Tornadoes & Storms – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

Experiencing a storm in real life is pretty scary. If you have ever been near a tornado or hurricane, you know it should definitely be taken seriously. Tornadoes and hurricanes have the ability to take lives, as well a destroy anything and everything in their way.

These storms can also be scary if they appear in your dreams. Often, you will dream of these storms in a negative way. This means that the dream could even be a nightmare! Fortunately, these dreams have meaning, which we are going to learn all about.

Keep reading below to learn about the symbolism and interpretation of storms appearing in a dream. We will go over the meaning of tornadoes and hurricanes, as well as surviving a tornado and biblical interpretations.

Meaning of Dreams about Tornadoes

Although it might seem silly, we should go over the difference between a hurricane and a tornado. Both storms deal with high levels of wind, but a hurricane forms over the ocean while a tornado forms over land. Tornadoes happen in places like Kansas, while hurricanes are common in Florida and other states along the coast.

Since tornadoes are similar to hurricanes, their meaning is similar as well. Tornadoes are more common in the United States and can be more dangerous. They can last shorter than a hurricane but have wind speeds of up to 300mph. There are tons of tornado movies as well, showing their terrifying power. Movies like Twister (more realistic) and Sharknado (not realistic at all) show how scary a tornado can be.

Dreams about tornadoes are a little more intense. Hurricanes appear in the ocean which lets people have a chance to prepare. This is different from tornadoes, which can appear with little to no warning. The power and destruction that a tornado symbolizes can be a bit more serious.

The tornado in your dreams could symbolize a conflict or situation in your life that is potentially dangerous. For example, if you are in a relationship, there could be something that starts a heated argument that will present itself to you soon.

Unlike hurricanes, tornadoes can also appear in clusters of smaller tornadoes. This has symbolic meaning as well. The tornadoes could represent smaller problems in your life that, when put together, create a bigger problem. For example, if your work and home life are both incredibly stressful, this could create a toxic environment that could lead you to snap.

Meaning of Dreams about Hurricanes & Storms

Hurricanes always involve water and are called typhoons when in tropical areas. Typhoons are usually stronger than hurricanes, but the terms can be interchangeable when talking about dreams.

Let’s go over the meaning and interpretation of a hurricane appearing in a dream. When a hurricane appears in your dream, this could mean that there is something in your life causing a huge amount of damage and destruction. When a hurricane hits land, the towns and cities become destroyed. In a dream, this damage could represent a person or event that is destructive.

Hurricanes can also not be controlled, so this destruction that is happening in your life cannot be controlled either. You can approach a hurricane in your dreams in a few different ways. If the hurricane comes without you preparing, then this ‘force’ in your life appears the same way.

On the other hand, if you have time to think of a plan and prepare to leave, then the ‘force’ of the hurricane could be closing in on you. The destruction either catches up to you eventually, or you narrowly avoid it. Either way, the situation isn’t the best.

Overall, these storms represent your emotions towards the situation. Strong emotions are hard to control and can become extreme over time. During the day, try to relax. This may seem hard, but take time to meditate or just close your eyes without looking at your computer or phone. Unplug from what is going on around you and process your emotions. Try to find better ways to deal with situations you are currently experiencing.

Surviving a Tornado in a Dream

If you survive the tornado in your dream, this is positive. Instead of giving in to the suffering, you overcame it. You might have injuries or personal items that were destroyed, but you eventually made it through. This is something to be happy about. Go through your day with a positive attitude and self-confidence!

In real life, when you survive a tornado, you are left with a sense of hope. Life may seem to have more meaning because you overcame something that was incredibly dangerous. This feeling goes the same for your dreams as well.

The stressful situation and emotions will soon pass, just like the tornado did. Going through this may seem difficult and never-ending, but do not give up hope. The end is in sight, so see it through to the end. Dreaming of surviving a tornado means that you are on the right track, but you may just need a little push.

Alternatively, you can also dream of being killed by a tornado. In general, dreaming of your death is a bad thing. There is pretty much no situation where death is good. If a tornado kills you, then your emotions have ‘won’. You didn’t contain yourself and handle the situation. In your daily life, you can expect things to not go how you want as a result of any actions that you have taken.

Biblical Interpretation of Tornadoes in Dreams

Some people believe that both hurricanes and tornadoes are sent from God. God created everything we know, including storms. Natural disasters such as these are sent by God because He may be striking wrath upon sinners in the world. This is similar to the story of Noah’s Ark and the flood. Instead of sending a small tornado down to Earth, God sent a large flood.

Others believe that natural disasters aren’t caused by God. Instead, God helps to prevent these disasters around the world that are caused by Satan. In Luke 10:18, Jesus described Satan falling from heaven like a bolt of lightning. Satan appears like a storm, which helps back the idea that Satan himself is sending these disasters.

This biblical meaning of a tornado in real life can also appear in dreams. The tornado that appears in your dreams could be symbolic of Satan, making himself present in your life. The tornado could also be God’s presence. Maybe there is something you are doing in your life that can be considered a sin. It doesn’t make sense for God to destroy a whole city or town just for you, so the destruction is contained in your dream.

Overall, the meaning of the tornado in your dream changes based on your spiritual beliefs. If you do not think that God sends storms as punishment, then your dream doesn’t mean that God is punishing you. The most important thing to remember is that dream meaning can change depending on the person. The real meaning is whatever feels right to you.

Interestingly, not every culture or religion has thoughts on tornadoes because they only happen in certain places around the world. Generally, a tornado will form after a thunderstorm when rising warm air and falling cool air meet. When the air meets, it forms spinning air currents that create a tornado. This usually occurs in flat areas around the world, including Australia, parts of Canada, and central North America.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you are dreaming of tornadoes and hurricanes, you should take a step back and examine anything strange that is going on in your life. Be on the lookout for anything that can seem destructive. These storms symbolize your emotion towards destructive activity. The emotion eventually builds up and cannot be controlled.

The destruction can be from other people and situations, or even yourself. Are you participating in anything that can either mentally or physically destroy you? For example, you may be a heavy smoker and fully aware of the health consequences. Still, you are unable to stop smoking and this weighs on you heavily every day.

Now you should know the basics of tornado and hurricane dreams. The main take away from this should be to focus on controlling your emotions. To avoid having these scary dreams, try not to let yourself get out of control. Situations around you may seem to warrant an intense reaction but see what happens if you keep control and handle it calmly.

Use this new tornado and hurricane dream knowledge to find meaning to any dreams you or the people around you have in the future!

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