Signs You Are Near A Vortex – Paranormal & Spiritual Experiences

Throughout history, mystics believed that certain regions of the world just naturally attract paranormal energy. Sometimes the energy is beneficial, other times, it’s overwhelmingly negative. These areas go under many different names, but most paranormal researchers these days simply call them vortexes.

People who live near or inside vortex areas rarely ever live totally normal lives. In many cases, seeing flying saucers, ghosts, or strange animals just is another part of everyday life. When you’re around a vortex, the paranormal stops being a “maybe” and starts just becoming an unexplainable fact of life.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to regions associated with paranormal activity, this article discussing vortexes will shed some light on to the strangest places in the world.

What Is A Vortex?

A vortex is the umbrella term for an area that seems to have multiple realities overlap, or where the veil between the normal and paranormal is exceptionally thin. By default, vortexes attract paranormal & spiritual energy and seem to cause paranormal entities to arrive in this world.

No one knows what makes a vortex happen, though there are some areas that seem to have gained their paranormal vibe after serious tragedies occurred there. Others, however, seem to be located on ley lines, while still more just have always been that way without any knowing rhyme or reason.

There are many places around the world that are already famous for being vortexes of one type or another, including these areas of high strangeness:

  • Skinwalker Ranch
  • Sedona, Arizona
  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky
  • The Bermuda Triangle

Not all vortexes come with a major reputation for hauntings online. Some are smaller pockets of strangeness found inside homes or in forests. If you’ve been noticing a lot of strange behaviors around your area, you might have a vortex on your hands.

What Kind Of Paranormal Activity Do Vortexes Have?

If it’s paranormal, chances are that you will be able to see it happen in a vortex. Everything from ghostly apparitions to demonic encounters, to strange disappearances, UFOs, Bigfoot sightings, and more can be seen in a vortex.

That being said, vortexes tend to lean towards one type of activity over others, most of the time. So, there are vortexes that deal with mostly UFO activities, or ghosts, or even just strange sightings of animals that don’t exist.

How To Tell If You’re Near A Vortex

Living near a vortex isn’t something most people will ever experience, but it’s something that’s remarkably hard to ignore. Even passing through a vortex can be a pretty terrifying (or just mind-expanding) ordeal. If you’re not sure what’s going on, watch for these signs below.

The area has a weird vibe around it.

One of the easiest ways to determine whether or not you’re near a vortex is the energy in your area. Generally speaking, a strange vibe that you can’t fully explain should be reason to wonder what’s going on there.

A vortex has similar energy to a haunted house, but often will have it be much stronger. People who are sensitive to energy tend to feel like they’re being watched while near one, like they’re being pulled towards a certain location, or like there’s something sinister urging them to leave.

What’s interesting is that the vibe around vortexes isn’t always menacing or strange. Sometimes, such as the energy around Sedona, the vortex is a positive one. If you feel like there’s an overwhelming feeling of peace around you, you could be dealing with an angelic vortex.

There are a lot of hauntings and strange occurrences reported in the area, despite the place having little to no history of tragedy.

Vortexes are strange in the way they work when compared to regular haunted locations. Regular hauntings usually have a single ghost or a set of paranormal phenomena that’s related to a specific event. Vortexes typically don’t have an event tied to them. Rather, they’re just “there,” and no one knows why areas behave that way.

You didn’t just experience one type of paranormal or spiritual activity in the area.

With a regular haunted space, you will see one type of activity: ghostly activity. Sure, it might vary when it comes to the type of ghostly or spiritual activity, but it’s pretty much clear that it’s from a ghost or two haunting the area.

When you’re dealing with a vortex, the area might have sightings of ghosts…and UFOs. Or, they may have sightings of fairies, ghosts, and Bigfoot. Or, in the case of Waverly Hills, it could be a high level of ghostly activity, as well as some creatures that seem more demonic than they do ghostly.

The area in question seems to attract entities to it.

Like attracts like, which is why paranormal entities tend to congregate together. This seems to be a cause for many vortex creations. A lot of vortexes will have multiple hauntings on the property, despite having little to no history involving the paranormal tied to it.

Electrical and magnetic equipment acts strangely when you’re there.

For reasons unbeknownst to man, vortexes (and paranormal activity in general) make electrical equipment malfunction. In the Bermuda Triangle, compasses regularly stop being able to point north. At Skinwalker Ranch, equipment would regularly fail and batteries would drain in an instant.

Paranormal researchers believe that the unknown gains power from electricity and magnetism. Needless to say, if electrical equipment keeps dropping dead regardless of what you’re doing, you might be in a vortex.

People tend to make remarks about the area you’re in.

This is true with both hauntings and vortex areas, but it still remains worth saying. People tend to pick up on the strange vibes and situations tied to a specific location. If the area is really linked to a lot of weird stuff, they’ll start talking about it.

The difference you’ll notice between how people discuss vortexes and how they discuss hauntings deals with the way they warn others about the activity. With a vortex, people don’t usually just say it’s “haunted.” They will say something a little more vague, usually along the lines of, “Something just isn’t right there.”

You’ve experienced things that you’ve never even heard of before in this area.

It’s hard to fully figure out why, but vortex energy has a weird way of creating (or encouraging) paranormal phenomena that is beyond anything most people have heard of. A regular paranormal area might have UFO activity or ghosts, but it still will fall into the realm of “typical weird.”

When you’re in a vortex, you’ll see things that you’ve never even heard of. You might see creatures appear from portals in another dimension. You might see creatures that defy physics. You might also see “ghosts” that don’t really act the way they’re supposed to. Vortexes are literally a whole new level of weird.

Even when you don’t experience something paranormal, you can’t help but feel like something was going to happen.

In many vortexes, the energy throughout the area seems almost intelligent. To a point, it even can feel like it takes a certain pleasure in messing with people. While this sign might just be you “psyching” yourself out, but it also can be a sign that the energy in the area is actually wondering whether or not it wants to interact with you.

You had a case of missing time, or moments where people simply couldn’t see you, even when you’re nearby.

Some vortexes actually seem to act like gateways into another dimension. This sometimes causes entities from other realms to come out into your own, but it also can lead to a temporary slip into another world for people.

Most of the people who’ve experienced this seem to just vanish on their own for a short period of time, even when they were around others when they went missing. Those who experienced it often claim to be unable to remember where they were or claim to see parts of the place that don’t exist.

Plantlife and wildlife seem to be affected by the energy.

The energy in a vortex is powerful, really powerful. In fact, it’s so powerful, nature seems to react in strange ways to it. Trees might grow twisted, plants might die out, and animals seem to act strangely without any natural trigger nearby.

The more surreal the natural surroundings tend to be, the more likely it is that you are in a vortex.

You feel or hear a strange hum throughout the area.

Though this doesn’t happen with everyone, people who are sensitive to energy have a physical reaction to it from time to time. This reaction often feels like a low-level vibration, almost to the point that you might feel it in your body.

In rarer cases, people who enter into a vortex might actually hear the vibration. It’s likened to a deep hum, buzz, murmur, or a tinnitus-like feeling that doesn’t seem to come from anything around you. You might even say that the area is “buzzing” with paranormal activity.


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  1. I believe I might be living in or near a vortex area in Tennessee. I own 24 acres and the land has a weird vibe. More importantly, my family has experienced (heard and observed) a ghost and an entity that we cannot explain. The entity was outside, observed two times by two different family members. It was “blacker than black”, one time shaped more or less like a large deer shaped animal, and the second time, shaped like a large cylinder that hovered in the air, and then began to shimmer, vibrate and rapidly moved into the woods in a smooth movement.

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