Wealth Symbols and How To Acquire Money, Prosperity, and Fortune

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

Introduction to Symbols for Wealth, Fortune, Prosperity, and Abundance

While money cannot buy happiness, anyone’s life can be improved with increased wealth. Whatever the reason you are studying wealth symbols, it should be safe to say you are interested in maximizing your money. Summoning good fortune into your life is easier than you may think, too.

Each culture has its own symbol of wealth, prosperity, good fortune, or abundance. These symbols can be things we pass on a daily basis that seem unremarkable to us. However, each symbol that you see has an alternative meaning to someone else. There may be an unforeseen power in each of these items you see.

What Are Wealth Symbols?

When you hear the term “wealth symbols,” you may not have a clear image in your mind of what you should be picturing. There is no distinct look to a wealth symbol, possessing various features that can hide in plain sight. It isn’t uncommon for wealth symbols to find a home in the décor of an establishment, providing positive energies while staying subtle in their surroundings.

Symbols promoting wealth are utilized for the energies that they not only produce but the powers they attract as well. Wealth symbols are used frequently in the practice of feng shui, which is used to maximize the positive forces in your life. Other terms for wealth symbols include prosperity, abundance, or good fortune symbols. This is because the definition of “wealth” is a little different for everyone. If you find wealth in love, but someone else finds wealth in money, you attract different energies.

These symbols will only work correctly if you use them respectfully. Using them as a joke will not help you gain any wealth.

How Do You Use Symbols of Wealth and Prosperity?

Using items meant to represent a greater power works what may be considered “quickly” for some. In contrast, for others, the effects of wealth symbols will always be a farce. The items you can find that symbolize prosperity can be figurines, keychains, images, charms, or other general knick-knacks. Along with knick-knacks, you can also find jewelry representation of wealth symbols. The symbols of different cultures have been adorned on necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.

Regardless of how you choose to present your choice of wealth symbol, you must do so with respect. If you treat the symbol as a joke or as something that does not have the power you wish it to, you will not get the results you desire. You have to have faith in your symbol for it to reward you.

9 Examples of Symbols of Wealth, Fortune, Prosperity, and Abundance

1.)   Horseshoe

While it currently isn’t verifiable how horseshoes became a symbol of good fortune, experts theorized the belief began developing in the 8th century. The theory states the connection may have started with the Chaldeans. The Chaldeans believed the shape of a horseshoe represented the moon goddesses and, when utilized, would protect them from the evil eye.

Another theory sprouts from the story of St. Dunstan. The Legend of St. Dunstan depicts a tale of the Devil looking to be shoed by St. Dunstan, who was a blacksmith. It is said St. Dunstan agreed and then painfully shoed the Devil’s hoof. The painful horseshoe was only removed when the Devil vowed to never enter the establishment that has a horseshoe hanging above their door.

However, it should be noted that horseshoes are lucky when they are in the “U” position only. If it is in any other position, it will not be lucky, and if it is in an upside-down “U” position, it is unlucky.

2.)   Fresh Oranges

Fresh oranges have been used as traditional symbols of abundance and good fortune during the Chinese New Year for centuries. Whether they are displayed for décor or gifted amongst your friends and family, the fruit should attract good energies to whoever possesses it. If you are keeping the oranges, this should help start your new year out with positive energies, increasing the likelihood of having a great year.

The belief in oranges equaling prosperity stems from the Mandarin words for “orange” and “wealth.” When the Mandarin equivalent of these English words is spoken, they have a similar sound to them. Combining this with their bright, warm coloring becoming comparable to gold and you can see how oranges have become a respected symbol.

Whether you are displaying oranges to promote positive energies in your life or gifting oranges to friends and family, the potential power of good fortune is too sweet to pass up. Some say having a bowl of fresh oranges on display will increase the wealth energies that surround you, attracting the powers of those energies as well.

