What is Shifting Reality?

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

What Does It Mean to Shift Realities?

Are you curious about shifting realities? Do you want to know how to shift realities? Or maybe you’re just on the hunt for what shifting realities actually means. In a world where chaos runs wild, everyone is bound to catch themselves drifting into a daydream of their own. It’s so easy to get lost in your own fantasy world, where everything is going as you plan it to, and it just feels right. You may wish you could taste the food you dreamed of eating, feel the things you dreamed of touching. Sometimes, anything to get you away from reality is desired, if only for a moment. It is a growing phenomenon that is being spread through social media. This incredible power is discussed by many individuals between the ages of 10 and 20 on platforms such as TikTok, Amino, and Wattpad.

In a simply put way, shifting realities is taking your consciousness as you know it in this reality and placing it into your body in a different world, or “reality.” The two universes are referred to as the “Current Reality” for the universe they live in and the “Desired Reality” for the ones they journey to.

Some even believe that the Desired Reality is an actual different universe that exists in its own regard. This derives from the theory of the multiverse, where different versions of yourself exist in other universes. The universes can be very much like your current reality or completely different. The official theory of multiple universes is called the many-worlds interpretation. It is an interpretation of quantum mechanics that proposes infinite universes, where every possible outcome exists somewhere in its own universe.

Is Shifting Realities Real?

While it is known that everything in the world has energy, it still seems to escape the minds of people. Every day, it seems that people forget that they themselves and everything in the universe around them has its own energy. These energies will interact with the world around them in various ways, depending entirely on how their energies mix with their environment. This means some things that a group of people may view as “fake” can be unexplainably real for others. The most notable energy that a human gives is thermal energy, as the physical body of a human runs near 100 degrees.

The human body is extraordinary and sometimes works in ways that scientists have yet to be able to explain. Even the way some things react with our body cannot be explained, a prime example being the use of Tylenol for pain-killing purposes. While it is scientifically proven that Tylenol works for pain, there is still no concrete explanation as to how Tylenol treats the pain. Knowing we have barely scratched the surface of the research we can do on the human mind and body, it seems silly to brush this phenomenon off as “fake” or “not real.”

What Does Shifting Realities Feel Like?

When you are shifting realities, remember you are using your own abilities and energy to guide your spiritual form into a different consciousness for however long you wish. There is no specific way that you will feel when you are shifting realities, but there are some similarities that those who have shifted say they experienced.

You can commonly find those between the ages of 10 and 20 trying to participate in this phenomenon, taking note of how they felt as they were shifting. Some sensations that were reported were similar, such as tingling sensations and the feeling of light-headedness. It is also noted that you may feel your body vibrate. While this may seem scary, the feeling can be attributed to your energy interacting with the Desired Reality, trying to complete the shift.

It is recommended to attempt shifting when you are halfway asleep, as the shift itself may feel like falling asleep to some (and some may actually fall asleep without shifting realities at all). Those who have shifted say that you will know if you have shifted realities, as it is distinct from lucid dreaming. It is said that you can eat and taste the foods in this reality, along with feeling each thing in that world as well.

How Do You Shift Realities?

To shift realities, you need to have enough energy to power your spirit to another consciousness. Energy is hard to find for some people and they have to spend time building energy before they experience it. The vast majority of the people who shift realities are in their teen years, displaying a remarkable ability of creative prowess. The focus that it takes to enter a shifted reality is not one easily achieved if you do not have the discipline it takes to meditate. Some people may never experience reality shifting because of this, while others will have to work very hard to achieve this experience.

There are several shifting methods that you can try. It is recommended to have a script of what you want to happen in the Desired Reality, along with an idea of how you will get back to your current reality. There are many methods of shifting, with each technique recommending things such as meditation, deep breathing, affirmations, and repetitive audio. From there, it is up to you to guide your spirit into that shifted reality, envisioning what you want to see and focusing on it.

Shifting Realities: Popular Method Guides

Why Are Teens Shifting Realities?

Everyone daydreams and likes to imagine themselves living in the worlds of their favorite movie, TV show, or book series. It’s an understandable and incredible outlet for creativity and energy. A different but perhaps better question would be, “why are so many teens able to shift realities?”

