Snake Bite Dream – Meaning & Symbolism

Have you ever had a dream that left you waking up, thinking ‘what in the world does this mean?!’. Symbolism in a dream is very important; an object or person appearing could stand for something bigger in your life. Perhaps your subconscious is trying to help you with a current problem, or even warn you!

One animal you should be wary of while dreaming is the snake. In real life, people fear a snake biting them. This also applies to a snake in dreams as well. Keep reading to learn about the meaning behind being bitten by a snake while dreaming. Dreaming of a snake biting you should not be taken lightly. Figuring out what a snake dream means is very important!

What does the snake symbolize?

Generally, snake bites symbolize fear. If a snake appears in your dream, it probably isn’t for a good reason. The fear is quick and painful, like the bite. Often times, you don’t know about a problem until it happens. This is similar to a snake biting you because more often than not, you aren’t anticipating being bitten. Dreaming of a snake can have a few different meanings. First, it important to know what type of snake has bitten you.

Diamond Back Rattle Snake
Diamond Back Rattle Snake

If a harmless snake bites you, then the dream may not be as serious. Harmless snake bites could mean that there was once a threat in your life, but now the threat is gone and you have nothing to worry about. It may be hard to tell if a snake is poisonous, but there are a few ways to tell harmless from harmful. In general, snakes that are poisonous are bigger. If you don’t clearly remember marking or specific characteristics, just remember that smaller snakes tend to be harmless.

Remember, a snake bite in a dream shouldn’t be taken lightly. In ancient Egypt, snake bites were thought to impact both your physical body and your spiritual body. When you are bitten by a snake in a dream, it affects your spiritual body. You definitely don’t want your spiritual self to be negatively impacted by being bitten by a snake. Snakebite dreams should be dealt with so you don’t have to suffer longer than necessary.

Here are some common interpretations of a snake bite in a dream.

  1. Toxicity in your life: A snake bite can be a warning for something toxic in your life. Since a snake bite is immediate, that means the toxicity is immediate as well. The snake can symbolize a person or something you are doing that is dangerous.
  2. Temptation: Snakes can also be a symbol of temptation in a dream. It was a snake that tempted Eve to eat an apple in Eden. You may not be tempted like Eve was, but if you dream of a snake while dealing with temptation in life, it serves as a warning to you. The temptation can be sexual in nature as well.
  3. Draining of Life: If the snake in your dreams bites you while wrapping itself around you, that may mean there is something or someone in your life who is draining your spiritual body. For example, you might be dreaming of a snake strangling and biting you if there is someone unpleasant living with you or stealing from you.
  4. Toxic Situations: While a single snake bite is associated with one entity, a group of snakes symbolizes a situation in your life that is toxic. If you are bitten by multiple snakes, be wary of situations in your waking life that are toxic and try to remove yourself from them.
  5. Health Problems: In addition to toxicity from outside of your body, snake bites can symbolize toxicity inside of you, as health problems. If you are already struggling with mental or physical health, then a snake biting you in a dream may be a sign that your health is declining.

Who is being bitten in the dream?

Snake bites can still happen in a dream, even if you aren’t the one being bitten. For example, a snake will bite you, a loved one, an enemy, or a stranger. Each of these individuals means something different;

  1. You: If the snake in your dream bites you, it typically has little to do with others around you. The problems you face are related to your life and don’t involve others as much. This doesn’t mean that other people aren’t the root of the problem. Instead, it means that the problem in on you; there aren’t many other people suffering from the toxicity.
  2. A Loved One: If a snake bites a loved one in a dream, then that means they are experiencing their own problems in life. Since you are the one dreaming it, it may okay to take action and help them in real life. Dreaming of a snake biting a loved one also could mean that their suffering stems from you. Take a look at your relationship with this person and see if you can treat them better.
  3. An Enemy: If a snake bites your enemy in the dream (or person you hold a lot of resentment towards), then this means you have a desire to ‘take them down’, or overpower them. Chances are, they may be intervening in your waking life. Even if you aren’t fully aware of what the enemy is doing, your subconscious is trying to warn you through a dream.
  4. A Stranger: Sometimes, a snake can appear in your dream biting a stranger. The person is not an actual figure in your life; instead, they are part of you. For example, if you dream of a snake biting a small child, this could symbolize toxicity in your childhood that hasn’t been addressed.

Don’t forget, a snake can appear with a certain person in dreams without biting them! If you dream of a snake without it biting, that symbolizes something different. Often, you don’t have to be as cautious if there is no biting in the dream. Dreaming snakes that do not bite has its own meaning too.

Location of Snake Bite

The location of the snake bite also plays into how you will interpret the dream. A quick internet search will show that pretty much every part of your body has its own meaning when bitten by a snake. One of the most common places for snake bites in a dream is your right hand.

A bite on your hand may indicate that the fear you face is at your own hand. This means that you have the power to change the negative situation around you. If your dream is about a toxic person in your life, you have the ability to remove them. The dream may be warning you about future problems that you should take care of when the time comes.

Besides a bite on your right hand, it is common for a snake bite to be on your back. This means that there is someone in your life doing things behind your back. A person may betray you or talk negatively while you aren’t there. Look out for people in your life who seem a bit ‘fake’. Even if you don’t dream of snakes biting your back, it is good to surround yourself with good people to avoid dreaming of it in the future.

What To Do After The Dream

After you wake up from your snake dream, there are a few steps you can take. First and foremost, you should pay attention to everything going on around you in your waking life. To help remember the dream, you may want to write it down in a journal. This will help you find the dream meaning without forgetting any important details.

Writing your dream down can help you lucid dream as well! If you dream about snakes while lucid dreaming, then you can interpret what is going on without missing any details. Keep your dream journal next to your bed so you can write as soon as you wake up.

While awake, take note of the people around you and your own health. If you see anyone acting strange, make sure to pay attention; your dream maybe about them, so take caution. If you are feeling under the weather or sick, your subconscious may have been trying to warn you about it. A snake bite dream doesn’t clearly lay out what the problem is, leaving you to interpret the dream meaning yourself. Snake dreams are meant for you to find out what it means on your own without being told explicitly what to do.

A small notebook
A small notebook like this is perfect for a dream journal to keep next to your bed!

Final Thoughts

Every dream you have important, so don’t brush them off! If you dream of a snake biting you, take it seriously. You never know what may be happening in real life.

Overall, remember that there are a bunch of different interpretations of a dream. The dream meaning might be something totally unexpected, so it’s okay to look out for everything. Throughout time, people have thought of different meanings, so if you feel like your snake bite dream doesn’t fit into a category, you can create your own meaning.

Next time you have a snake bite dream, you will be prepared!

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