3.)   Ladybugs

The most popular theory of what led to fortune being symbolized by ladybugs is it likely came from farmers. It has been known that ladybug larvae are great natural alternative pesticides (including in modern times!). The larvae are noted to dine on harmful pests, offering protection for the plants. The larvae also ignore the positive aspects, such as the plant itself, bringing no harm to the farmer’s crops.

A relatively common belief states that if a ladybug lands on you, you should take a moment to count how many spots it has. From here, there are multiple variations of how this concludes. Some beliefs state the number of dots is equal to the years of good fortune you have received. Other beliefs say the spots are how many months you must wait until your dream comes true.

As a symbol of prosperity and fortune, it is said that if you kill a ladybug, you will have horrible luck for the foreseeable future. Destroying positive energies will make other positive energies less likely to come near you.

4.)   Maneki Neko/Lucky Cat

A symbol of good fortune and wealth, Maneki-Neko, is a part of Japanese culture and practices. It is commonly known in Western civilizations as “Lucky Cat.” The exact development of Lucky Cat is unknown, but the Lucky Cat that we are familiar with today can be followed and traced back to the Edo Period in Japan.

Seen often in places of business, the Lucky Cat symbol can attract two different energies depending on which paw is raised. It is said that if the left paw of Lucky Cat is raised, it is attracting customers to the establishment. If the Lucky Cat’s right paw is raised, it is inviting fortune and wealth to its owner.

Maneki-Neko translates directly to “beckoning cat,” and there are versions available for those of all preferences. The colors of the Lucky Cat vary, as well as their overall appearance, allowing you to find one that best suits you.

5.)   Citrine

Citrines have been used as a decorative element for centuries, traces of the gem’s use being traced back to before the first century AD. Once known as a “yellow quartz,” this beautiful crystal was renamed in the mid-1500s. The name “citrine” derives from the fruit group that contains fruits such as oranges and lemons. As history unraveled, somewhere along the line, citrines became a symbol of good fortune and wealth.

Many religions and spiritualities speak of the magic you can find in crystals and gems. Some spiritualities, such as Buddhism, have members that use the crystals during meditation to fuel their positive energies. Other religions use them as a standard part of their religious practices. A great example of this is Hinduism. The powers of crystals in Hinduism are extraordinary and are used in practices known as “gemstone healing” and “gem therapy.”

While generally used for decorative purposes, there are also stories of Scotsmen swords of citrine. Coming to be known as “success stones,” this idea from the Scotsmen may have stemmed from the theory of crystal energies. There is no harm in putting a fashionable twist on your symbols of wealth, after all.

6.)   Lakshmi

Lakshmi is a goddess who is adored by Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains alike. Depicted to be a beautiful woman, she is considered the spouse of Vishnu, who is the protector of the universe in Hindu beliefs. In her ranks as one of the most worshipped goddesses in Hindu beliefs, she brings wealth and fortune to those who worship her.

Depicted as figurines and in many artworks, Lakshmi is described as having two, four, or even more arms. The lotus flower takes on a huge role in Lakshmi’s depiction in figurines and art pieces. The goddess of fortune is depicted either sitting or standing in a lotus flower, generally holding two other lotus flowers in her hands.

When depicted in artwork, Lakshmi is shown with at least two elephants, another respected symbol in Hindu beliefs. Lakshmi will only reward those who truly worship her; if you are worshipping her for greed, you will not find any success in your prosperity.

7.)   Money Tree

While the name may suggest fantasy origins for this symbol of wealth, a money tree is a real tree. Alas, it doesn’t actually grow money, but it is scientifically known as Pachira aquatica. While it can grow up to 8 feet tall, it is commonly used in bonsai (the art of manipulating a tree to be a miniature version of itself).

The fortune of the money tree comes from a Chinese legend. This legend speaks of a man who has found himself poor and in need of money. He casts his wish out into the world and comes across someone selling saplings of this tree. He bought it with the little money he had, and when it grew, he made money by selling saplings of the tree as well.