It is a sad fact that along the way, no matter how hard you try, you lose a little bit of that energy you once had every day, especially if you do not practice the abilities and skills you have. With children and teens, the energy levels that you have, especially in terms of creative energy, can be overwhelming. There always seems to be more to imagine, no matter how creative you try to be. This abundance of energy that young children possess allows them to catch more of the elements of the world around them, including ones that older children and adults cannot see, such as ghosts.

It could be speculated that teenagers are the prime age group for an experience like this. Teens have enough discipline and focus to meditate as required for shifting realities while still possessing the creative energy of their youth. This mix could be what allows teenagers to shift realities, allowing them to practice vivid visualization.

Is Shifting Realities Dangerous?

While people may push shifting realities off as something negative, it is actually quite the opposite. Shifting realities is said to be an enjoyable experience and many people come back to the Current Reality feeling refreshed after their adventures. This feeling of refreshment and true energy is hard for some to find, so shifting realities has helped with the productivity of some in their Current Reality. Shifting realities is merely utilizing the energy that you personally possess to create a world for you to thrive in, a world all of your own for you to create as you please with endless possibilities.

The mood of your Desired Reality is entirely up to you, so shifting is not dangerous or fearful unless you would like for it to be. While shifting realities is described to be more intense than lucid dreaming, there will be no damage even if a stray thought ruined the experience. The only damage you may have is the same damage you would have from a nightmare. Shifting realities, especially when you develop better control over the phenomenon, should remain positive and be enjoyable.

Can I Shift Realities?

Shifting realities is an experience based on the strength of the bond you have with your spirit. If you do not have a strong connection with your spirit (or soul, whichever term you prefer), you may find it challenging to shift realities. A common reason for difficulties in shifting reality includes psychological disorders, such as depression, that remove the joy from things you once enjoyed. If you find yourself in this position, it may be difficult but not impossible for you to shift realities.

While it may be hard to establish a permanent state-of-mind of positivity, it can be a great release for you to shift realities. Placing yourself into a world of your creation is fueled with creativity and can provide the much-needed relief you may not get elsewhere. Even if there is only one thing that comes to mind that makes you happy, be sure to spend a short time closing your eyes and envisioning whatever makes you happy and your choice of affirmation.

If you need to, be sure to take your time to nurse your spirit back to health. Meditation and crafting are two great ways to strengthen your spirit. The beauty of you, the individuality of you, is you have more power than you realize. Care for yourself, so you can use that power and you might even be able to see universes besides ours. Best of luck in your adventures!

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  1. Thank you so much for the info man I’m a new shifter in my 20’s but I figured out how to do it with almost little to none research because I was in prison at that time but experiment ing with it has lead to test achievements and progress I hope to contribute to the field . So if you could sell or teach a class on shifting and actually taught people how to do it FOR REAL do you think people would pay for a service like (Shift-Mart) you bring your reality to YOU!

  2. Hello there!

    I really like this page. It is full of information, but I wanted to add something to it.
    U were talking about that shifting is not dangerous. I personally, and a lot of other people do, think that is actually can be dangerous. Your spirit is not in your body at that moment, so your body is vulnerable to other creatures with bad intentions.
    If this site is all about paranormal, maybe u should add that part too?
    People should know that shifting is not always for fun. Of course, it is a kind of meditation, but still; it can be dangerous. We don’t really know the truth behind shifting, so people should be careful.

    Kind regards,

    • hi megs,
      i am a practising reality shifter, and i can confirm that shifting isn’t dangerous, it is only your consciousness that leaves your body, and goes to another reality.
      your body is completely safe, there is still a ‘clone’ of you that inhabits your body, which is just a part of your consciousness that is left behind, and other spirits can’t get in.

      i haven’t done much research into it because i’m not scared of what will happen when i leave my body behind because i’m also a practicing good witch, so i have protection spells and things – but i promise it’s is entirely safe.

      and there is science behind shifting – it was called ‘the gateway experience’ – and this was back in 1983!! and done by the cia!! it can also be referred to as ‘quantum jumping’ – here’s a link to the cia document: https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210016-5.pdf

      i also suggest doing your own, further research on this topic (i’m not saying that this one isn’t reliable), but there are so many more reliable resources out there: eg amino, tiktok (it can be used for backing up facts and motivation, but there’s a lot of miscommunication on there) and websites such as thoughtco and nature.com.

      i hope this helps, and have a great day!!

      kindest regards, gen


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