How to Summon a Ghost or Spirit

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

Did you ever want to reach out to someone who died, or find a way to bring the paranormal to you? It’s a desire that is as old as humanity itself, and for thousands of years, people of all religions have tried to find a way to speak to ghosts. Sometimes, the methods they use fail. Other times, they succeed.

If you believe in ghosts and want to summon one, word is that you can. However, it may be more than what you bargained for. Here’s what you should know about getting a ghost or a spirit to come to you.

Before We Begin

It’s worth pointing out that summoning a ghost or spirit is rarely a good idea, even if the ghost you’re trying to summon is a loved one. What you summon might not be who you think it is and there is no guarantee that you will know what to do in that case.

Summoning a spirit means that you are opening yourself up to a world that is unknown and unseen by humanity. We do not have complete control of what happens, nor do we always have the knowledge necessary to keep things safe. By unlocking the door to the spirit world, you could potentially open yourself up to possession and spirit visitors that just don’t want to leave.

Still want to go through with this? Okay. You’ve been warned.

Setting Up

Though there are multiple ways to summon spirits known to humanity, all of them tend to have certain things in common. You should never just blindly go into a ritual without preparation, and you should never try to do it alone. Ideally, you will have at least two or three other people with you in case something goes wrong.

You will need to be confident and fearless when trying to interact with spirits. Showing fear can attract the wrong type of spirit or cause problems later on. If you can’t face a spirit without being terrified, you shouldn’t attempt it.

Additionally, it’s worth pointing out that you should always have a candle or two nearby. Light can repel darker energies and attract positive spirits. Even though light is important, it’s wise to dim a room as too much light can make it difficult for spirits to arrive.

Inviting A Spirit In

Regardless of which method you use, it’s important to verbally invite spirits in. No invitation means you likely won’t get a result. It doesn’t have to be an overly flowery invitation, a simple “[Name of spirit], we invite you to enter our area.”

Now, Onto Methods

There are several ways to communicate and summon spirits into your home, each which has its own method. These include the following:

Ouija Boards and Planchettes

This method is known for being very risky, but highly effective. However, it’s not always the safest method out there. There are countless stories of people who have used ouija boards, only to have the summoning go terribly, terribly wrong.

To use a ouija board or a planchette, bring participants together and let each one place a fingertip on the planchette. Place the planchette on the board, and let the planchette guide you to whatever messages you receive from the spirits you summon.


A seance involves having everyone sit around a darkened room, at a table with a candle on top. This involves verbal invitations to summon a spirit, and involves asking the spirit to make itself known through cold spots, physical phenomena, sounds, and full-bodied apparitions.

Seances usually start with every participant sitting in a circle around a lit candle. The seance leader then asks the spirit they want to summon to arrive, and to give people a sign they’re here.

Meditation and Automatic Writing

Mentality is the most important part of the game when it comes to summoning a spirit. If you are able to meditate and focus on the task of opening yourself up to spirits, you may end up getting contact. With this technique, asking spirits to show up aloud isn’t enough. You really have to get into the mindset of seeing them.

Communicating with spirits through meditation can be difficult, but it’s doable. Some mediums will also meditate with a pencil in hand as a way to encourage automatic writing. This gives spirits a chance to use your subconscious to write out messages. That being said, it’s not always easy to figure out who’s the spirit you’re communicating with.

Mirror Gazing

It’s often said that mirrors hold a gateway into another world, so it’s not surprising that people end up using them as a tool to summon and communicate with spirits. Mirrors can be used in conjunction with ouija boards, or they can be used as a gateway.

You will need to use a verbal invitation to let spirits communicate with you or make themselves known to you via a mirror. It’s best not to use this method if you aren’t mentally prepared to see a ghost. You might not like what shows up in that mirror!

Banishing The Spirit

Regardless of which method you use, it’s important to realize that you cannot just summon a spirit then walk away. Spirits that are invited need to be asked to leave. Otherwise, they won’t leave and may become restless. If the door between the living and dead is left open too long, it’s also possible that other (much more dangerous) spirits can enter your area.

To banish spirits, it’s best to ask them to leave. Most spirits will not stay if they are politely thanked for their time and told to go. However, some can be stubborn. If you get the feeling that a presence is sticking around despite a request to leave, you may need to do a cleansing ritual to urge them to leave.

Clearing the Area

Part of ensuring that things are properly wrapped up is ensuring that no residual energy sticks around after a summoning. Once you have finished your business with the spirit, burn some sage and ask negative energies to leave your home. Then, open up a door and tell negative energies it’s time to go.

If paranormal activity persists after you’ve made an effort to cleanse your home, you might need to reach for outside help. Summonings can and do go wrong, and if you summoned a spirit that is particularly dangerous, asking for help from a priest or experienced channeler may be the only way to make activity cease.

