Ouija Board Danger Warnings: A Paranormal Advisory

Few items, if any, have as terrifying a reputation as the ouija board. Though you can easily pick one up at a local toy store, paranormal enthusiasts of all walks of life will tell you not to do it. Ouija boards are stigmatized as dangerous and unpredictable for a reason. The horror stories associated with them are reason enough for anyone to think twice before they try to use one.

That said, the choice to use a ouija board is yours to make. Some people have good experiences with them, while others regret ever touching one. If you do decide to use one, you might want to play safe by heeding these warnings while you reach out for contact.

Choose The Right Setting

Much like with any other paranormal ritual, your setting matters. It’s important to remember that the portal you open can influence your daily life. There are certain places that are unsafe to practice in, as well as places that are just downright foolish.

Avoid Practicing Inside Your Home

Most people will try to use their ouija board inside their home, and at times, this can be okay. However, there have been multiple occasions where the board invited something evil into the home that just didn’t want to leave.

A negative entity in your home can affect your daily life in terrible ways, even going so far as to cause sickness and loss. That’s why it’s best to avoid using it where you live.


Yes, graveyards might contain plenty of entities that are willing to talk to you, but do you really want to deal with that high level of activity? Probably not. Graveyards are filled with energy dealing with grief, loss, and at times, hate. It is also a resting place of many souls that don’t want to be disturbed. Please, leave graveyards alone.

Places of Tragedy

Woe is the fool who tries to use a ouija board in an abandoned hospital or a place of mass murder. The sheer amount of negative energy involved in these places will often overpower the ouija users and spiral out of control when given a way to communicate.

Don’t Trust Who You Contact

The most important thing to remember when you’re using a ouija board is that you can never really trust what the entity you find says. Ouija boards act as a way to open up a door between this world and the next. What lies beyond is not always a loved one, nor is it always a positive entity. Here’s what you need to know about this particular warning.

They Might Not Be Who They Say They Are

You cannot see who or what you’re “speaking to” via the ouija board, and even if you could, looks can be deceiving. Entities, just like people, have the ability to lie about who they are and what their intentions may be. Particularly evil entities will often use grieving families’ desire to hear from those who died as a way to manipulate them.

There have been countless cases of people who thought they reached out to loved ones who passed, only to find out that they had something far more sinister show up instead. In mild cases, this led to hauntings and nightmares. In worse cases, trusting the ouija spirits led to possessions and paranormal activity powerful enough to force people out of their homes.

Ouija Board Entities Can Be Demonic

This is common knowledge, but it still deserves to be mentioned again. Ouija boards don’t just contact the dead; they can contact other entities as well. Some of these entities aren’t human, nor were they ever human, to begin with. The possibility of summoning a demon using a ouija board is very real and should be something to watch out for when you use one.

It’s worth pointing out that this is the primary reason why people suggest using a ouija board in a salt circle and performing a cleanse with white sage after using a board. Keeping sage burning during your ouija time can prevent demonic activity from happening, but it’s not foolproof.

Danger – Beware Of Asking The Wrong Things

A lot of the worst outcomes involving ouija boards start because people say or do something stupid during a session. You can prevent this by watching your mouth and avoiding certain questions, remarks, and attitudes.

Don’t Ask Them To “Prove” They’re There (Rudely)

Generally speaking, it’s an iffy concept to ask a spirit to prove they’re there in the first place. If you do choose to ask this of the spirit, do so respectfully. Don’t jeer at it or say that it’s weak if it doesn’t manifest.

Don’t Be Disrespectful

Imagine if someone called you over to their home, begged you to visit, and then treated you like dirt. You would get upset, or even angry, wouldn’t you? Of course you would. The same can be said for sentient spirits. If you are rude, start mocking them, or even worse, berating them, you will not have a good time.

Never Try To Summon A Demon

For reasons many of us can’t understand, a lot of ouija newbies seem to want to interact with a ouija board demon. Inviting a demon into your home is a terrible, terrible idea. It won’t end well, period. Don’t even think about it.

Don’t Ask About The Future

Ouija spirits might be able to know the future, or they might not. Those that can often only seem interested in telling you predictions that are less than great, such as the day that you die or a future tragedy you will experience.

It’s uncertain whether these ouija warnings actually cause bad events to occur or whether they just were bound to happen. Either way, it’s better to stay safe rather than be sorry. Asking for future predictions is rarely a good idea.


Close Your Ouija Sessions Properly

Every ouija session needs to be “opened” by asking spirits to interact with you, and it also needs to be closed. Closing a ouija session is done by asking the spirits to leave, thanking them for being present, and then using white sage (or another clearing ritual of your choice) to cleanse any remaining area of negative energies.

Always “Close” The Ouija Session After You’re Done

Regardless of whether or not you were able to see something paranormal, you always need to close your session. Just abruptly ending the session without telling spirits to leave and cleaning your area is very similar to leaving your front door open for days. It invites more and more entities to just waltz into your life regardless of their intentions.

Never Assume You Don’t Need To Cleanse Your Area If Nothing Happened

So, you played with the board and did everything you were told to do. Nothing happened. No need to “close the door” and call the session to a close, right? Nope. Some spirits may not make themselves known immediately and will stick around just because they can.

Some entities take time to gather their energy enough to manifest. You don’t want to afford them the time to make themselves comfortable enough to do so.

Cleanse Yourself, Too

A common issue people have after a ouija board session is having a spirit or entity attach itself to them. It’s an issue that is often marked by nightmares, strange visions, bad luck, and unexplained mood swings. If you recognize signs of a spiritual attachment, you will need to do a cleansing ritual on yourself as well.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Let’s say that you tried to clear your area multiple times, but paranormal activity still seems to happen around you. Even the best of cleansing efforts sometimes won’t work for regular people. That doesn’t mean you should give up. Rather, it means you should reach for outside spiritual help from a priest or local psychic.

How To Properly Dispose Of A Ouija Board

It doesn’t take too long to find stories about ouija boards that have gone so awry, it becomes necessary to get rid of the ouija board. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Many people find the ouija boards they trashed sitting in their homes after they made sure to throw them out.

Disposing of a ouija board can be done by either breaking the board and burying it, or by burning it. Burying the board should be attempted first. If that doesn’t work, burning the board should be tried next.

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3 thoughts on “Ouija Board Danger Warnings: A Paranormal Advisory”

  1. Please please please don’t use white sage unless you are given permission to use it by a native person or someone who has native blood. It is seen as very disrespectful and as a witch I’ve seen what can happen when you disrespect ancient spirits. Stay safe blessed be ❤️

  2. I feel like this article contains some misinformation, and much of the article, in my opinion, serves as reasons why someone should not operate a ouija board.
    Many people feel they are either safe or safer if they operate ouija board away from their home. This could NOT be further from the truth! While we generally believe that some spirits tend to linger near locations that have meaning to them (i.e. the place they died, or some place of great significance) many entities seem to not be as bound to specific locations and can follow a person back to their home. Inhuman entities are generally not bound by space or time, and can move freely great distances regardless of physical or geographic barrier(s). If given the opportunity, they can and will follow you regardless of where you used the board.
    Ouija boards simply aren’t safe. Period. There is no sugarcoating that fact. Even users who experience pleasant outcomes from their experiences, are playing an extremely dangerous game of Russian Roulette. For every one good experience is another truly horrifying experience that ends in murder, suicide, or traumatic long-term mental health issues.

  3. Hi my names Dakota I played the Ouija board one day and then the next day my dog died can someone tell me how that happened how I wake up the next day and my dog s dead


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