Angel Number 1111 – Why you are Seeing 11:11

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

As humans, we were designed to notice patterns. It is a biological impulse that has been developed over time to allow us to be better able to recognize and predict what is to come. Originally, this ability was developed to literally keep the human species alive. However, it has since evolved into the often unconscious way that people intake and process all sorts of different types of information.

One of the groups of patterns that humans tend to pay the most attention to are those involving numbers. But do those numbers actually mean something on a larger, more spiritual level that we overlook? That’s what we’re going to discuss together today. We’ll start with the broader concepts of synchronicity and numerology before diving specifically into angel numbers and why you might be seeing the angel number 11, 1111 or 11:11.

What Is The Meaning Of 1111 & 11:11?

As you may have noticed, any time that an angel number is repeated in a sequence, it generally increases the urgency or power of whatever message your guardian angel is trying to get across to you.

The angel number 11 is considered a master number, which makes seeing 1111 and 11:11 even more powerful as not only 2 11s, but also 4 1s in sequence. The number 11 is a powerful number, but seeing 1111 is something even greater.

In the majority of cases seeing these numbers, the number 1111, is a sign of ascension and spiritual activation and beginnings. Take a moment to think of how many lifetimes we’ve all been around and all of the experiences and information that we’ve accumulated during that time. The ascension process is what takes all of those experiences and turns them into deeper wisdom. This wisdom is usually pointing you specifically to a few different subjects.

Why do I keep seeing 1111 or 11:11?

If you are seeing this number in the format of 1111 or 11:11 it can mean the following:

    • Work On Your Self Esteem: Your guardian angel may be trying to send you a message by showing you the number 1111 because they have noticed that you’ve fallen into a pattern of negative self-esteem and self-image. They urge you to work towards loving and accepting yourself more and want to send you a reminder that importance can only come from inside yourself and never from external forces.
    • Find Your Truth: The angel number 1111 can be a strong reminder that you need to stop focusing on the shallower things in life and start looking deeper into your own truth. Once you are able to find your truth, work to align it with your actions, thoughts, and life. It can often be difficult in this society to be able to truly find out who we are and what we want and need, and this angel number may be a call to action.
    • Have Faith: In some cases, this angel number is a reminder that, although it can be hard, it is important to continue to have faith in both people and in the universe. Often, the people who receive this message are the ones who have lost hope and faith in their lives and need a subtle reminder that not all is lost. Life can change in a moment if you can simply have faith that things will work out. If you keep seeing the number 1111 it may mean that you need a spiritual awakening.
    • New Beginnings: This may be the case when people seeing the number 1111 feel like their life may be at or approaching a dead-end or standstill. It is a wake-up call to start taking charge of your life instead of continuing to feel and act like a victim. Think of it like an energy door that has been opened – it is just up to you to step through it and own your own power again.
    • Words As Power: Seeing 1111 can also be a reminder that words have power, and that you can use your own words to manifest things in your life, both good and bad. Even thoughts can create vibrations, and those thoughts attract things with similar vibrations much like a magnet. Take responsibility for your thoughts and your actions.

What does 1111 mean in love?

The 1111 meaning in love is that your guardian angels are wanting you to know that you are loved and that you should love yourself.

If you keep seeing the number 1111 or 11:11 they are trying to tell you that you matter and you are special.

What Do You Do When You See 1111?

Ok, so you’ve recognized that your guardian angels are trying to send you a message through the angel number 1111 because you keep seeing this number. What do you do next time? Here are a few simple steps you should take to allow you to acknowledge and move forward with the wisdom your guardian angels are trying to impart to you.

  • Start Using A Journal : Although you’ve gotten the numerical message, there may be something even more important that they are trying to draw your attention to. This is where the benefits of journaling come in. Every time you notice 1111, make a log of where you were and what you were feeling at the time. You may notice an even deeper pattern start to emerge.
  • Stay Open-Minded : It can be easy to walk through life with our head down, not paying attention to anything out of our ordinary routine. However, the angel number 1111 encourages you to stay open-minded to the world around you. Keep an eye out for missed or skipped over opportunities, and allow yourself to be open to them.
  • Pray Or Meditate : No matter what your religious affiliation, seeing the angel number 1111 is an invitation to pray or meditate on your current situation. You may receive additional clarification, guidance, or advice when you allow yourself the stillness to thoroughly experience it. it may lead to a spiritual awakening.
  • Make A Wish : It’s as easy as it sounds. When you see the angel number 1111, especially on a clock, just make a wish. It’s the perfect time to start manifesting your dreams into reality.

So, Where Do Guardian Angels Come In?

You may be wondering how exactly guardian angels, numerology, and the theory of synchronicity are all related. However, guardian angels are the last piece of the puzzle needed to fully understand what angel numbers are.

Guardian angels are an incredibly prevalent concept that has persisted throughout time. It even exists in the Old Testament of the Bible in Christianity, in Rabbinic literature in Judaism, and with the al-mu’aqqibat in Islam. It all ultimately boils down to that, essentially, a guardian angel is an angel or other protective supernatural being that has been tasked with providing protection and/or guidance to a specific person, a group of people, or even an entire city or country. Angels want to help you and your life.

