What Is A Twin Flame?

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

Introduction to Twin Flame

Do you recollect the first time you learned of the term “twin flame?” You may have read it in a magazine that you picked up in the store, the magazines that talk about true love and everything gossip. You may have stumbled across it online as you scavenge the web for the end of the internet. Regardless of where you found it, do you know what a twin flame is?

It is common for people to guess the definition of a word based on the context clues in the sentence around it. Many people have confessed that the term “twin flame” was synonymous with the word “soulmate.” This mistake happens often. Most people do not grow up hearing about a twin flame; they grow up hearing endlessly about their soulmate, but never of the other possibilities the universe and its beautiful energies create.

The world is stretching its legs a little further into the spiritual realm of conversation, and each person is slowly discovering their own energy, which is unique to them in most cases. In the case of the twin flames, though, the circumstances are different.

What is a Twin Flame?

So, if a twin flame isn’t the same thing as a soulmate, what exactly is a twin flame?

By common definition, a twin flame is someone you have an incredibly intense connection to, particularly an intense spiritual and soul connection. You may also hear twin flames being referred to as someone’s “mirror soul” or “other half.”

Twin flames are not something that every person has. It is said that the phenomenon is actually a rare experience. The legend states that if you are a twin flame, that means that somewhere along the way, your soul split into two parts and the two parts went to different bodies.

Your twin flame is someone who is a mirror of your own soul due to each of you coming from what was once one energy. Your twin flame will feel like the person you are looking at is just another version of yourself. When meeting your twin flame for the first time, you may feel as if you have known them for as long as you’ve been alive; a sensation of complete comfort.

Twin Flame vs. Soulmate

While some people may reference the phenomena interchangeably, the terms “twin flame” and “soulmate” are used to decipher two specific phenomena, each having its own requirements to meet before they can be labeled correctly. With some of the sensations associated with both of these being similar, it is essential to listen to your natural instincts if you believe you have a twin flame out there.

A soulmate is someone whose soul feels like safety. While they feel familiar, though, your soulmate is merely made from the same base material as you. Think of sayings such as “birds of a feather flock together” or “cut from the same cloth,” those are both great explanations. A soulmate doesn’t have to be romantic, as you can find soulmates in people such as your friends, your parents, your siblings, or anyone else you may know.

Twin flames are a rare occurrence. Twin flames are two halves of what once was one soul. Somehow, the souls had split when going to their physical being, resulting in one half finding home in one physical being and the other finding home in a different physical being. In this phenomenon, the two halves of the soul will yearn for one another. Just like soulmates, twin flames have the possibility of finding each other in the physical realm. When you find your twin flame, it will feel as if you are coming home after a long journey.

Are Twin Flames Always in Love with Each Other?

While there are situations where you are not romantically involved with your twin flame, most twin flame relationships are built on love or, in the darker cases, lust.

Being in love is not enough to ensure a smooth ride with your twin flame, however. Despite being in love, some twin flame relationships are toxic and damaging to either one or both of the twin flames. Your twin flame is your other half and may display some of your own worst traits.

A twin flame relationship that proves to be toxic for you and your mental health can be exhausting. Twin flames may even find themselves letting their partner get away with more than they should, attempting to show the unconditional love they want to provide.

Can Twin Flames Be Together?

Twin flames can be together, but they need to prepare themselves for a bumpy ride along the way. With twin flames being the same soul in two bodies, it can be expected that there will be some issues along the way. The two twin flames have a lot of similarities that lead to disagreements, as every flaw they hate about themselves can be seen in their partner as well.

If the twin flames do not know how to work themselves through their issues and handle their own imperfections, this can lead to the relationship not working, or the relationship could be more damaging than beneficial. Twin flames will need to work to have healthy communication if they want their relationship to work.

Signs You’ve Found Your Twin Flame

  • Your soul recognizes them. Despite having never met the other person before, they feel like the warmth of a safe home, like a place you are supposed to be. Each part of the soul’s energy will recognize their other half; it will be like a beacon guiding you back to where you are meant to be.
  • Their presence is magnetic. Being around your twin flame is like being a part of a galaxy in which they are the center. No matter how far you’ve gone or how long you’ll be there, you can always feel your souls yearning for each other. When with your twin flame, it may feel like you are being pulled together, wrapped into the orbit of each other. It also doesn’t matter how far you’ve gone or how long you will be gone for, as you will always feel your soul yearning.
  • At times, it’s like looking in a mirror. Twin flames are also called mirror souls, and for a good reason. Due to how similar you are to your twin flame, it may feel like you are looking in a mirror at times. This can be physical or spiritual, as you may make similar facial gestures.
  • Your insecurities seem to be at the forefront. Being with your twin flame is handling all of your self-doubts and insecurities as you go through life. Some people may find this stressful because no one likes to think about how they can improve all the time, but if the relationship is healthy, the twin flames will help each other through.
  • You have an unbelievably intense connection. When you are near your twin flame, the connection is almost tangible. The energy linking the two twin flames together may seem powerful enough to be manifesting around them. This is an experience that is unlike any other and will only be known if you experience it.

Can I Be Happy Without My Twin Flame?

Yes. While love is something desired from a young age, you can be happy without your twin flame. Despite all the talk of your twin flame being your other half, you can live a happy life as a twin flame. The extraordinary ability of twin flames is the ability to handle these separate lives with grace and surround themselves with enough energy to make up for them to live a whole life of their own, even if they never see their twin flame.

There will be times when you feel as if you could fall over from how alone you may feel, but you must remember to treat yourself with care. With the energies that twin flames create around themselves, it means when you finally meet once more – either in this life or in another – you will be bursting at the seams with the energies you created along the way. The energy you are bursting with is entirely up to you.

Conclusion to Twin Flames

Twin flames are a rare occurrence, but in a world with a population of over 7 billion, even rare phenomena can be spread far and wide. While there is no way of proving twin flames, those who experience this feeling will know how real it is.

It must also be noted that somehow twin flames will always find their way back to their other half. It may be in the physical realm or in the spiritual realm that you meet again, but you will be with them once more. Sadly, the soul ages slowly, with years passing seeming like mere minutes.

It may seem like a treacherous and lonely journey ahead for twin flames who are separated but just think of all the joy you can bring when you find them once more by enjoying the little things now. Believe in the positives.

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