This legend lives on today, with beliefs stating possessing and caring for a money tree will provide you with prosperity and wealth.

8.)   Laughing Buddha

Often used as a “cure” element in Feng Shui, you can find a laughing Buddha in many establishments worldwide. Said to be inspired by an eccentric monk in the 10th century, this joyous depiction of Buddha symbolizes prosperity.

The laughing Buddha is known for adding fortune, joy, and abundance to their environment. When you search for a laughing Buddha, you will often find him with elements such as gold, children, a sack of treasures, or a Wa Lou. Available as jewelry, charms, figurines, images, or other forms of art, you can use a laughing Buddha in whatever scenario you please.

If you are contemplating getting your own laughing Buddha, the number of materials the symbol is available in is bound to have something you desire. When utilizing a laughing Buddha, be sure to use it near what it is meant to effect. If you are looking to achieve wealth, the Buddha is best when utilized in the “money area” of your home.

9.)   Water Fountain

Water has been a symbol of new life and progression in most (if not all) cultures on Earth. Whether it be the rocking waves of the ocean or the soft tinkling of a stream in the woods, there is immeasurable power in every particle of water.

As another commonly used element of Feng Shui, water is worked into the “money area” of a home to get the most benefit. Water fountains are the route generally taken to achieve this affordably. There are water fountains available in every price range and with every representation that you can think of, honestly. The variations you can find should guarantee there is a fountain out there for you.

If you happen to purchase and possess a water fountain, the energy that comes with the constant flow is undeniable. Without noticing its true gravity, you are harnessing and training the powers found in the water. You are keeping the water moving, which in turn will help keep your cashflow continually moving as well.

Do Symbols of Wealth Actually Work?

Everyone interacts with the world differently and will have their own unique reaction to everything. Due to this, some people have a wholehearted belief in wealth symbols, attesting to the symbol’s remarkable abilities. They may even use it frequently in their life, having symbols of prosperity in various important areas. Others, however, may say that it’s all a hoax because the way their energies interact with the symbol does not produce an increase of positive energies.

The success of your wealth symbol depends largely on the energy you put into the symbol. If you purchase a wealth symbol but don’t believe it works, why would it? You are already pushing negative energies out towards it, hindering its abilities. The powers of the symbol will have to focus on combating your negative energies and won’t have enough energy leftover to attract similar forces.

If you wish to reap the benefits of a wealth symbol, you must respect and place faith in the symbol. If you don’t, you may not notice a difference in your life. Help the symbol help you.

How Do I Find the Right Wealth Symbol for Me?

As mentioned before, everyone has a unique reaction to everything, and wealth symbols are no different. Suppose you possess a wealth symbol that doesn’t seem to be working after a month. If that is the case, you might consider trying another symbol or a different method for the current symbol. Please note that minor differences do count. Wealth symbols are not miracle workers and, sadly, will not work overnight. You have to give the good things time.

If you don’t notice differences at all but don’t want to change symbols, moving your wealth symbol may help you. For example, if you have a water fountain in your bedroom, but you are only in your bedroom to sleep, you may notice the lack of results. While for some people, sleeping allows their subconscious to take in more positive energies, for others, they must be awake to feel the effect. Putting symbols in a more frequented area (or in an area that focuses on your desires) can provide a better channel for the energies to reach you.

Conclusion to Wealth Symbols

When you are thinking of investing in a wealth symbol, it is essential to remember that you are a unique energy in and of yourself. You interact with the world in magical ways that may seem mysterious, but it all makes sense in the Higher Realm. As you explore wealth symbols, remember that the symbols come from unique cultures and should be respected.

If you have no intention to respect the symbol you want to possess, you should consider a different option for maximizing your wealth and prosperity. From the water fountain to Lakshmi to citrines and more, none of their incredible powers will gift you if you do not have respect for the world’s energies. Express gratitude, put out good energies, and enjoy your success.

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