The common belief is that guardian angels exist on a higher vibrational frequency than our normal, physical world. The human mind, though, is said to be the only part of our world that can both interpret and understand the information coming from those higher vibrational frequencies. Basically, guardian angels want to help you but are simply are unable to speak to us so they have to find alternative and creative ways to communicate.

Your Prayers Being Answered

The bible has a number of passages that relate directly to the angel number 1111:

Mark 11:24 says: “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

John 5:14-15 says: This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.

Now, We’ve Arrived At The Concept Of Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are a concept that isn’t commonly spoken about or even easily understood, but they have the potential to be incredibly important!

Although guardian angels are always there for us and watching our backs, as we discussed above, they don’t have a way to be able to communicate with us directly. They are able to slightly alter the environment, however, which allows them to be able to create repeating patterns or to subtly put signs in our path. If we aren’t aligned in a way that allows us to recognize and interpret those patterns and signs, we may miss out on that wisdom altogether.

Angel numbers are specific numbers or sequences of numbers that relay a specific message of divine guidance through their unique numerologic meanings. Since the plane of existence that guardian angels exist on is similar to the one numbers vibrate at, angel numbers allow them the perfect opportunity to get their point across without being able to use words.

The Basic Meaning of Each Number and Angel Number Combinations

Now it’s time to dive into what each of them means both alone and in specific sequences.

  • Number 0 : Completion, oneness, connection, infinite.
  • Number 1 : Originality, independence, leadership, new beginnings, origins.
  • Number 2 : Association, cooperation, sensitivity, cooperation.
  • Number 3 : Creativity, self-expression, spirituality.
  • Number 4 : Career, work, stability.
  • Number 5 : Good times, higher consciousness, excitement, adventure.
  • Number 6 : Home, responsibilities, family ties.
  • Number 7 : Spiritual alignment, divine purpose.
  • Number 8 : Material prosperity, abundance.
  • Number 9 : Deeper purpose, accomplishment.
  • Number 11 : Deep intuition, higher vibrations.
  • Number 22 : Dreams to reality, building.
  • Number 000 : Message of love and support from a higher power.
  • Number 1010 : Encouragement, love, positivity.
  • Number 111 : Spiritual awakenings, new beginnings, controlling your life.
  • Number 1111 : Connection to a higher power, ascension (discussed more below).
  • Number 222 : Balance, diplomacy, cooperation.
  • Number 333 : Spiritual manifestation, response to prayer.
  • Number 444 : Real world problems, practical concerns.
  • Number 555 : Physical senses, positive and exciting change.
  • Number 666 : Being out of balance, fear of loss.
  • Number 777 : Big spiritual changes, growth.
  • Number 888 : Positivity, abundance, goodness.
  • Number 999 : Endings, followed by new beginnings.

Some Examples Of Angel Numbers

Grace has noticed that she has been waking up a lot in the middle of the night. Nothing about her life or routine has changed, and there aren’t any obvious outside influences in her life like pets or children. In an effort to see if she can find a pattern, Grace started to pay attention to what time she was waking up and noticed it was 3:33am, every single time.

Once she started noticing that pattern, Grace also began to notice other times the number 333 showed up in her life. For instance, every morning when she got her coffee, the total came to $3.33. The fire alarm at her work randomly went off one afternoon at 3:33pm. When she went to the gym, the treadmill told her she burned 333 calories. These are all ways that her guardian angel is trying to make her pay attention to the message it is attempting to get across to her.

Numerology Explained

Another important piece of understanding is knowing about the theory of numerology. With numerology, each number, such as 1111 or 11;11 has its own specific vibrational meaning and information to pass along to us. There are a variety of methods through which numerology is used, which are generally classified as being either alphabetic or Pythagorean (math related). Many different cultures, including Arabic, Chinese, and ancient Babylonia, had their own specific interpretations of the numbers as well. Numerology has also found its way into popular culture, including I Love Lucy and Harry Potter.

By many people, numerology reading is considered a form of divination. Many people believe that it can help predict future events or even given insight into your own life. One of the most common ways that people use numerology in their own lives, is by looking at their birthdate and calculating it out into a single number. For instance, 9/6/1982 would be 9 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2, which equals 35. This would be added further, 3 + 5, to get 8. 8 would then be considered your life path number.

Finding Your Truths

A person recently reported seeing angel number 1111 and had this to say: “I have seen the number 111 countless times and had never taken it seriously. I would see it on my car radio clock, phone, and other electronic devices. I laugh sometimes and take a pic of it and post it on social media. Then one day a friend of mine sent me a message telling me to do a bit of research. I was having a bad day and the number 1111 came up again, not only did it show as the time on my phone but it’s also the birth date of my sister. When I stopped thinking it was only a coincidence, I searched my chat history and realized I had been wasting my time doing my thing instead of focusing on God first. Everything written here with the scriptures combine is what is happening to me at the moment. I’m grateful I am here and I know my life will be better from now on.”

In Conclusion

Angel numbers are everywhere, although many people don’t recognize them for the important signs that they are. If you’re noticing any repeating patterns in your life, instead of just ruling them out the next time that you see them, consider looking to your guardian angel to see what they are trying to tell you. Look up that angel number. They may have some information and life lessons to impart. Remember to always be thankful and try to be present in life and thought. Trust in the spirit of God and learn to love yourself and others. So if you see the angel number 1111, just know that good things are coming and you need to focus on the good!

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