Important Things To Remember When Summoning A Ghost Or Spirit

Much like with any other kind of interaction with the paranormal, dealing with ghosts and spirits means that you will need to follow certain rules. The ones below are the most important to remember:

  • Never, ever insult the spirit you’re summoning. Spirits and ghosts are still “people,” in their own way. Disrespecting a spirit will anger them, just as disrespecting a person would. An angry ghost is not something you want to deal with, so don’t insult them.
  • This is not a game. This should go without saying, but for some groups, it doesn’t. Any attempt to reach out to the unknown is a risky attempt. Acting like it’s harmless fun is not only foolish, but dangerous. Do not summon a ghost unless you absolutely, positively will take things seriously.
  • Be careful of what you ask. Never ask a ghost to hurt someone else, and be wary of asking for information dealing with the future. You never know what can happen!
  • Remember that what arrives might not be who you think it is. Terrifying as this may be to consider, it’s important to remember that there are entities that mimic loved ones as a way to gain trust and wreak havoc. Even if you are desperate to speak to a loved one who passed away, you should never assume that the spirit is them unless they give you proof. Even then, it’s still not a wise idea to believe it’s them.
  • Always do this with others around you. This is crucial. Having others will keep you grounded so you don’t psyche yourself out, and also can prevent a spirit’s energy from overwhelming you.
  • Always have a particular spirit in mind when you summon. You wouldn’t invite a random person off the street into your home, would you? Of course not! Inviting a random spirit into your home is no different.
  • Always ask spirits to leave after your summoning, and always clear the air. Even if you don’t think anything happened during your summoning, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Belief fuels summonings. Psychic and paranormal phenomena tend to gravitate towards believers. No one knows why this is true, but it’s the overall trend energy workers have noticed. If you are skeptical of something working, then it’s very likely that your summoning won’t be as successful as it can be.
  • Practice makes perfect. Just like with any other skill, summoning a ghost or spirit will require practice in order for it to become easy to do. So, if at first you don’t succeed, try again.

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  1. Brandon,
    My name is Rob Johnson, I grew up in Walkersville, MD. I have always had paranormal experiences as a kid, from the ghosts in our home that was in my family for generations. In Aug 1968 I had a traumatic brain (I was 7) injury from an auto accident and I died for 10 minutes, when I came back something came with me. From thence until now I can predict when someone will die, not the hour and day but I get a strange feeling when someone is about to pass, a feeling they don’t belong here. This has happened numerous times over the years and was strongest with one of my best friends in 1983. We were smoking a doobie after work (we both worked nights). I got the strangest feeling my friend did not belong here and something was going to happen, one week later to the day he died in a wreck. I worked security at a local mall and he worked at a hospital. He died about 2330 hours on 17 April 1983 on week after his 23rd birthday. He called me at 2400 hours that night and said he had died and would see me again one day. I thought he was kidding and told him that I would see him in the morning for daily smoke before we both went to college. Over the years I’ve numerous dreams about him. My second and worst was in Dec 2009, my youngest nephew, 16 at the time was helping me install a central vacuum in a house, we took a break and suddenly as with my friend Jack, my nephew Gregory just didn’t belong here and I got a momentary vision of family and friends gathered at his grave for burial, in Feb 2010 my exact vision was realized. Since I have had dreams occasionally of my nephew, he appears as he did in life but always in a sunny springtime scene in a field of flowers. In Sept 1975 when I entered 10th grade, my parents had divorced and I went to live with my grandmother. Long story short I meet a girl, Melissa that was one year older than me. She wasn’t the most beautiful girl but had the most beautiful personality, no female before or since has affected me the way she did. She would give me rides home from school and we would talk in the hallway. Being shy I was afraid to ask her to be my girlfriend, I honestly thought she was the woman I would marry one day. Her dad was pastor of a local Lutheran church, so she had a great family and upbringing. Anyway one day talking with I got the same feeling she didn’t belong here, this was in October 1975, I did not give it any thought. Now keep in mind I only knew this girl for about three months from early Sept 75 until her death in Nov 75. She had a VW beetle, that car felt strange the few times she gave me a ride home. The car felt like death. Anyway on Nov 21 1975, she and her dad were on their way to visit a parishioner in a local hospital, her car was hit head on by a dumb ass 16 year old kid in a 57 chevy. She and her dead were killed instantly both decapitated. I did not attend her funeral. Over the years at various times, always around the time she died, I would start having dreams of her. It was as if I was seeing her life as a movie as what would have been had she lived. Most times I was married to her with a family. Sometimes she would appear in dreams I knew it was her but her face would blurred as one sees on a newscast when a person’s identity is being protected. In November 2021 one day, I hadn’t thought or dreamt of her in years, her name popped into my head and the dreams started. Just for the hell of it I went to her grave, which I had never been to before, and I walked right to and found her grave. I have done numerous EVP sessions and got two hits. Both hits came at the end of 8-10 minutes sessions where I would ask questions and wait for answers. Both hits came in the form of radio type white noise static. I haven’t yet run the recordings thru and analyzer to remove the static. Funny there is no house within 300 yards, the church is at least 200 yards away and there are no overhead power lines to account for the static. She and her dad are buried in the very cemetery of the church were he was pastor. As I leave the graveyard I have to look back a few times as it seems I am being watched. Also at the church it seems at times as if there is someone watching me from inside the church, the presence feels female. Again as noted I have always been prone to paranormal phenomenon, especially after my NDE. Any advice on how to find out what she wants and the proper equipment to use to contact her. I don’t understand her attachment to or attempt to contact me as I only knew her for 3 brief months in 10th grade, she was one year older than me. Any advice would be appreciated.


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