge the spirit attached to the orb of light. A weaker spirit would not be able to materialize in this way, so you will know you are in the presence of a more powerful spirit if you’re witnessing an orb. As you can gather based on the breakdown of different colored orbs, you may be able to understand what the spirit is trying to communicate. Other times, spirits are just passing by to let you know they are there with you and have no immediate message to give.

The only time you might want to take action, whether it be to leave the location or shoo the spirits, is if you feel any uneasiness or fear. No matter what color the orb, you should always focus on your feelings and sensations first. Malevolent spirits may occasionally disguise themselves as white orbs, which is why your personal experience is so important to consider. If you ever feel afraid or unsafe in the presence of the orb, you can close your eyes and visualize the orb disappearing. You should also try to minimize these uneasy feelings, as a malevolent spirit may take advantage of your fear by making it stronger. By following these steps and leaving the location, you will feel a sense of peace as the orb disappears.

Experiencing a spirit from a world beyond our own is not something we encounter many times in our lives. Whether it’s a visit from a loved one or a soul trapped within our physical world, understanding our experience will help us and others interpret our lives in a different way. Now that you know what orbs of light actually are and what they mean, you can have fun considering what your orb of light may look like to others once you pass over. You can use the knowledge you’ve gained to help you communicate with your loved ones from the other side, which will ultimately help all souls and spirits become closer than ever.

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12 thoughts on “What Are Orbs of Light and What Do They Mean?”

  1. there are several orbs in my room at night every night

    i moved house and looks like they followed me
    i can only see them on a security / nursery camera
    i feel positive energy is there a reason why there are so many orbs ?

    • I want to know as well Bernadette. Just saw a camera video of my neighbors sons room. He is 9 yrs old & have been sensing & hearing activity for yrs. Mom placed a video camera on & left. Camera picked up so many white orbs appearing it appeared to be snowing, coming from all directions. One orb was even sparkling or twinkling. What is that?

  2. I would see this white orb that was bright every night towards the ceiling on the wall. It came for about 4 or 5 mths. Come morning it leaves. I prayed for protection against harm. This orbs disappeared immediately after.

  3. An orange/reddish orb visits me often. It’s hard to believe
    I’m saying this but it’s true. Quite often it wakes me up and a couple of weeks ago I asked it what it was doing. I was kinda annoyed. Then I asked it other questions. It didn’t go away like I thought it would when I did. Go away as in flicker out. It illuminates my room then flickers out after time. This started in November of 2020. Have seen more this year then ever before. Sometimes up to four times a week. When I shine a flashlight on it it disappears.

  4. I purchased a 30acre property in Fallon NV. One of the previous owners died on the property. It’s located near a Navy base and an Indian reservation. My security cameras video hundreds of orbs,blobs and cryptids every day. The many of the orbs seem to come up out of the ground and move through the air like schools of fish then dive back into the ground. This property was part of a huge ancient lake bed. They are alive, intelligent and interact with the surroundings and animals. They even crash into things so they can’t pass through everything. What ever these creatures are thousands live here. P.S I took a photo of my dog in broad daylight there.were may orbs and a figure of a woman from 20s 1800s? Large hat full length dress. Turn of the century type clothes.

    They are all peaceful even the strange cryptid creatures. I get live shows almost nightly. I HAVE A TON OF FOOTAGE. I don’t want to upset or disturb them I just want to know what they are and why they are here. I have lived peaceful among them for 5yrs.

  5. had a visit from 3 orbs the other day, they were all white/silver in color, my ? why 3 at one time and the largest of the 3 projected a beam of light around the room ,in a circle what does that mean?

  6. I had a white orb come into my bedroom about midnight, and I thought what is that? I looked at it for while. It did not move as I came along side of it. I moved to the other window and shook the venetian blinds and it disappeared. It has not come back.

  7. We have a white light orb that keeps triggering motion on our indoor camera. I would love some feedback on what we are experiencing. We feel it is positive and it started the same day I meditated and asked for my spirit guides to come forth and help me. Almost every night since, we get one or two motions detected with the orb.

  8. My mother resides in a nursing home and I have a ‘live’ and 24/7 recording monitor. I recently found out that her roommate is on hospice care and now & then in the night, I look at the history and see a white orb make a straight, fairly quick line across Mom’s open area going directly to her roommate’s side of the room. As I watch her roommate’s decline I wonder if she has angels with her. My Mom does badly health-wise now & then and I will see the same type of orb cross closer to her and not towards her roommate. I find this phenomenon interesting.


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