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While we normally think of prank calls as being the main type of phone-call based entertainment, that is not the case! Think of scary movies or TV shows where the protagonist, or even a side character, gets a phone call with a creepy voice or even heavy breathing on the phone — scary stuff, right? Now you can bring that experience home! There are several different phone numbers that you can call that are actual real and functioning lines and will make your skin crawl and have you turning on all your lights! 

The SCP Foundation Tip Line


This phone number takes you to the tip line for the fictional SCP Foundation, which is a secret organization whose purpose is to contain and study different paranormal phenomena, such as a staircase that descends infinitely or a coffee machine that can create any liquid. These phenomena are referred to as SCP objects and, if left to their own devices, could be a direct threat to humanity and reality. When you call this number, a recorded message will greet you and direct you to leave a message detailing a paranormal incident. In theory, this incident will be investigated by the SCP Foundation, which will use its special skills to handle the phenomena. Unsurprisingly, the SCP Foundation originated on 4chan, an internet forum known for its popular and provocative topics. 

The Red Room Number


Ever watch Hostel? This number definitely gives some Hostel vibes – pun intended. This phone number is a red room number, a phone line which supposedly can be used to identify that physical location of the caller. Once the location of the caller is identified, the caller is supposedly kidnapped and brought to a single red room. Here, the caller is tortured and then killed, and these torture sessions are supposedly broadcast live on the dark web, a scary a chaotic part of the internet. 

Of course, this is just an urban legend. As far as most of us know, these red rooms don’t exist. Instead, when this number is called, a recording of strange, demonic voices is heard, specifically quoting the phrase “All’s well that ends well” with scary music. 

Binary Death


With this number, knowing binary code will make it especially creepy! When calling this number, you will hear a man who is reciting binary code in the message. The man seems scared while delivering the code and after he finishes the code there are noises, sounding both human and otherworldly. 

When you translate the binary code into English, you get the word “death.” If the noises in the background and the clear terror of the man’s voice isn’t enough to scare you, knowing what he is saying in binary does add an extra level of creepy to this phone line.

Wrinkle, The Clown


Few things are creepier than clowns. In the wake of the 2016 Killer Clown phenomenon and the resurgence in popularity of Stephen King’s It, Wrinkles The Clown easily fits into this sub-genre of freaky. If you call this number, Wrinkles may pick up and speak to you or you will be sent to his voicemail. 

What does Wrinkles The Clown even do? He will offer his services of showing up to your house and scaring your kids if they are misbehaving. He is apparently located in Naples, FL, but I do not think he lets that limit him offering up his services. There has been video footage of him appearing and scaring peoples children in 2014. There has even been a documentary debunking his existence. Whether or not this is hoax footage, I don’t think I’d like to risk it. 

I think even as an adult, I’d be scared if a random clown shows up to my house!

Here and There Along the Echo


While this number is not necessarily “scary” per se, it is certainly odd. Calling this number will take you to a phone tree-esque hotline that is connected to the video game Kentucky Route Zero. Even though the number and some of the content is connected to the video game, you do not need to play the game to engage with the phone number.

As a phone tree experience, you will basically have your own phone-based version of a choose your own story. Depending on your choices, you will experience a strange and weird journey from the point of view of one of the characters of the game. While it is not a scary phone number, it is certainly a surreal adventure over the phone!

Hotline Miami 2: You Have Reached the Wrong Number


This is another number associated with a video game, specifically Hotline Miami. When you dial this number you will be sent to the answering machine, whose message says, in a rather garbled way: “We are 50 blessings, together we mmmmarch into the future. Ahhhh. You have reached the wrong number.”

It is a pretty short message, but it is still very creepy as the voice throughout the call is distorted. On top of that “50 blessings” in the game is a terrorist group, and now you’ve just called them! It is said that this voice message is also linked to the reveal of the second game’s release date based on the background noise of the message. 

Boothworld Industries


Based on the sub-reddit r/NoSleep, this number has stirred up a lot of excitement. People have recited stories of their experiences when calling these numbers and the unfortunate aftereffects of the calls. Calling this number will take you to an answering machine for Boothworld Industries, notifying you that your number is logged and will be traced. With that information they will have a representative contact you for a “remodeling.” 

On the sub-reddit, there are many different people who tell tales of what happened to them after calling this number, such as going to strange warehouses, mysterious business cards appearing in their home while they are home, etc. While none of these experiences have been proven to be true, they certainly lend to the lore surrounding this phone number and Boothworld Industries.

After leaving your message you may or may not get a call back, but apparently some people do!

Boothworld Industries 2


Possibly related to the Boothworld Industries number above is the part 2 of the “remodeling”. Some people have noted that the answering machine message is the sound of a chainsaw and a man reciting numbers. The numbers are not necessarily clear as they are not a functioning number in and of themselves, so we are not sure what the numbers are in reference to. In addition, some people argue that the sound they hear is not of chainsaws, but some other type of noise. 

To create the connection to the original Boothworld Industries number, people believe that the sound is the “courtesy call” of the “remodeling” that they have requested. Feel free to call them both or read others’ experiences on what this “remodeling” might be – it’s certainly not the type of remodeling you’d see on HGTV!

The Crying Man


This number is a pretty simple one, but very creepy all the same. When calling this number you will hear what sounds like a man crying repeatedly, with his voice echoing in the background. There is the sound of dripping, giving you the impression that he is in some damp location. Then you hear someone or something in the background yelling until the line dies out. Yikes!

The Creepy Company

1-877-772-7377 (CREEP)

This phone number is the hotline for Creepy Co., a horror themed apparel company. This phone tree allows you to do several different things, such as listen to urban legends, request to hear scary music, etc. Creepy Co. created this phone line just for fun and serves no real purpose beyond entertainment. 

Once you call you will be sent to a directory from which you are able to choose from the options laid out for you. Enjoy the journey you go on!

Strange Texts


Calling this number will have you listen to some strange noises, among them being possible voices. It is not really clear the content of the message on the phone call. Once the phone call is over and you hang up, you begin immediately receiving text messages from this number. Generally the messages will be words strung together to form nonsensical sentences. 

Each time you call, you may not get the same text message, but they will still not make any sense regardless. Again, like some of the other numbers, it is not necessarily scary, but it will have some weird results!


These phone numbers are all a mixture ranging from creepy to odd to down-right scary. Some of these have more ominous tones and try to maintain an air of mystery to them, while others are clear in their intent and are just trying to entertain you. 

Definitely call these numbers at your own risk and try not to freak yourself out too much! Have fun and be safe!

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  1. I have this feeling telling me not to call the red room number. The only thoughts in my head are, “Is it real” “what will happen to me” “Its fake”. I am scared. should i call should i not.

    • Just don’t please it’s dangerous and you shouldn’t risk it

    • Hey man I call that and it Didn’t work I’m telling you that it’s not real so Don’t worry about it Man

      • It used to work I tried it it was a bunch of screaming and footsteps

    • You should you don’t know if it’s real or fake until you try


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